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Maths, physics,chemistry and other scientific subjects taught by mechanical engineering student.

I'm a motivated and dedicated student Of mechanical engineering with extensive tutoring experience in Physics, Chemistry and mathematics. I’ve been teaching these subjects privately to GCSE/O-LEVEL and Alevel students from 4 years now helping 100's of students achieve their academic goals. I on average manage to get my students achieve 2 grades higher than their predicted grades...

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Competent PhD teaching basic and applied concepts in Chemistry upto Masters level in Edinburgh

Subject taught using conventional methods, with audio-visual tools, models and demonstrations. Discussions are related to most recent trends in research in every topic covered. Interesting and self indulging assignments leading to self discovery of certain concepts would be given.

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Chemistry Student who has worked on government tutoring schemes, offering Chemistry lessons in Birmingham

I am a friendly and engaging tutor who likes to ensure all box are ticked. My lessons are structured in a way that best suits the individual preference of learning whether that be explaining via diagrams or by engaging in a discussion about the topic being taught. However, I always ensure that my students come away from lessons feeling much more confident about the topics studied.

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Experienced teacher of Maths and Science offering GCSE and A-level lessons in Teeside

am a qualified Post-Compulsory Education teacher with over 10 years working experience teaching Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications related to Science and Maths in FE and Sixth Form Colleges. I have a strong scientific, technological and mathematics knowledge acquired from achieving a Chemical Engineering degree and carrying out scientific research in Physical Chemistry.

Greater London
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Motivating and confidence building qualified teacher offering Chemistry lessons online and face to face in London

I am passionate about Science and Chemistry in particular, it is a subject which you will never fully understand as we are continually learning and discovering about it - which is great! Lessons will be engaging, tailored to you and as interactive as possible.

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Full-time, Experienced Mathematics and English Tutor. I teach in London and Online

I believe in a holistic approach to tutoring, engaging with all of the aspects of a student's relationship with their subjects that might be hindering the learning progress. I also enjoy creating strategic solutions to difficult situations, and I have experience boosting grades at short notice before re-sits.

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Experienced science teacher gives chemistry (to A level), physics and EAL lessons

Calm, patient and supportive. Lesson starter to focus your thinking and assess your initial level. Explanations, demonstrations and exploration giving you new knowledge and skills. Practice of new learning, going through past exam questions and a final assessment.

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Chemistry University student offering Chemistry and Mathematics lessons up to A-level grade

Mine would be very hands on, walking you through the basics and walking you to a level where you would be confident with the whole course. I feel context helps with learning so a discussion of the course would be included as well as my own experiences with the experiments I may have performed that are related.

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Chemistry student with university level experience of Maths and Physics, offering Maths, Physics and Chemistry lessons in North Yorkshire.

I can teach GCSE students in the Sciences and Maths (and also have good experience with French having taken this subject to A-Level). As a tutor, I focus mainly on problem areas that students have encountered in their lessons. I use visual aids and model kits in Chemistry to try explain difficult concepts, and have a knack for finding metaphors that explain the phenoma people often struggle with.

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First class chemistry graduate who wants to teach you how to learn

Learning is a methodical process, and understanding is key. I'm here to teach you how to overcome learning barriers and how to be an efficient student. I am tolerant to working with a variety of a people, and my evidence for this is through trying to teach my sister, which is more challenging than it sounds.

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Chemistry student offering tutoring in the greater Glasgow area to secondary level.

I begin by assessing the learning needs of the student. Following this, I select appropriate Scottish Qualifications Authority questions from past papers and demonstrate how to answer each question in an easy to understand and methodical manner. When a question can be approached in more than one way, I will take the time to explain the multiple methods.

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One of the best Chemistry students willing to teach Chemistry and Sciences

I am always teaching myself all the necessary theory and then I am practicing with my students all possible types of questions they may come across and as homework, I am assigning them a decent amount of extra questions, and in our next session we discuss their answers and I make sure they understood the theory and the way to tackle any type of question.

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University of Oxford 2nd year Chemistry student - Chemistry/Maths/Physics tuition (Portsmouth or online)

I teach with a focus on good understanding - I believe this is the best way to ace exams. Having only done A levels recently I am aware of all the common pitfalls which exams present to students. I can particularly help well with exam technique, and fundamental principles of maths/chemistry/physics which may be difficult to learn at first.

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A Complete Guide into the World of Physics,Chemistry and Materials. Throw at me any number of questions and doubts. I have a PhD in Physics, worked in Prestigious Labs across 3 continents including Ox

I will be teaching anything in Basic Physics Chemistry and Materials Science since I have studied and performed advanced research in all of these subjects. I can help with basics doubts at all levels from Primary Schooling to Doctorate Level.! Please do not hesitate to contact me for anything that you would require.

Forest Town
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Maths, Chemistry and biology GCSE lessons within the Mansfield area, currently a Chemistry undergraduate.

I am currently undergoing my Masters in Chemistry at Nottingham Trent University, where I am ready to begin my second year in September. My intentions are to then go on to becoming a Chemistry A level teacher. Throughout my studies I have had many tutors myself and understand that each and every student has their own individual ways around learning.

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Tutoring is the shortcut to know-how. Personality and interests are keys to learning.

I'm a engineer with a master degree in mechanical engineering and a bachelor degree in applied physics engineering. I am able to teach A levels and first years in bachelor degree. I rely on student personality and interests to give him the right tools to learn.

