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« Perfect! Anna is a great tutor. She is patient, happy and a joy to learn with.... More »
« Perfect! Anna is a great tutor. She is patient, happy and a joy to learn with. Looking forward to continue learning with her. »
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Bristol-based native Norwegian actor who is passionate about making language learning fun!


Learning languages should be fun! I help my students find a way to learn that suits them. But learning languages also takes a lot of time and effort on the student's part. I cannot spoon feed you the language but I can be your guide along your journey. My focus is to get you speaking and writing as early as possible, so Norwegian becomes your language, not just mine.


I am an actor who has worked as a supply teacher in primary school and adult education, so I am great at adapting my teaching style to every student. As a person I am friendly and open, and love expressing myself creatively


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £27/h
Lessons offered by Anna Rømcke
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Norwegian
  • All Levels

Anna Rømcke's CV

Key Skills:
Languages (written and spoken): Norwegian (Native), English (Native level), Spanish (Fluent), French (B1)
Excellent writing skills
Experience teaching children and adults

Durham University 2012 - 2015
BA (Hons.) 2.1 Politics, Philosophy and Economics

Frogn High School (Norway) 2008 - 2011
Language, Social Sciences and Economics
Specialisations: Sociology, Politics, Philosophy, English Literature and Law

Supply Teacher at Ski voksenopplæring 2016
This was a role in an adult education centre in Norway teaching Norwegian, English, Maths, Natural Science and Social Science to adult immigrants. In this job I had to quickly learn new material and effectively communicate this to students from a wide range of backgrounds with varying educational skill levels and Norwegian language proficiency.

Supply Teacher and Teaching Assistant at Ski Primary School 2016
Leading the teaching of classes of up to thirty students in all primary subjects.
Would alternate between being a supply teacher with the sole responsibility of classes of up to twenty-five students, and a teaching assistant who would assist teachers with challenging students and students with special educational needs.

Actor 2018
Volkswagen advert
Good experience of working on a professional film set where the pressure is on to get the job complete and on time.
Prestegårdsskogen (feature film, Norway, 2018)
This was a speaking role in a Norwegian language feature film due for release in 2019. Good experience of collaborating on a creative project.
Acting Extra 2018
‘Lost in Norway’, ‘Best før’, ‘Wisting’ and ‘Beforeigners’

Personal assistant for ULOBA - Independent Living 2017 - 2018
ULOBA provide assistance to disabled people across Norway to enable them to lead independent lives. In my second term of employment with the organisation I assisted a 12 year old child with Cerebral Palsy in activities that he could not do on his own such as writing, reading and cooking.
Key responsibilities in this role included being the sole guardian of the child during the working hours, understanding the needs of the child and maintaining a worker-employer relationship with the child’s parents.
Key skills: interpersonal communication, building trusting work relationships.

Intern at SLUG - Debt Justice Norway (NGO) 2013 - 2014
SLUG is a network organisation with 44 member organisations. SLUG works for debt cancellation and for a more just international finance structure. I wrote articles for their web site, was in contact with the media, did research, migrated articles from the old to the new web site and attended meetings. After the first internship they invited me back to work for them a second time.
Key skills: handle information, analyse, understand, take initiative.

Personal Assistant for ULOBA - Independent Living 2011 - 2013
In my first term of employment with ULOBA I assisted a bedridden adult woman with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in her daily activities, as well as secretarial work such as transcribing memos and editing the book she was writing.

Other Experience:
Editor of Critique (The Philosophy Students’ Journal) 2014 - 2015
Secretary of Durham Democracy Forum 2014 - 2015
Treasurer of Durham University Labour Club 2013 - 2014
Local Councillor for the Norwegian Labour Party in the 2012 - 2013
municipality of Ski
Chair of Worker’s Youth League in Ski 2011 - 2011

Pool player on the Women’s Second Team for Team Durham 2013 - 2015
Winner of Fritt Ord Foundation’s Youth Competition 2011
Writer, director and editor of the short film ‘Lunkent Vann’ 2018 - 2019

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Perfect! Anna is a great tutor. She is patient, happy and a joy to learn with. Looking forward to continue learning with her.


Perfect! Anna is an absolute delight! She is everything you could want in a tutor: warm, encouraging, and patient. I have been getting lessons from her 2-3 times a month since June and I feel like she has already helped me a lot. She is very good at catching mistakes when I speak and giving constructive feedback. I really could not recommend her enough!

Anna Rømcke's response

Emily is a great student! She's dedicated and passionate, and is very good at picking up languages. She is a joy to teach!

1 recommendation


Anna is a wonderful teacher. My Norwegian has come on in leaps and bounds in just four weeks. She had a lovely personality, is very patient and also has a great sense of humour. She’s very polite and not at all critical. She has given me a huge amount of confidence and I am able to speak complete sentences which she understands and when she speaks to me in Norwegian I can mostly understand her. I had been learning Norwegian for some time using audio and apps which gave me a large vocabulary but I had difficulty in putting words together and with pronunciation. Anna has helped so much with this and I am very grateful.
I thoroughly recommend Anna as a Norwegian tutor.

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