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“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economics.” -John Kenneth Galbraith

When individuals think of “essential” careers, employment positions such as doctors, nurses, teachers, daycare workers, and food service employees may quickly come to a person’s mind. Nonetheless, there are many behind-the-scenes careers that we may not view as necessary. Such as? In recent years, the job force has moved online and a lot of careers need the support of technical programmers to keep things running smoothly. So, there a lot of programming and computer science careers that you might not have heard of. Also, to keep up with political trends and try to regulate the norms, there are political analysts that complete a lot of essential work for us to better understand the political climate around us. Lastly, in the finance world, there is a lot of talk about business men and women who rake in millions of pounds, each and every year; however, not a lot of attention is given to the brilliant efforts of economists who study the trends and evaluate economic issues. Without further ado, let’s talk a little bit more about how students in Bristol can learn more about economics.

Why Study Economics

Before deciding to study any academic discipline in further detail, it is wise to review all your options and decide if the topic will help you expand your professional profile and grant you transferrable skills that can be used across various domains. Fields such as maths, history, and languages are worthy of consideration at a secondary or post-secondary level. But have you ever thought about studying economics? Are there any good reasons to review the basics of economics? Absolutely! It is important to state that students of economics benefit both their professional and private life.

First and foremost, those who study economics expand their vocabulary and learn useful terms such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and equilibrium. The words acquired by individuals who study the basics of economics can be used in various business-type careers and to understand the finance market.

Secondly, economics is much more of a deep and important field than most people think. How’s that? Well, economics is not only graphs, curves, and models but rather a thorough study of how people behave rationally and make decisions. Learning about the behaviour behind financial decision making prepares students of economics for better interpersonal relationships since they will better understand the people around them.

Thirdly, by analysing a methodical and analytical topic such as economics, students can better balance their budgets and comprehend their spending habits. And, knowing why you’re always going broke, helps prevent it from happening again! All in all, there are many fantastic reasons to study economics and all interested students should give it a try.

Studying Economics with an In-Person Tutor

After the decision has been made as to whether you will study economics or not, it is important to state that there are two primary learning paths when consulting with a private tutor: in-person or online classes. What are the pros and cons of taking in-person, face-to-face sessions with an economics tutor?

First and foremost, in-person classes are best suited for students who prefer a more hands-on approach and who do not feel connected with their tutor on a personal level if the classes are conducted remotely. Secondly, are you having a hard time navigating the functions of a videoconferencing application? If so, face-to-face classes with an economics instructor are much more convenient since you don’t have to figure out how to use Skype or Zoom. Also, to be more cost-effective a lot of in-person learning sessions are conducted in small groups which is a fantastic advantage for those who enjoy hearing the feedback of fellow students. Are there any disadvantages? Well, like anything in life, yes there are. For example, in-person economics classes with a tutor are usually more time-consuming since you have to travel to the location where you are receiving classes. Additionally, in-person classes are usually less flexible and cannot be changed as easily as those held virtually.

Reviewing the Basics of Economics with an Online Instructor

Now, what about online classes with a private economics tutor? Are there more benefits than drawbacks? Absolutely! In today’s digital age, online sessions are being held in over 1000 academic disciplines and economics is one of them! Learners love the fact that they can take lessons with qualified tutors from the comfort of their home on videoconferencing platforms. Also, by visiting online tutoring communities, students can select classes at a time most convenient for them; that could mean 2 or 3am! The flexibility of virtual lessons is extremely attractive to remedial students who have busy schedules. Also, without having to travel, the overall cost of online classes is cheaper than those held in-person. Are there any cons to online economics courses? Yes. For instance, learners who aren’t tech-savvy might have trouble using Skype or Zoom and students who prefer close-contact with their tutor could struggle to connect with their educators virtually.

Why Choose Superprof to Study Economics

But where does one find a professional and qualified economics tutor that offers both face-to-face and virtual lessons in the Bristol area? Look no further than Superprof! With a worldwide community of more than 14 million tutors, the Superprof family has grown considerably in the last few years. Instructors teach more subjects than you could ever imagine and students are constantly satisfied with the instruction they receive on Superprof. According to our website, there are currently 29 tutors available for hire in the Bristol region that teach economics to students of all levels and ages. Prices per hour range from £7 to £50 and greatly depend on the expertise and qualifications of the tutor. However, we can guarantee that you’ll fully enjoy your learning experience with a Superprof instructor. Also, to make things even better, the first lesson with an economics tutor on Superprof is always free; what’s not to love? Start learning more about economics today!


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In Bristol, the average cost of economics courses is £17.


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31 tutors are available to give economics tuition in Bristol and the surrounding areas.


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