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Private courses with a singing teacher on Superprof is on average is £26.


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Finding the Perfect Singing Tutor in Cardiff

Whether you play a musical instrument like the piano or guitar or use your voice as your instrument, music is something that can take years of tuition, practice, or study. Even those with a natural aptitude for music or singing who teach themselves often spend a lot of their time honing their craft, listening to other music for inspiration, or even studying music theory on their own.

With that in mind, let's look at why you should study singing if you want to perfect your voice, the challenges you may encounter when you do, what students can learn about singing while they're still at school, and how a private singing tutor can help.

Why You Should Study Singing

Just because your voice isn't a manmade instrument, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have to follow the rules and conventions of music. Those who want to improve their singing need to consider taking voice lessons and music theory lessons.

While studying singing can help make you a better singer, a good knowledge of music theory is also important as any singer working with other musicians will need to be able to speak to musicians in a language they understand and we don't mean English. If a conductor or another musician has some feedback, changes, or improvements for you to make, they'll tell you in musical terms or even provide you with sheet music, which you'll need to know how to read if you want to sing in an opera or orchestra.

Your knowledge of music theory will also greatly help you if you decide you'd like to learn another musical instrument like the piano or the guitar, two musical instruments that you can play while also singing.

Challenges in Singing

A lot of aspiring singers wrongly think that it's easy because they have a decent voice and have been using their vocal cords since a very young age. However, there are a lot of things that singers need to get right to elevate themselves above every other person who can carry a tune.

Breathing is probably the first problem singing students will encounter. Again, the importance of breathing is something that amateurs underestimate since it's something we normally do without thinking about. However, to get the most out of each singing performance, how and when you breathe is as important as the notes you're making.

It's also important that you find what voice type you have. Usually, a teacher or tutor can help define your voice type and while this doesn't mean that you'll always have to sing the same songs throughout your career, it will help you adapt your vocal performance or choose songs that will sound better when sung by you.

Areas of Singing Studied at School

The first real opportunity students will have to accredit their singing in school will be during their GCSE. The music GCSE includes performance, composing, and evaluating music.

The performance section includes at least two performance pieces. At least one of the pieces must be an ensemble performance whilst the second can be a solo or ensemble piece. Students that sing can have their performances be vocal or on an instrument, but it should be noted that there won't be any extra marks awarded for playing several instruments in a single piece.

However, if a singer chooses to sing and play an instrument at the same time, they will be marked on their performance with both. If this means that your singing or playing will be hindered, it's probably best just to stick to one or the other.

The music GCSE is more general and won't guarantee that the student is taught much about singing itself but rather music as a whole, which while useful for singers, mightn't be comprehensive enough.

Private Tuition in Singing

One of the best ways to learn how to sing or to improve your singing is through private tuition. With a private tutor or voice coach, you can learn exactly what you need and practise singing techniques appropriate to your level and ambition.

For example, if you want to become an opera singer, you won't necessarily be taught the same techniques as somebody whose interests lie in theatre and musicals. Similarly, if you want to become a singer in a band and play guitar or piano at the same time, your tutor can focus on teaching you techniques that will help you to better multitask.

Teachers in school have a hard time teaching music as they often have too many students and not enough resources. Gifted or ambitious students won't get the attention they deserve in class and the lesson has to go at a pace suitable to the group, which can cause students to fall behind or feel unchallenged. A private tutor will ensure that the teaching is tailored to their student.

Finding a Singing Tutor in Cardiff

If you're looking for singing or vocal lessons in Cardiff or Glamorgan, consider having a search for them on Superprof. There are plenty of experienced vocal teachers and tutors ready to teach students of all levels.

Many of the tutors on the website offer the first lesson or hour of tutoring for free so use these free sessions to try a few different potential tutors out before choosing the one that's right for you or your child.

If you can't find any suitable tutors in the area, you can always look for tutors online. As long as you have a decent internet connection and a good microphone, you can learn how to sing from tutors all over the world. Online tutors also tend to charge less than face-to-face tutors as they don't have to travel to their students or pay for transport costs.

For those on a budget, group tutoring is a good idea. While this does come with the same drawbacks as being taught in larger classes, in smaller groups, the teaching can still be rather effective and if you and some friends, family members, or colleagues, would like to learn how to sing or see whether or not tutoring is for you, group tutorials are an excellent option!

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