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“The ultimate resource in economic development is people. It is people, not capital or raw materials that develop an economy.” -Peter Drucker


When talking about a country or company’s economic standing, most people understand that it has to do with money; however, not all are familiar with the fact that economics are an extremely layered topic with many subdisciplines that are worth talking about. Firstly, economics can be described in the simplest terms as the branch of knowledge that is concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth. Economists dedicate their careers to determining how people and economies work together to promote material prosperity. Although capital and resources will effectively set up an economy, it is important to state that consumers or people are the most important factors to a country’s economic development. Therefore, whether you need to brush up on your economics skills to pass a secondary school or university exam or you are curious about the functions of the economy, we highly recommend taking economics classes with a private tutor in the Cardiff area.

Why Study Economics?

Although you might recognise the fact that economics is an important academic discipline, you might still be on the fence as to whether you should or should not dedicate your precious time to learning more about economics. Whatever you may choose to do, it’s worth stating that there are so many fantastic reasons to study economics. Such as? Firstly, when studying economics, you slowly develop transferrable skills that may be used across a wide variety of jobs and tasks. For example, economics students learn to effectively solve problems and look for logical solutions. When speaking to the teacher or other classmates about what you are uncovered, you hone your communication skills and let others know about complex concepts of economics in the simplest terms. Also, numeracy and maths abilities are strengthened when studying the basics of economics. All of these skills will greatly help you become a more well-rounded professional that is worthy of hiring! Secondly, by carefully reviewing economics, a person becomes more aware of their financial decisions and their unique spending habits. Awareness of your personal economy, allows you to make changes that will alleviate your detrimental spending habits and cause you to save for the future. Thirdly, by studying economics, you learn a lot of vocabulary and the definitions of terms such as scarcity, opportunity cost, and equilibrium, just to name a few common expressions. All in all, studying the basics of economics has much more pros than cons!

Tips to Study Economics Successfully

Know that you’ve decided to dedicate some time to studying economics, you might be wondering if there are any tips to studying economics more effectively? Thanks to the brilliant advice from experienced professionals, there are plenty of fantastic studying tips that make learning economics at a scholarly or leisurely level a complete breeze! Firstly, after class, it is highly recommended to spend some time looking for additional economics resources to learn about. For instance, there are plenty of YouTube channels that mention many topics and subdisciplines of economics that pique your interest. Also, take advantage of reading blog posts and websites that are dedicated to the study of economics. Using additional learning resources will greatly complement your journey of learning more about economics. Secondly, during economics classes, you must be prepared to participate and listen. Being an active learner means dedicating yourself to the learning process. Ask questions in class and don’t be afraid to take as many class notes as you may need. Thirdly, if you’re studying economics at a post-secondary level, it’s important to state that the concepts you are analysing are not always easy. Therefore, to switch the study routine up a little bit, we greatly suggest taking part in a study group and using alternative study methods such as flashcards and games.

Online or In-Person Economics Tuition: Which is Best?

In today’s modern age, there are so many options and potential choices to choose from; it can be a tad overwhelming at times! Even when it comes to private tutoring, there is a major choice that must be made: in-person or online lessons. You might be wondering which is best, face-to-face or virtual courses with an economics instructor? The answer is not that simple since there isn’t a clear winner. For example, virtual lessons with an economics tutor are great for those who want to acquire knowledge from the comfort of their own home without having to go to a learning institute or the tutor’s home. Also, online lessons are a highly recommended option for tech-savvy individuals who like learning via webcam. On the other hand, face-to-face courses are best for people who enjoy the close contact of a tutor in the same room as them and who don’t mind travelling to the location of instruction since it gives them an excuse to leave the house. If you still don’t know which learning method to choose from, we greatly suggest trying out both of them to see which one is best for you!

Finding a Superprof Economics Tutor in Cardiff

Whether you decide to take lessons face-to-face or virtually, there is only one website that is worth it's salt when you are looking for a private economics instructor: Superprof. With nearly 16 million tutors worldwide offering their services to learn about more than 1000 academic disciplines and topics of interest, Superprof has brilliant economics tutors in the Cardiff area. For instance, in the city of Cardiff, there are currently 42 economics tutors that may be found on Supeprof. Prices per hour range from £8 to 50 and greatly depend on the expertise and past qualifications of the tutor in question. We recommend taking a look at the tutor’s profile to see if their methods of instruction will match your learning style. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic time learning with a Superprof. The best part is the fact that no matter the subject of instruction, the first lesson is free!


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The average cost of economics tuition per hour in Cardiff is £16.


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