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German native speaker and Geology PhD student offers lessons perfecting your German

I will orient my teaching on what you as student or pupil need. And I try to make it as easy and as much fun as possible. I am not a fan of long monologues so I prefer an interactive approach for teaching.

West Midlands
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University Music Student (piano, violin, flute), fluent in German, offering music lessons (theory, analysis, instrumental) and language lessons in Birmingham

My teaching method is very practical because I have always found this for me to be the easiest way of remembering and learning. Until now I have mainly worked with younger children (6-14), but I have also acted as a mentor for sixth form students and an English language tutor for non-native adults.

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German student offering German lesson in Birmingham up to University Level :)

Back when I was at school I could see many people struggling with languages and to help others I've developed a number of strategies to increase overall fluency.

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Languages student who is passionate about teaching French and German to anybody who wants to learn!

My teaching method is to first assess the individuals’ language level. Once decided, I tailor tasks to suit them which are both fun and academically challenging.

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German French Spanish Russian tuition . Birmingham. BA PGCE . Experienced teacher and tutor.

Lessons tailored to meet individual needs of student. Aim to engage student in learning early on so they may gain confidence to progress to become more active learners. Have wide range of my own materials / worksheets / textbooks and access to material via internet.

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Final year German student offering tutoring up to level 4 in Birmingham

I am extremely organised and motivated to help others succeed with GCSEs, A Levels or adult or casual learners. I will bring a planned session with me every week and find out as much about you, your goals and your learning style as I can to help me tailor my approach so you can get the best results.

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Modern Languages student giving individual and group German lessons in Birmingham, UK

I am able to adapt my teaching style to people of all abilities, whether the lessons be for school age children looking to improve their fluency, or adults looking to improve their German level. I can tutor either from course books and following a complete structure, or just following simple conversations.

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Experienced language teacher gives targeted, creative, communicative and lively German tuition.

Motivation is the key when it comes to learning a language. That's why I always give my students specific learning objectives. These bring a clear structure into the learning process and motivate learners to achieve their goals, as they see themselves accomplishing a little goal in every lesson. Communication is the second most important part of my teaching.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Recent graduate of German gives lessons to GCSE or A level students.

Learning a language requires a lot of engagement and focus. There is a lot of subject knowledge that needs to be learned and then reinforced. This can best be achieved through activities that make the process of acquiring a second language a fun and exciting task.

Central Birmingham

Katharina - Central Birmingham - German

I am currently studying at the Birmingham Conservatoire and I am looking for pupils to widen my teaching experience. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Viola, Violin, Chamber Music and German. - Tell me about your qualifications. I am a native German speaker and came to England over two years ago to study abroad.


Szilvia - Edgbaston - German

A witty and experienced LSE graduate teacher is looking for committed and hard-working students in German, Politics and History! - Which subject(s) do you teach? German and English GCSE / A-level Politics and History - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Ina - Moseley - German

I can help you to improve your German in a sympathetic, supportive and creative environment in which you can immerse yourself in learning the language, for personal, professional or business use.

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Fluent German Speaker offering tutoring for all levels. Based in the Birmingham area.

I work closely with the student to understand their requirements and create an individual learning plan depending on their level and areas of weakness.

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University student offering German tutoring in Walsall having achieved an A level

I'm a first year Musical Theatre student at the University of Wolverhampton. I have both a GCSE and an A Level in German and am ever expanding my knowledge of the language alongside my degree. I will cater lessons to your own personal needs, whatever they may be, and I am completely understanding of the need to go over the same material multiple times and will not get annoyed about doing so.


Wenke - Meriden - German

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach German and French. - Tell me about your qualifications. I'm a native German speaker with an MA in English, French and Russian from Potsdam University in Germany. Originally I wanted to become a school teacher, which meant that for one year I studied on a teaching course, including psychology, didactics etc.

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German teacher from Austria living in Lichfield UK gives online lessons for exam preparation Goethe Zertifikat

Originally from Salzburg in Austria, I’ve been living in Lichfield UK, Middle England, with my English family for over twenty years.

