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« Excellent! Marcus is a very good chess teacher. He is very patient and takes the... More »
« Excellent! Marcus is a very good chess teacher. He is very patient and takes the time to go through all of the moves with my son Daniel so that he can understand them in simple terms. »
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CHESS LESSONS with Marcus Gosling - a professional and friendly chess teacher and author. I can teach online and in person. I am president of Epsom Chess Club. I also speak Russian and French.


I am a chess teacher from Epsom, Surrey, with experience teaching and playing chess in Russia and the UK. I offer a structured and lucid approach to improving your chess ability, based on logical principles and recognising patterns. I have played for over 15 years since my mum taught me the rules as a kid!
I teach online or in person at an affordable price.

I am president of Epsom Chess Club and have recently self-published my first chess book - 'Become a Chess Secret Agent'.

I speak Russian and French in addition to my native English, and teach EFL as well as French and Russian.
I specialise in chess tuition for beginners and those of intermediate level with relatively little experience. When living in Moscow, I tutored an 11-year-old boy from absolute beginner to being the best in his school in a matter of months. To put this into context, my student managed to beat another boy of similar age who had been receiving tuition for several years.
I was offered a role as a chess teacher in a French school in Moscow, but had to decline due to other work commitments.


My own ECF grade peaked at 169 last year and my FIDE rating hovered around the 1900s whilst playing in Moscow. I tied for 1st in the Exeter University championship. I have played for several chess clubs over my 'career', including 'Oktyabrskaya' in Moscow. I have recently reformed Epsom Chess Club.

I am an analytical teacher with a friendly attitude which tends to suit children very well. Although I like to use examples both from my own games and those of grandmasters to help students understand how they can improve, I often prefer to focus on individual elements of the game, such as utilising the power of each individual piece. It is important to start off with simple concepts before introducing other, more complex, elements of the game.


Transportation Fee : £5
Rate for online lessons : £40/h


Please note - the first lesson is at the same rate as the others - I just can't change it on the website.

I tend to charge a nominal travel fee, depending on distance travelled. Local clients will not be charged a travel fee.

Normally I teach students at their homes, but can also do so over Skype.

Please contact me for further details regarding this.

Lessons offered by Marcus
In group
The lessons will be held
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Chess
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Kids

Marcus's CV

Please request my CV for further details.

Creative and adaptable translator and teacher with several years of experience with high-end clients in a range of fields. Personable and meticulous leader, proficient at building and maintaining professional relationships. Have a Batchelor of Arts Degree in Russian and French.