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Basic skills, maths and science! 17 year old hoping to be teacher!

I am able to give lessons from primary school to year 11 (GCSE). I will teach by going through the topic and providing questions to practice (if applicable). I am an incredibly friendly and patient person, and am hoping to become a primary school teacher.

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French native and Lancaster University Physics undergraduate with diverse experience teaching Mathematics and French

I am available to teach Physics, Mathematics and French to any level from primary to A-level. I am highly flexible to the needs of my students and offer support for homework and revision for tests or GCSEs and A-Levels examinations. I believe in improving understanding through examples with a real-life application.

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Biomedical science graduate tutoring Biology, Chemistry and Maths in North London and Central london

I am a friendly, patient and enthusiastic maths, chemistry and biology tutor. I tutor at GCSE level and below. When I initially meet a student I like to see what level they are at preferably by giving them a test to do. Then when I see the level they are at I then ask them what topics they have covered in school and what topics they find the hardest.

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Gives Maths and Physics tutoring in the Llanelli Area up to A Level Standard

I've just finished college and am about to begin a degree in Maths & Physics with the Open University. I focus on teaching at any level up to GCSE standard and A levels if needed. My teaching style focuses on finding the weaknesses in your own capabilities and strengthening them by talking through the topic until it is thoroughly understood.

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Former Head of Science for 15 years graduate chemist MRSC specialising in examination technique

I approach each topic by finding how much each individual knows then extending their knowledge and confidence above that required to achieve the top grade so that examination questions at the hardest level become the norm. Each lesson covers what the individual finds challenging and is structured to look back at previous work covered and so builds on existing knowledge.

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Experienced tutor offering GCSE Maths and Science in Huddersfield 26 years experience teaching

I looked at each topic - vocabulary, meaning, concept then looked at exam past papers. My main preference of teaching is visual. Where I can show the same visual concept that s/he has heard to aid better learning, I will use topic related pictures. this can be on the internet or from a book.

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3rd Year Chemistry student at Univeristy of Edinburgh offering Chemistry and Maths tutoring in Coventry

My method is teaching underlying concepts that underpin a substantial volume of chemical knowledge required. From these concepts, it is much easier to develop the required understanding. I am happy to help secondary school students and 1st/2nd year university students.

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PhD student in Chemical Engineering offering maths lessons in London and Reading

I am happy to give lessons to whoever is interested in learning or developing maths skills below university level. My primary technique will start by first assessing the primary needs of the student (academic, professional, or just for fun of learning) and their interests. This will allow a more tailored and engaging approach to learning.

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Biomedical Science student offering chemistry lessons up to University level in Cheltenham

I am a New Zealander taking a gap year to work and travel in Europe. My teaching method is relaxed but comprehensive. I am I visual learner so I like to use drawing, diagrams, and pictures to help explain. Our lessons will be based a structured plan of what precisely what material you need to learn and when this must be achieved by. I will tutor anyone up to University level studies.

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Environmentalist with 5 years of experience offering maths and chemistry lessons in Ayrshire

My teaching method is student-centred approach to learning. I want to facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment. I want to know what the student knows about the topic so as to know where to assist.

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Chemistry student offering chemistry lessons in Leeds, teaching for six years and demonstrating in University of Leeds, SoC

I'm teaching my students in a way that I found more suitable, giving topics a week before the lecture and explain it the week after and resolve any issues might arise and finally test the knowledge. This style might change depends on student understanding.

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No more chem-mysteries with chemistry! AS level/GCSE/below. Organic, industrial, physical, theoretical and practical aspects covered but I'll cover any suggestions given!

I know how stressful exams can be so I'll do my best to help you through! Studied at GCSE, AS, and A level and has had experience teaching before. Organic, industrial, physical, theoretical and practical aspects covered but I'll cover any suggestions given, need only ask! Techniques revolve around the student asking exactly what they want so I can deliver e.g.

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Physics Undergrad at Queen Mary with almost 2 years of tutoring experience

I am a motivated student who wants to continue my education in an environment where I will be challenged and can thrive.I have experience working under pressurised environments and have excellent teamwork and communication skills .

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Medical student offering maths, science and first aid lessons to primary and secondary school kids in Plymouth

I am a second year medical student at Plymouth university and have had experience working in primary schools, teaching about the body and first aid. I have previously been a maths tutor to a year 6 boy. I am happy to cater lessons to suit each child and the topics with which they struggle. I will teach maths, biology, chemistry, physics or any other related topic as well as first aid.

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Perfect! Ma fille est ravie d'avoir enfin trouvé un professeur de mathématiques très pédagogue et de surcroît sympathique et impliqué . Elle a repris goût aux maths et surtout confiance en elle. Houssem a bien détecté ses lacunes et l'entraîne avec...

Naeem, student
9 months ago
(48 reviews)

Perfect! My son enjoys Daniel's classes (Biology for the A levels) very much and says he is learning a lot and understanding things that had seemed very difficult to him until now. After only a few lessons, he feels much more confident and optimistic.

Elena, student
1 year ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Très pédagogue, facile à comprendre. Petit "stage" de 6h pendant les dernières vacances qui m'a permis de m'approprier une meilleure méthode de travail et d'approfondir notamment le chapitre des suites de Term S.

James, student
2 years ago
(1 review)

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