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Why Study Photography

Photography is an essential art form that helps us capture special moments and cherish them forever. Without the hard-work of photographers, beautiful moments such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, parties, and vacations would be otherwise forgotten too quickly. Professional photographers hoping to make money enjoying their passion are popping up all over the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, and the world. But what drives someone to become a photographer and study photography? Other than talent and eagerness, there are various reasons to quit your day job and begin photography today. Such as? Since photography is a competitive field that takes months, sometimes years to get a client base, aspiring photographers should undergo specific training to learn the necessary skills that are used in the industry. Also, photographers who have qualifications to back them up will be called more often by first-time clients who are looking for real professionals. When attending structured photography courses or a few classes with others, you make friendships that will last a lifetime with like-minded individuals who want to capture photos that tell brilliant stories. The joys of being a working photographer outweigh all of the cons. For example, photographers have very flexible schedules and peak seasons which mean that during low times you can live the good life off the profits you’ve made and travel the world. Also, let us not forget that highly sought after professional photographers make a lot of quid since they can charge clients a lot due to the reputation they’ve built for themselves. For what are you waiting? Start learning photography today!

Types of Photography

Like all things in life, there is much variety in the discipline of photography. In what ways? For example, the genres differ but so do the types of employment positions. Some might prefer working freelance, while others might feel safer seeking employment with a large company that provides stable work. Also, those who decide to study photography can choose later, or while studying, which sub-genre they will specialise in at a later time. Therefore, without further delay, we shall consider four distinct types of photography that most talented photographers find work in.

Special Event Photography

Probably the most popular type of photography is special event photography. Why? Since people want to remember their occasions with loved ones, they hire photographers to capture scenes from events such as weddings, graduations, engagements, bar and bat mitzvahs, etc.; the list could go on and on! Special event photographers boast a portfolio that shows relevant work experience. Also, it is worth stating that the best professional special event photographers have a love for people that shines through on every picture that is taken!

Commercial Photography

Photographers who work commercially usually find work at advertising and marketing firms where they help companies capture remarkable photos to feature on advertisements. Also, those who study commercial photography know a little more about how to help companies create a brand identity, signature look, and market their products. It is no surprise to most people that commercial, especially advertisement photography, is one of the most lucrative types of photography.

Fashion Photography

Lights, camera, pose.

Do you have a passion for fashion and photography? Well, fashion photography is the perfect fit for you! Fashion photography has created legends such as Demarchelier and Tostino, and who knows, you could be next. Of all the types of photography,  fashion photographers enjoy a very versatile and amusing life. Those who work in fashion photography accept jobs at significant magazines such as Vogue, Elle, or Vanity Fair. But also since fashion photography is to highlight the clothes, posts might be offered by fashion houses or small businesses who recognise your eye for detail. When desiring to work as a fashion photographer, it doesn’t hurt to have the right style and extensive knowledge of fashion brands.

Portrait Photography

Although sometimes confused with special event photography, portrait photography is a specific genre that involves taking pictures of particular individuals who have requested your services. Portrait photographers might have clients who require headshots for future jobs or a family who wants to get some group shots before the kids grow up. The goal of portrait photography is to ensure that the subject or subjects are well captured. But how is that done? Portrait photographers have studied their craft and know that they can make people shine by using sufficient lighting, backdrops, and poses. Portrait photography is a very personal take on capturing images that involve the model and photographer working closely together.

Online Photography Classes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we do and learn things has completely changed.  For example, online learning has conquered primary, secondary, and university programmes making it practically impossible to attend in-person courses about any topic or subject. For concerns about safety and the spread of disease. And, let’s say that the same is applied to photography. Online photography courses are now the 2020 norm, and learners can receive the same instruction as before except the comfort of their own home at a time that best suits their schedule; sounds even better than the old days! Nonetheless, with so many professionals taking the services they offer online, it may be challenging to narrow down the search and find the correct photography coach. Can it be done? Of course! Have no fear because Superprof is here! With over 12 million tutors on our site that teach more than 1000 topics, you are bound to find brilliant photography tutors near the city of Nottingham. Also, it is worth stating that with a strict recruitment process, the Superprof instructors are destined to be the best in the business. They often boast years of experience and excellent qualifications in the relevant fields of photography. We hope that you take the leap and start learning more about the basics of photography with a highly dedicated, engaging, and experienced Superprof!


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In Nottingham, the average cost of photography lessons per hour is £15.


The cost of your lessons will vary depending on:

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  • The number of lessons and the length of the lesson
  • the objective of your classes (are you building a photography portfolio or maybe you are just learning to take pictures as a hobby.)

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📸 What are the benefits of learning photography?

Unsurprisingly, taking pictures is a favourite hobby for many people but not many people take the time to properly learn the art of photography. Learning how to take pictures allows you to document wonderful moments in your life with beautiful photographs that you can keep with you forever.


Photography is also a great artistic expression. Whether you prefer taking photos of landscapes, friends, special occasions, or pets, you are sure to find a subject medium that takes your fancy.


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