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Finding the Perfect Art and Design Tutor

In some ways, art and design are two sides of the same coin, which is why they're often packaged together as a single university degree course. We could go on all day discussing what art is but to put it as simply as possible, art is the act of creating something as a form of expression be it painting, sculpture, music, performance, etc. When discussing art as part of art and design, we're generally talking about visual arts.

In this respect, design is the functional side of art. It's the idea of working to a specification or brief to achieve a particular artistic function. Of course, these are just broad definitions and in reality, there's a lot of overlap between art and design, especially when it comes to teaching them.

With that in mind, let's look at why you should study art and design, the challenges you'll face when you do, what aspects of art and design students are taught at school, and how you can find private tuition for art and design.

Why You Should Study Art and Design

The sceptics out there will immediately say that you can't teach art, but even if that's true, you can study it. Whether or not a teacher can effectively impart knowledge of art is one thing but every artist can learn and they should.

Even with innate talent, a student is nothing without a knowledge of what works and what doesn't, which is why they should study art and design. Even if you believe a teacher can't teach you art, they can point you in the right direction on your journey of artistic discovery.

On the design side, you'll need to study as design is all about applying your knowledge of art to create something that meets either a function or a client's brief. Your work needs to reflect what the client is after so you'll need experience in creating different types of work, a knowledge of art history and techniques, and a functional understanding of the effects of art.

Studying art and design can also open the door to several different careers. For example, studying an art and design degree or diploma at university or college can lead you into a career in teaching or working professionally as a designer. Of course, you can always work towards becoming an artist, too.

Keep in mind that it can take years of study at college, university, and beyond to become a

Challenges in Art and Design

There are no right answers in art and design and even if you've studied the subject to a high level, you'll still face many challenges.

Firstly, if you're looking for clear black-and-white answers, you've come to the wrong place. Art is a nebulous concept where everything and nothing can be art. This can make studying art and design very difficult for some students who prefer clarity in their teaching.

Similarly, art and design is regularly underfunded and the arts in general struggle to get adequate funding against more lucrative subjects such as the hard sciences. This means that it's quite likely that students in school, college, or university mightn't get the support, resources, or teaching that they need and deserve.

You'd be surprised at the amount of time it takes to get really good at art. Aside from years studying at school, college, and university, you'll also need to practise at home and spend almost all of your free time practising and learning new drawing and art skills.

Finally, there's life in art and design after education. As a professional artist, you might face the struggle of making it big and selling your work. While there are more choices in design, you still need to find your way into a career where job stability can sometimes be lacking.

Art and Design in School

Art is taught throughout compulsory education in England. Students study art, craft, and design during primary school (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2). Students also have to study art, craft, and design every year of secondary school until they start their GCSEs when they are given the option to drop art.

Students interested in art and design should probably opt to study GCSE Art and Design as it provides a solid foundation in art and allows students to move onto A Level art and art degrees and diplomas at university and college.

They'll cover various aspects of visual arts including ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, and printing as well as the process behind creating art. This process includes finding inspiration, responding to stimuli, analytical drawing, developing ideas, creating a design brief, experimenting with materials and techniques, and recording and observing their work to analyse it.

GCSE Art and Design students also look at the elements of art such as line, colour, tone, shape, form, space, texture, and pattern and the principles of design such as balance, emphasis, proportion, unity, variety, and rhythm.

Private Tutoring in Art and Design

If a student needs help with their art and design studies or a professional artist needs guidance, private art and design tutoring is an exceptional way to improve. With the help of a private tutor or teacher, they can focus on your needs and ensure that you're only studying what you need to study.

Unlike classes at school where certain topics have to be covered, a private tutor or teacher has the freedom to teach the student whatever they want to learn. Similarly, your tutor will adapt their lessons to you, your strengths and weaknesses, and your preferred learning style.

Finding a Private Art and Design Tutor in Birmingham

If you're looking for private art and design tuition in Birmingham, a quick search on Superprof will do the trick. From there, you can compare different tutors, view their profiles, see their education and experience, and check whether they offer the first lesson for free.

Use these free lessons to try out a few different art and design tutors to see which is the right one for you. You have to get along with them as it'll help you to learn but it's also important that they have the right expertise. If you're focusing on sculpture, you don't want a tutor or teacher specialising in oil painting, for example.

For those on a budget, you might want to organise an art and design tutor to teach you and some friends, for example. If you're all sharing the cost of the tutor's time and expertise, it tends to work out cheaper per student!


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