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Economics is the study of wealth, how it's produced, and how it's consumed. It's not a compulsory subject at school but students in Leeds and around the UK can study it in secondary school and even get GCSE and A Level qualifications and go onto study it on a university degree course if they wish.

As money makes the world go round and economics can affect international business, government policy, and our everyday lives, let's see why you should study economics, the challenges that students often face, what you can learn about it in school, and how private economics tuition can help students of all ages and levels.

Why You Should Study Economics

They say money makes the world go round and the sheer number of careers you can get into with an economics degree is testament to this. Whether you're interested in teaching, business, finance, or accounting, economics is a good place to start as you'll learn skills directly applicable to all these fields.

That said, economics courses are also useful for learning transferrable skills that you can use in everyday life and over lines of work. You can learn how to better communicate, solve problems, conduct independent research, and better manage your time; skills that will look good on any CV or profile.

Challenges in Studying Economics

While the benefits are clear, economics can be particularly challenging, too. Even at GCSE, you need to have a good understanding of mathematics and if you struggle with numeracy, you'll probably struggle an awful lot with economics. A lot of economics degree courses even require that applicants have an A Level in maths.

Economics isn't a particularly hands-on subject and a lot of the work will cover concepts and ideas that you can't necessarily see. Students who enjoy learning by doing will probably struggle a lot with subjects like economics if the teacher or tutor can't find a way to bring the subject alive.

Areas of Economics Studied at School

The first real opportunity students will have to attend economics lessons will be in secondary school and GCSE will be the first time they get a chance to earn a qualification in it. Let's see what secondary school students in Leeds can learn about economics whilst at school.

Students will study markets and economic foundations, resource allocation, how prices are determined, production, costs, revenue, and profit, competitive and concentrated markets, and market failure.

They'll also look at how the economy works and study the national economy, how the government manages the economy, international trade and the global economy, and the role of money in financial markets.

After they finish their GCSE, they can study A Level economics as well. Don't forget that most economics degrees also require A Level maths so make sure they opt to study that, too!

Private Economics Tutoring

Whether you're at secondary school, college, university, or working, private economic tutors can help students and professionals better understand economics, get better exam results, and improve their career prospects.

In a typical lesson at school or university, the teacher can't really adapt their teaching to each student as there are so many of them in class. A private tutor can plan every lesson for each student so that they're learning what they need to learn in a way that works for them.

There's a reason we prefer some subjects over others and it's often down to how we're taught or who's teaching us. If the level being taught is too advanced, students can fall behind in their studies, which makes catching up even more difficult. If the level is too low, the classes can feel dull, unchallenging, or just downright boring. Private home tuition ensures that the level is right for the student.

There's also the convenience to consider. Home tutors can travel to your house and teach you there. This means that you don't have to waste time heading to a school, college, or university for your lessons. This also means that you can have your lesson at a time that suits you. While there aren't many home tutors offering lessons in the middle of the night, you could get an online tutor in a different timezone if you work evenings or need lessons at a certain time of day.

Private Economic Tutors in Leeds

If you're looking for a private tutor in Leeds, just search on the Superprof website. There are plenty of tutors teaching economics, business studies, finance, and maths who can help school pupils, university students, and professionals.

Search for the subject you're looking for and where you'd like the lessons to take place and you start looking at potential tutors. On a tutor's profile, you'll be able to compare their experience, education, qualifications, hourly rates, and reviews left by the other students that they've taught.

Keep an eye out for the tutors that offer the first lesson for free. You can use these free lessons to try out potential tutors before deciding on the right one for you or your child.

If there aren't any suitable tutors available in or around Leeds, you can always search for online tutors. Since they don't have to travel to their tutorials, they tend to charge less per hour. While it's better to have the tutor there in person for hands-on subjects, subjects like economics, finance, and maths can be taught just as effectively with the teaching taking place online via webcam.

Those on a strict budget might also consider group lessons. While you won't be able to guarantee that the tuition is tailored to just you, if you, a few friends, colleagues, or classmates need help with economics, having home tuition in a small group could be a cost-effective way to do it.

Whether you're looking for economics, English, or science tutoring, it's free to search for tutors on Superprof. Once you've found suitable tutors with the right experience and profile, you can get the Student Pass in order to contact them and arrange trial lessons or discuss the terms of your tuition.


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The average cost of economics courses in Leeds is £15.


Rates will differ depending on:

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  • the frequency of your lessons and the duration of each lesson
  • the objective of your classes. Are you taking GCSE or A level economics, or maybe studying at university level. Do you need help completing coursework or studying for exams

97% of our tutors give their first lesson free. Check out the rates of our economics instructors near you.

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In Leeds and the surrounding areas, 26 economics teachers are available to teach private courses


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