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💸 How expensive is a private economics teacher in Manchester and the surrounding areas?

In Manchester, the average rate of economics tuition is £17.


Tutors rates will differ depending on:

  • the experience of your teacher
  • where your lessons will be (online or the student's place)
  • the number of classes and the duration of each class
  • the goal of your classes. Are you taking GCSE or A level economics, or maybe studying at uni. Do you need help completing coursework or studying for exams

97% of our private teachers offer the 1st hour of the lesson free. Check out the prices of our economics tutors in your region.

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In Manchester and the suburban areas, 58 private economics teachers are available to give private lessons


You can refer to their tutoring cv and choose the economics teacher that suits to your needs.


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From a sample of 8 recommendations, students scored their economics teachers an average of 5.0 out of five.


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Economics is one of the toughest subjects in school. Many students struggle with economics throughout the school year, whether at secondary or university level. This is why economics tuition is so highly sought after.


With the help of a private economics tutor many students are able to better understand the different principals of economics.


Our economics lessons with a certified private tutor offer you the chance to master the different economics concepts more efficiently.


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Finding the Perfect Economics Tutor in Manchester

Economics is the study of wealth, how it's created, and how it's consumed. It's about money and it's also about so much more than that.

Economics is also a subject that can teach you a lot about the world and how it works and it can also lead to work in a variety of interesting fields.

Let's look at the reasons you should study economics, the challenges you'll come across when you do, what you can learn about economics in school, and how private tutors can offer a new approach to learning about the economics and the economy.

Why It's Important to Study Economics

Students studying economics at school and university will learn about the subject itself and this means that they'll either be able to get onto related university degree courses or work in economics, finance, accounting, business management, or teaching.

Aside from the subject knowledge that you'll gain by studying economics, your studies will also help you to develop a variety of transferrable skills that you can use in your everyday life or other lines of work.

For example, you'll develop communication skills, numeracy and maths skills, problem-solving skills, time-management skills, and analytical skills. Whether you work in economics or not, these skills will be useful in whatever type of work you decide to do.

Challenges in Studying Economics

Of course, if economics was that easy and beneficial for working in business, finance, or accounting, everyone would be doing it. Sadly, economics certainly isn't for everyone.

For one, the subject can be very conceptual and those who like to learn by doing may struggle with the theoretical side of things. Of course, a good teacher or tutor will be able to bring the subject alive with real-life examples and engaging activities to help these types of students to better understand.

You also need exceptional maths skills to be good at economics. Without the proper numeracy skills, you'll struggle and a lot of university courses require students to have an A Level in Maths to apply.

Areas of Economics Studied at School

Before they can go to university and study economics, students in Manchester will have the opportunity to learn more about the subject during compulsory education. Their first opportunity to get a qualification in economics will be at GCSE and this is often a good choice for students interested in business, finance, or management to see if the world of economics is right for them.

We've taken the AQA exam as our example and while different exam boards will differ slightly, the overall GCSE course is largely similar regardless of which exam board you choose.

The AQA course is split into two main sections: how markets work and how the economy works.

For markets, students will learn about economic foundations, resource allocation, how prices are determined, production, costs, revenue, and profit, competitive and concentrated markets, and market failure.

As for the economy, students will get an introduction to the national economy and study government objectives, how the government manages the economy, international trade and the global economy, and the role of money and financial markets.

Don't forget that once you have your GCSE, you can move onto A Level. While an economics A Level is certainly useful, a lot of university economics courses list an A Level in maths as a requirement so make sure you don't drop maths once you get to A Level.

Private Tuition in Economics

Whether or student struggles in their economics lessons or just wants to get the best possible grades, private economics tuition is a great option. The main problem with the teaching in schools is that teachers don't often get the time, resources, or support they need to adapt their courses and lessons to every individual student.

A private tutor will ensure that the tuition is at a level that's right for the student and that the learning approaches match how the student likes to learn. They can spend more time on topics that the students struggle with and quickly advance through the sections of the course that the student finds easy.

School and university students can get help studying for a big exam, catching up with lessons they may have missed, or just learn new ways to approach their studies more effectively.

Private tutoring isn't just for children or university students, though. Adults and professionals can also benefit from a private economics tutor to learn new skills for work or change careers.

Finding an Economics Tutor in Manchester

If you're looking for private tutors in Manchester, you can search for them on the Superprof website. You're free to view each tutor's profile and compare their experience, qualifications, education, and read reviews left by their other students.

Don't forget to look for the tutors that offer the first lesson for free. This is a good opportunity to either interview the tutor, discuss how they can help you or your child, and see what their typical lessons are like. A tutor that's right for one student may not be right for another and if you're going to need lessons for a long time, you'll want to make sure you choose the right tutor rather than having to regularly change tutors.

If you can't find any suitable or available tutors in Manchester, you can also enjoy the tutoring experience online via webcam. As long as you have a webcam and a decent internet connection, you can be taught by economics tutors from all over the world. Since economics isn't a hands-on subject, it adapts well to being taught online over webcam.

Those on a budget may want to look for tutors offering group lessons. While this type of tuition won't be fully tailored to the individual student, small groups of students can share the cost of private tuition while also enjoying some of the benefits of it.

Don't forget that tutoring isn't just for economics either. Whether you need help with English, science, maths, or want to learn new skills like how to draw, play a musical instrument, or sew, you can find tutors in almost any subject!

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