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Hi, my name is Vicky and I’m an enthusiastic and motivating tutor!

y name is Vicky and I am a final year Pharmacy student at the university of Wolverhampton. I moved to England at the age of 19 from Ireland. However I grew up in Germany, and moved to Ireland when I was 15 years old. As a result I am a fluent German speaker. I am passionate about helping people in general, hence working as a support worker for over two year.

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Native German Speaker, with 3 years teaching of German as a foreign language to children and adults.

I teach German for those who want to learn speaking it for fun and everyday use, as well as those who want to take official examinations and profficiency. On both a individual and classroom setting.

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German Native Speaker (Student at University) offering high-quality and professional German lessons to advance any level.

I promise excellent teaching quality and professionalism and will see that you will improve in the subject area quickly. My teaching methodology depends on the level and the individual's strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we will sit down and discuss your personal realistic goals and formulate a strategy, which will allow you to reach these.

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C2 level German speaker with German high school diploma studying at the University of Warwick gives German lessons

I was taught by both English and German native speakers in high school and have reached C2 level knowledge in these languages. I have learned vocabulary and grammar from German to English, therefore I connect the two languages well. I'm eager to use the same teaching methods as my native teachers.

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Experienced Private German Tutor - With Degree from UCL in German BA

"Question WHY - and it will stick." Give the student the tools to understand language constructions. Learn at a higher level than your exam requires: we will work through more complex translations so that you are confident and well prepared to achieve high marks in your exam/personal targets.

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Need help mastering German, French or Maths GCSE? Want to learn a new language? I am your partner. Offer lessons for all ages in coventry and online

At the beginning, I usually set the goals and needs of my student, then I focus my lessons based on those goals. My lessons are up to date (according to the new curriculum), they are set to increase the confidence of the student and to promote their love for learning, taking into account their capacity. The classes are very interactive as I want my students to enjoy and feel confortable.

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Postgraduate student from Germany at Warwick University who’s fluent in English offers German Lessons

I’m focusing on conversational language skills as well as grammatical correctness. Using current articles from newspapers is a great way to expand vocabulary as well as practice reading skills.

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Get Help From the Best Tutors in Birmingham For Your German Courses

Why take German Classes in Birmingham

Birmingham, the 'second city', is the second-most populous city in the UK. It is also a very popular tourist destination, and is included in the 2015 Rough Guides top 10 cities to visit in the world! There are thousands of tourists who visit each year and some decide to stay and work, study and explore in Birmingham. With such a varied population of avid travellers, its inhabitants are more likely to take language courses, such as German.

Germany is a leading economic power in Europe and in the top 5 worldwide. Its political, professional and financial attractiveness explains the success of its language classes in other industrialized and emerging countries. Studying in Germany and working in Germany are common goals, and not only for cross-border employees - Birmingham is proof of this.

Students, future engineers and young professionals in Birmingham have every interest in learning to speak German to add another skill to their list. In the era of globalization and European growth, it is still useful for one's professional career in Birmingham, as in other cities, to master several foreign languages.

Moreover, the German language is not limited to only Germany in Europe, as it is also spoken in Liechtenstein and Austria, as well as in parts of Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Northern Italy. There are over 100 million native speakers of Germany in Europe!

It is also an official dialect of several enclaves of Namibia and Brazil, with a total of 200 million people around the world who have mastered Goethe's language!

In terms of efficiency, learning a language is easier when the learner has the chance to benefit from intensive courses with private teachers. This method for learning German is even more effective than group lessons, spending a period of time in a European city, or through an intensive language learning course.

Individual refresher courses with a native German speaker is ideal for further training and exam preparation. The language skills acquired through learning  the Germanic language will benefit both middle and high school students, young children and adults!

Addresses for Unusual German Courses in Birmingham

In Birmingham, it is not just any old language school that has intensive German training.

However, rather than talking about the various Goethe evening classes (in this respect, one of the best is offered at Brasshouse Languages), we advise you to get some fresh air by looking at how to learn German quickly in an unusual way, through visiting popular places in Birmingham.

To learn German at a satisfactory level and to help maintain your motivation, why not make an appointment with your tutor in one of the top rated parks in Birmingham? Such as: Cannon Hill Park, Lickey Hills Country Park or Sheldon Country Park, where fresh air and flowers will make the rules of grammar much easier to assimilate, where birds can help you find the song in the accent...

