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💰What is the average price of private lessons?

The average price of private  lessons is £16.

The price of your lessons depends on a number of factors

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From a sample of 239  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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Finding a Tutor for Private Lessons in Liverpool

Finding the Perfect Tutor for Private Lessons

In recent years, the number of people in the UK opting to get help from private tutors has increased. Whether it's for GCSE, A Level, university, learning new skills for work, or a new hobby, there are a lot of benefits to tailored teaching from a professional.

That said, there are also some challenges that you need to think about before getting a private tutor, especially when it comes to students in school. Each person's profile is different and what's right for one may not be right for another.

With that in mind, let's see the pros and cons of private home tutoring and how you can find private tutors in Liverpool.

The Benefits of Private Tuition

Every tutor will tell you that no two students are alike. However, in school, college, and university, we expect teachers and lecturers to teach several students at once and still get amazing results out of them. This isn't a fault of the teacher, but rather the system and the way we choose to teach students.

For some students, this method of teaching works. After all, many of us went through school and university in classes with several other students, but if the teaching method isn't adapted to a student's preferred learning style, problems can start to arise.

When a student starts to fall behind, things can start to snowball. They may end up lacking the foundational knowledge required to understand later concepts in a subject and the teacher doesn't have the time or resources to adapt all their lessons to a handful of students that are starting to struggle.

With private tuition, the tutor can focus on the concepts that the students want to learn, teach them in a way that works for the student, and engage with the student in a way that teachers at school can't.

Don't get us wrong, teachers and lecturers do an excellent job, but the circumstances they have to teach students in aren't ideal. I think most teachers would agree that it would be perfect to have just one student in their class as they could tailor all their teaching to them and help them.

Outside of schooling, private home tutoring is hugely beneficial when it comes to learning new skills, gaining experience, or taking up a new hobby. Much like with academic private lessons and tutorials, they'll tailor each session to the student and will be able to fully focus on them during every minute of class.

Challenges in Private Tutoring

Of course, if private tutoring was that easy, everyone would be doing it. As we said, more people than ever are choosing to work with private tutors to improve their exam results, learn new skills, make themselves more employable, or master a new hobby, but not everyone is and there are a few reasons for that.

The most obvious reason that not everybody is enjoying private home tutoring is the cost. In a perfect world, private tutoring would be free, but it's not, and this is what will deter or stop certain students from every getting the education they deserve.

Fortunately, supply and demand will play an important role here. The more tutors there are, the less they'll charge as they'll be competing with one another in terms of their rates. If they're not lowering their rates, then they'll be improving their service to ensure that they remain competitive.

There are tutors for all budgets from tutors with years of experience charging a premium to university students looking to make some extra money during their studies. Normally, the latter will charge quite reasonable rates and are a great choice for GCSE and A Level students as they're often very affordable and closer to the student's age which makes them appear less like a "teacher".

For a lot of us, time is also at a premium. To get the most out of private tutoring, regular sessions are a must. Even if you're only meeting with your tutor once a week, a missed session can set you back as you don't have the opportunity the next week to consolidate the knowledge from the previous.

If you're serious about benefitting from private tuition, you need to find the time and the money. Once you do, you'll be grateful that you did.

Finally, there's the issue of motivation. If you're looking to get a private tutor for your children, for example, you need to be careful about the way you present the idea of getting a private tutor to them. After all, a private tutor will struggle to help a student if they're completely demoralised by the tutor's presence.

Finding a Private Tutor in Liverpool

If you've decided that private tutoring is the right option, then all you need to do is search for one on the Superprof website. Put in the subject, skill, or hobby that you want to learn and where you want the tutoring to take place.

You'll find plenty of experienced and qualified tutors who can help you with whatever you want to learn. Some tutors focus on humanities and languages like English, Spanish, French, etc. as well as science tutors who focus on maths, physics, chemistry, and biology. Others tutor primary and secondary school children or higher education and university students. Then there are those who teach subjects and hobbies that aren't part of any key stage or university degree like kickboxing, sewing, knitting, personal training, etc.

A lot of the tutors on Superprof offer the first hour or lesson for free so you can try several potential tutors out before deciding on which one will help you with your education or learning a new skill or hobby.

While you mightn't necessarily learn much during the free hour, it's a good opportunity for students to talk to the tutor about their goals, how they like to learn, their experience and level in the subject, and the finer details of the lessons and tutorials such as the cost and availability.

If you can't find any suitable tutors in Liverpool or around Merseyside, don't forget that there are online tutors available for almost every subject or skill and anyone with a webcam and a decent internet connection can enjoy private tutoring from tutors all over the world.

For those on a budget, group tutorials are also available for a lot of different subjects so get a few friends, colleagues, or family members together and share the cost of the tutor's time. While you won't get tailored tutoring like in the other types of sessions, you may be able to share the cost of the tutor's time and experience amongst all the participants in attendance.

View the various tutors' profiles before deciding on which one is right for you and contact them for more information on how they can help you!

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