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Do you want to improve your essay writing quickly? Message me, tell me what you want to fix, and we'll get to work.

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I am NOT a disciplinarian. An informal, calm, undemanding atmosphere is my preference, and as teaching is my passion I often remain as long as necessary without acceleration of cost. For example, if I stay for 80 minutes then I will still only cost an hour. My teaching method includes asking what my student wishes to improve upon after identifying their strengths. I base my classes upon gradual interactive progress with You. We will delve within a diverse range of the syllabus, although I will specifically focus upon a single aspect of your writing skills e.g. essay-writing - if that's your preference. I am thankful to you for reading this, admittedly, self-indulgent piece of text. Although as genuine curiousity is rare to find, I would be grateful for any opportunity you choose to give me to assist in your education.

(The following provides some insight into my view of English).

Essay writing is a skill which isn't taught thoroughly in many schools. And when it has the opportunity to be taught - it can be taught from a very singular perspective, and therefore transcribed in a somewhat linear manner - arguably reducing an essay to a general group of collective paragraphs rather than what I believe each essay is: a story.

In my opinion, strong essays should consist of -

Balance / fluidity / coherency / context / academic colloquilisms / purposeful tangents / references / analysis / structure / examples / irony / and above all - ideas.

An essay is, essentally, a conglomeration of ideas, supported by evidence which then builds to a musically crescendo-like climax. A well-written essay is a work of art, and should be revered as such. Essayists such as Daniel Tammet reveal the true power of how impactful an essay can be upon even the most intellectual academic, when emphasis is placed upon the correct word, in the correct context. Essay writing is not simply 'analytical' writing. And it WILL take time to master. But, there ARE very slight, simple changes which will take root immediately and subsequently improve your writing, reading, and even speaking without delay depending on your enthusiasm.


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About Ashley

I have acquired an Upper Second Class Ordinary Degree in Film and Media. Although, perhaps more importantly, a range of qualifications across both English (G.C.S.E/AS levels) and Scottish (Highers) curriculum due to residing between both countries during adolescence. I'm 25, and English is my speciality (A* and A gained at G.C.S.E, B at AS Level, and B at Higher). I also have AS Levels in Law and Film Studies, with Highers in Sociology, RMPS, Business Studies, Modern Studies, Home Economics, and Administration. I am comfortable teaching any of these subjects, although reading, speaking, and particularly writing (whether it be creative, analytical, or essay-based), are my predominant features of confidence and skill. I Coached a Men's Basketball team for two years following a near-fatal RTA in 2013 which prevents me from playing anymore. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask. I will not hide it from you.

Also, I will happily send you photographs of I.D e.g. driving license, as well as photos of my credentials e.g. scores during my degree, Highers, AS levels and G.C.S.E's etc. If you ask I will happily provide them.



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My price remains at twelve pounds an hour regardless of whether you are studying at secondary school, college, or University. My preference would be to conduct one two hour session for twenty pounds, however I’m flexible to Your preferences. And if money is an issue some weeks then don’t worry, we can split costs over a month etc. If you need to cancel our session please don’t worry, although I must ask that you alert me via text or email at least 24 hours prior to our session due to scheduling conflicts etc. Otherwise, I have no further stipulations to outline here, and any others can be discussed in person or over the phone.

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