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American teacher with 20 + years experience now living in Holland-on-Sea, England, helping people learn how to learn, taught both American High School and elementary, special needs and TESOL certified


Teaching has to be driven by assessment. Finding out what the student knows, and how they learn is the best way to personalise the instruction. Lessons then are tailored to ensure that student makes progress, while learning how to capitalise on their unique strengths and learning style. Many times when finding out missing concepts I can help the student grow, while giving them tools to ensure success now and in the future. Teaching is all about opening the world.


American Teacher with a Master of Education and 20 + years experience; including English supply teacher; Pupil Referral Unit teacher; American public high school, middle school and elementary school; trained in special needs and TESOL certified; worked with foreign exchange students; taught students learning English both online and in small group setting; specialising in helping dyslexic or learning disadvantaged students gain skill and confidence,


Rate for online lessons : £10/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £65
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £130


Cancel lessons has soon as you know, lessons running up to ten minutes late will run full length of time planned, lessons after 10 minutes late, with out communication, will be considered cancelled. 2 missed or cancelled lessons without notice will be considered an end to our tutoring sessions.

Lessons offered by Rebecca
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
Taught subjects
  • Academic tutoring
  • School support
  • School Coaching
  • All Levels

Rebecca's CV


Adaptable, dependable and fast learning, I am an enthusiastic, organised worker. Possessing QTS and TESOL Certifications along with a Masters Degree in Education I have more than 20 years teaching experience, 10 in urban American inner city schools. Having been required to write, implement, revise and arbitrate legal documentation, I have also been accountable for providing records in compliance with governmental regulations. Specialising in finding creative ways to surmount learning deficiencies, I am accustomed to identifying and implementing practical solutions, including the use of technological adaptations, leading to student improvement and success. Benefiting from a positive supportive attitude I now seek a varied and challenging position where I can contribute my experience and skills while utilizing my expertise.

Educational degrees

THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, 2001 •Masters in Education, GPA of 3.9
VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, 1985 •Bachelor’s Degree GPA of 3.0

• Qualified Teacher Status granted June 2012
• TESOL Certification- 120 hour course completed March 2012
• Student Teaching Placements- 2nd, 7th, and 8th grades
• Ohio State Certifications- Interventions Specialist, Mild/Moderate Education, Elementary
• Professional Development- Stevenson Reading, Wilson Reading, Simple Math, Handwriting Without Tears, Smart board, Approaches/Tools for Developing Web Enhanced Lessons, Black board, Wed Quest, and more through Columbus Public Schools
• Graduate Studies- Reading Foundations, Understanding Phonetic Reading Instruction, Differentiated Instruction, geography, civics, science instruction
• Post Graduate Studies- Applied Behaviour Analysis, Assessment, differentiation, interventions, intelligences, Multiculturalism, Middle Eastern Studies, Assistant Technology Disabilities

Employment Events in Educational Settings
• Southwestern Assemblies of God College; Library assistant and switch board operator
• Bethel Academy; 1 year: teaching third grade in small private school, other roles covered
• Granville Village Schools; 1 year: support, reader, one to one instruction with autistic student
• Columbus Christian School; 1 year: teaching first grade, including art, recorder and PE
• Home on the Rock; 5 years: teacher of record, group classes in geography, cooking class
• Columbus City Schools: 10 years: teacher ages 11 and up, tutor and intervention specialist
• Prince George County Schools; 1 term: nonverbal instruction and applied behavioural analysis
• Essex Fresh Start: ½ term: year 10 and 11 behaviour modification and instruction adaptation
• Randstad Recruitment: 2 years: supply work various locations and settings
Employment Events Customer Service Settings
• Telephone call centres; taking orders, credit information services and support
• Retail roles; family owned book store, tailoring, counter help
• Care homes; night shift aid and laundry
• Food service; waitressing and counter help
• Community volunteer; parent lesion; leading USO tours and supervising meetings

Relevant Instructional Responsibilities when Classroom Teacher Pupil in
Referral Unit for behavioural issues
• Teaching English, and Maths helping students earn entry level qualifications
• Working with student to obtain GCSE equivalencies & ECDL computer skills certification
• Responsible for out reach instructional assistants and two classroom assistants

Relevant Instructional Responsibilities when Special Educational needs teacher for
higher functioning self-contained classroom and small groups
• Two years teaching Science, English, Algebra and Geometry coursework ages 14 -19
• Four years teaching History, Geography, Business, Economic and Law to ages 14 – 19
• SENCO Statement Team Leader responsible for coordination of all statement services and meetings, along with communication interactions between school and home
• Responsibility for writing and maintaining all government required documentation
• Supervised management of students behaviour including functional behaviour analysis and writing behaviour intervention plans to support students emotional, social, or behavioural challenges
• Worked with a wide range of skill levels and abilities including non verbal and autistic

Relevant Instructional Responsibilities when an Intervention Specialist Tutor for
Special Learning Disabilities
• Part time position responsible for students having specific learning disabilities with statements
• Tutored age 11 to 14 using inclusion class support, small group pullout, or one to one instruction
• Coordinated all meetings dealing with student statements, wrote statements and all paper work
• Collaborated with teachers to ensure that all assignments and tests are completed by the student, along with formulating accommodations and modifications to any given assignments

Relevant Instructional Responsibilities when in a Special Educational Needs
Lower Function Classroom
• Taught functional living skills, including dressing & grooming, using applied behaviour interventions
• Supervised instructional assistants, assigning all their duties and responsibilities in the Classroom
• Autistic Discrete Trials trained, data sheets recorded, skills broken down

Biological Information
• Graduated Centerburg High School in Ohio USA 1982
• Graduated VFCC College 1985: worked for the following year teaching first grade
• Married Alan Stephens 1986: divorced in 2010, he is a school psychologist in Columbus City Schools
• Military wife: living in California and then in Germany always living off the base to learn local life
• Stay at home Mom of 3 children:
o Laura 31 call centre work in Florida;
o Ian 29 former Marine working in the security industry in Ohio;
o Amber 25 peace corps volunteer and student in Pennsylvania
• Home Schooled: my older two children for five years
• Teacher of Record: state authorised to verify teaching methods & materials used in Home schooling
• Presented: demonstration of original science ideas for the classroom teacher at Teaching convention
• Graduated The Ohio State University 2001: Masters of Education Primary teaching and Learning
• Earned Elementary Certification 2001: able to teach any subject for any student up to end of year 9
• Join Work Force: working with Special Education when my children were able to be more self-reliant
• Earned Special Education Certification 2005: self-contained classroom with two teaching assistants
• Divorced 2009: chose to end my marriage, set up home then moved my gran in also
• Courted: online and in person by a British gentleman I meet through online gaming
• Moved: to Maryland to be near a better airport and taking a job where I could leave mid-year
• Returned to Ohio; Planning and organising visa, wedding and overseas moving preparation
• Married: British citizen Stephen Perry February 2, 2012
• Imported: Joined new husband in South Woodham Ferrers, Essex in March 2012
• Supply work: to learn the education system locally
• Moved: Our first house together in Holland-on-Sea remodelling it to our taste.

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