School support and private lessons become a real pleasure with some rays of sunshine, on the terrace of a coffee shop such as Ju Ju's Café or Gorilla coffee cafe.

Treat Street will undoubtedly inspire you in your intensive courses in German, and the sweet and salty sweets will serve as a great reward after all your intellectual efforts!

Cherry on your German cake: the jewel that is Library of Birmingham, with its incredible design elements and language learning tools, you'll gain many steps on your German learning journey!

Germanophilia in Birmingham Outside of German Language Classes

Many people willingly connect Birmingham to being a city filled with inventors and scientists. It is also known for being the second most populated city in the UK after London!

More than German courses, Birmingham can make us think of some famous people such as Walker Abbott, Moeen Ali, Dennis Amiss, Ozzy Osbourne, JRR Tolkien and many more...

But while these influential people in UK culture might occupy some discussion in schools, so does Germany and the German language. It occupies a significant place in the schools of Birmingham and, therefore, in the minds of many Brummies who have learned German on the school bleachers or who need it for their profession.

Already in the eighteenth century, Germanic traders were attracted by the second city. In the late eighteenth century, Birmingham was being hailed as the "first manufacturing town in the world".

These days, Europe is trying to move beyond the destruction of World War II, with Germany now  becoming above all a political, commercial and diplomatic partner of choice.

Find your German Teacher in Birmingham

There are all kinds of great locations available to learn German in Birmingham. It's a happening city after all! Here are just some of the various options available:


  • Brasshouse Languages- the largest adult education center in the UK! Specializing in 30 different foreign language classes 
  • The Language Gallery- "97% of students would recommend the Birmingham school to a friend". They specialize mostly in English but also offer evening language courses in German and Spanish 
  • UK Language Project- offering private language courses in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin and Arabic

Superprof: Excellent German Language Courses in Birmingham

If e-learning (learning German online) is not exactly recommended, this is not the case when it comes to face-to-face German lessons, an excellent method to help you become bilingual in the second city.

High-quality German language lessons with a private teacher in Birmingham have long been reserved for the rich, as this type of language class has been particularly expensive. However, Superprof has revolutionized these conversation courses in English-German mode: language training has thus become available to everyone!

You might also choose to complete your German exercises by participating in a host family language exchange (total immersion guaranteed), because there is nothing better than living in Germany itself for a short period of time to quickly find yourself at an intermediate level.

Thus, definitely don't hesitate to use the interface of Superprof to tackle your study of a new language: our teachers are at your disposal with varied and diverse courses. German as a foreign language course, Beginner level Spanish course, Italian classes focusing on oral comprehension, French training with an emphasis on speaking, Russian language courses ... Learning a foreign language has never been so easy than with the help of our tutors offering courses for all levels!

You will see: with a good beginner level German tutor, no language test will be able to stump you! Becoming bilingual seemed impossible before? Not anymore!

And have you ever thought of giving private lessons yourself, whether to make ends meet or to create a full-fledged profession for yourself?

How German Classes Work on Superprof

To quickly progress in German vocabulary and German grammar, Superprof helps you find private classes tailored just for you. No hourly commission fees are added, unlike in-home tutoring or support courses offered by large commercial companies... On the contrary, you'll scroll through a profile directory putting you in contact with certified Germanists, presented according to different criteria: hourly rate, place of practice, ratings by previous pupils, job certification, diplomas and degrees, profile biography (ex: "I am a German teacher who is available to teach German remotely or face-to-face in a professional context " etc.) ...

It has never been easier to become a German-speaker in Birmingham than at the beginning of the 21st century when tutoring classes are just one click away on Superprof!

Indeed, to gain fluency and speak fluently while having an advanced level knowledge of German culture, in-home courses from Superprof tutors in Birmingham cost between £ 10 and £ 20 per hour on average. It is, therefore, more than affordable!

While checking out the various professional and enthusiastic members of our Superprof team, it is a good idea to ask for free trial class first, to test the ground and make sure they are the right choice for you.

Your new German specialized tutor is waiting to be found... All the neighborhoods of Birmingham are represented, with a good fifty teachers available and even more available by expanding your search in a wider radius. There is definitely someone near you who can help you begin your German language learning journey!