• From 09/2012 to 07/2016: University of Exeter
o BA French and Russian – 2:1 class, with distinction in Russian speaking
o Spent year abroad studying at Irkutsk State Linguistic University, Russia, from 08/2014 to 07/2015, taking an advanced Russian and French course
o Recorded two first-class speaking marks in oral examinations, receiving a distinction in Russian speaking on my degree title
• From 09/2004 to 06/2012: Kingston Grammar School, London
o AAB results at A-level in French, English and Geography
o B grade in Extended Project (wrote, directed, starred in, edited and produced a medium-length film and presented it to the Sixth Form) – gained experience in a completely different field. Used my time-management, organisational and teamwork skills to produce a coherent final product
o A* at GCSE in: French, English Literature, English Language, Latin and Geography
A at GCSE in Spanish
A* at IGCSE in Mathematics
A at IGCSE in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Work Experience
• From 08/2017 to Present: Part-time freelance translator of French to English and English proofreader for Word Converters Limited, a small language company. Also translate documents from Russian into English, and carry out proofreading tasks on a freelance basis for IdeaTranslate, a Moscow translation company. Completed work punctually and accurately
• From 08/2017 to Present: Part-time freelance English teacher via Skype. Prepared foreign students for exams such as ‘Cambridge Flyers’. Received excellent feedback from students about my calm and constructive teaching methods
• From 08/2017 to Present: Part-time chess teacher in the Surrey area. Encouraged logical and creative thinking, working closely with a number of students of varying age and ability
• From 08/2017 to Present: Part-time French teacher, working with businessmen
• From 08/2017 to Present: Part-time conservationist in rural Surrey, helping to contain unwanted growth
• From 11/2016 to 07/2017: Full-time governor with a private family in Moscow
o Six days per week on a one-to-one basis with an 11-year-old boy
o Improved his level of English, as well as his French. Tutored him chess, and brought his level from beginner to being the best in his school in a matter of months. Focused on improving his behaviour – dramatic change was noted by both teachers and sports coaches
o Was also strongly involved in assisting his mother to build on her basic knowledge of English, particularly with practical phrases. Tutored her in digital film editing using the program Sony Vegas
o Taught English to a Russian billionaire businessman three times per week in his office. Focused on his understanding of idioms and attained a much more confident level of spoken English
• From 09/2016 to 11/2016: Full-time English teacher at ‘CREF’ – a centre of foreign languages in Moscow
o Used my creativity and organisational skills to plan and teach lessons of up to three hours with students, both adults and children, both individually and in a group, both in a classroom and at home, as well as in commercial institutions such as Cartier. Maintained an excellent professional relationship with all clients. Received praise about my teaching both from the Recruitment Director of the Moscow branch and the head of CREF’s English department
• From 11/2014 to 06/2015: Part-time English teacher whilst in Irkutsk
o Embellished the English skills of a Chinese student to such a level that she was able to go to study in Australia, showing strong guidance throughout to motivate her to overcome problems
o Marketed myself as an internationalised local professional in a foreign environment as the only British student at the university and, indeed, the city as a whole
o Invited to teach basic English at the ‘A-Z Learning Club’ – [Школа Иностранных Языков], in a village near Irkutsk, where I used my Russian speaking skills to lead English lessons with students ranging from 4-16 years old
o Interviewed twice in Russian by local TV stations
o Wrote monthly blog whilst in Irkutsk to illustrate my experiences to a wider audience
• From 06 to 08/2013: Marshall at Delta Force Paintball, Homewood, Cobham.
Part-time, weekend work contract.
o Oversaw and arbitrated paintball games played on-site. Learnt how to repair and clean various types of paintball gun. Helped run the base-camp and liaised with customers to resolve any issues and ensured that a tight game schedule was adhered to in a pressured work environment
• 04/2011: Waiter at La Morgia, Évry, France
Five-day work experience.
o Facilitated the service of the restaurant and conversed with customers in French. Liaised with the restaurant’s kitchen staff in order to process dirty plates and cutlery
• 07/2010 and 07/2009: Journalism Course at Reuters
Separate five-day and three-day work experiences.
o Learnt about and tested out the finer details of journalism, such as prioritising important information and reducing descriptive language in favour of quicker and more concise writing. Wrote sports articles in the school newsletter to practice what I had learnt and interviewed a member of a younger form group to which I was appointed ‘Form Mentor’
o Invited to interview the new school head teacher by the school magazine editor and wrote a welcome article which was published as the primary feature in the monthly newsletter
• From 09/2008 to 07/2009: Online Guardian
Monthly articles published by Newsquest on the website ‘Local Guardian’.
o Found newsworthy stories in my local area and wrote about them. For the January edition, I visited and reported on the aftermath of a fire at Waitrose, taking photos and gathering first-hand information from the scene

Academic Experience and
Extracurricular Activities
• Charity Stall – ‘Exeter Food Fight’ (From 10/2015 to 07/2016)
o Bought and gave out food every Saturday afternoon to anyone in need of something to eat. Stood up for the most vulnerable people to build a more caring, closely-knit local community and helping to highlight the chronic problems of inequality and food poverty in the UK
o Collected donations from members of the public to keep the stall running
o Moderated our Facebook group and doubled our membership to 800 members
o Managed food drop-offs from public donators at various locations prior to setting up the stall on Saturday, requiring good organisation and time-management to ensure food did not go stale
• Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award (From 01/2011 to 02/2014)
o Maintained the strong commitment and perseverance required to complete the award, illustrating responsibility and leadership to navigate for four days on a pre-set route around Dartmoor, as well as other components of the Gold Award
• Exeter University Chess Society co-president (2013-14 and 2015-16)
Elected co-president of the Exeter University chess society, setting up matches and competitions, buying equipment and organising lectures
o Used my position to work closely with my co-president and liaise with the city chess club in Exeter and other universities. Succeeded in raising the society's profile on campus and tripling the weekly turnout for ‘blitz’ tournaments by increasing advertising around campus
o Ran the Freshers’ Fair stall, increasing the membership by 50% from the previous year
• Exeter University six-a-side football team captain (2012-2016)
Having captained the 2nd XI and 3rd XI school football teams, I then organised and captained a six-a-side team at university, having played in a different team over two years beforehand. Recruited a full team of players in a matter of days
o Whilst in Moscow I played regularly for a six-a-side team in a termly league
• Grand Challenges ‘National Security’ Investigation (07/2013)
Scrutinised the UK’s national security programme as part of an analytical team of a dozen students, culminating in us sending an advisory letter to the Prime Minister
o The intensive nine-day investigation enabled me to analyse selectively an important part of the UK’s approach towards addressing threats and learning how to deal with them. We decided that more resources could be apportioned towards cyber threats

Reviews on Marcus
  • 4/5

All our ratings are collected by us and are given in confidence, they correspond to a real experience.

Excellent! Marcus is a very good chess teacher. He is very patient and takes the time to go through all of the moves with my son Daniel so that he can understand them in simple terms.

Marcus's response

I enjoyed our first lesson with Alex. He was very focused and listened carefully to my advice.

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