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Finding the Perfect Physics Tutor

There are plenty of great physics tutors in and around Glasgow so any student can get help improving their knowledge of the subject.

Students wanting to get into university will need to do well at school and study physics for several years.聽Much like any other science, physics draws upon maths a lot and can take a long time to get the hang of, especially if you're only studying at school and not also at home with private tutors.

Fortunately for you, there are plenty of great physics tutors who can teach students in secondary school and primary school. You'd be surprised just how much physics you can learn from a tutor with years of experience.

Why it's Important to Study Physics

Even if you're not going to university to study physics, there are a lot of transferrable skills and knowledge that students can learn just from studying physics at both primary school and secondary school.

Physics relies heavily on mathematics and if you're good at maths, you'll be good at physics. Fortunately for most students, they'll have been studying maths since primary school so by the time they start studying physics at secondary school, they should have a good foundation in it. If not, they can always get physics tutors to help them.

Since physics is a science, there are a lot of concepts and practices that are shared between it and chemistry and biology, for example. A student doing well at chemistry and biology at school will often be doing well at physics, too.

As such as a broad subject, you'll find that a student who's spent years intently studying physics will have an aptitude for a lot of the other subjects they study at school.

Areas of Physics Studies at School

Much like everywhere else in Scotland, a student in Glasgow will have the options to study Intermediate/National and Higher Grades rather than the GCSEs studied by English, Welsh, and Northern Irish students.

If we take the National 5 Grade as an example, students will study some core elements of physics including forces and motion, energy, cosmology, electricity, properties of matter, waves, and radiation, to name a few. All the good stuff, essentially.

Students won't necessarily study physics as an individual subject in primary school but they will see some of the core concepts over the years. By secondary school, however, students will recognise physics as a subject in its own right and will be spending more time studying it.

Beyond secondary school, students studying physics at university will be able to focus on more specific fields of physics.

Challenges in Physics

Physics isn't necessarily the easiest subject to study, which is probably why there's an abundance of tutors around to help. Students need to have a good grasp of science and maths and also be able to conceptualise everything from atoms to galaxies.

Even at a lower level, a lack of experience with maths can hold students back. Mathematics is featured heavily in the study of physics and if you struggle with numbers, it's only going to harm how well you do and over time, can get worse.

Home tutoring from physics tutors can help as they can focus on what you struggle with at secondary school or university and go at your own pace. Tutors can adapt their tutorials your level and take their time with

Private Tuition in Physics

As we've mentioned, physics isn't the easiest subject in the world which is why many students need to supplement what they learn from their teacher at school or university with private tutoring. We need to be clear that the teaching at schools isn't necessarily bad but physics can be quite the challenge and physics teachers rarely have the time to give every student the attention they need.

A teacher in primary or secondary school has a curriculum to follow and if a student doesn't understand a particular concept or topic, they sometimes will just have to move on before students have an opportunity to fully grasp it. Over several years, these can cause problems for students but tutoring can support the teaching provided by the schools.

Science and physics tutoring can focus on the aspects of the subject that students are finding troublesome and give them opportunities to experience new approaches to teaching.

Tuition at home can also be more enjoyable for students. After all, they won't be as nervous about getting questions wrong as it'll just be them and their tutor and they usually develop a better rapport with a tutor than they would a teacher.

Finding a Physics Tutor in Glasgow

Thanks to Superprof, you can easily find physics tutors in Glasgow. There are many teaching in and around the city and you can either go to them or they'll come to you.

Regardless of your level, there are tutors with years of experience and many of them offer the first lesson free (you can see if they do on their profile).聽Our advice is that you try out a few different tutors (for free) and then decide.

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and the third-biggest in the UK. As a result, the breadth and quality of teaching available are fantastic. When it comes to physics tutors, you'll easily find a tutor with the right profile for you.

If you're on a budget, many university students are looking to supplement their income who'll happily teach primary or secondary school level physics. Since there are several universities in Glasgow, there are plenty of students ready to provide private tuition, too.

Of course, if you're of an advanced level or studying a science degree, you'll probably need to look for tutors who've already completed their degrees and have years of experience.

Each profile is different so take your time when choosing your physics tutor. While there are plenty of great tutors in Glasgow, there are also online tutorials available so you can study physics with a tutor from anywhere in the world. This can be useful is you can't find anyone with experience in a particularly specific field of physics.


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The average price of Physics  lessons is 拢15.

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On Superprof, many of our Physics tutors offer online tuition.

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250 tutors are currently available to give Physics lessons near you.

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From a sample of 26  tutors, students rated their private tutors 5.0 out 5.

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