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Experienced award winning lecturer and BPS Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist in


My motto is - inspire, engage and bring optimal performance! Throughout my twenty years experience as a lecturer there are two main things that help inspire students. What really works is using research-based teaching techniques and the teacher relationship with the students. Choice for students is paramount - where many learning activities are available to students they're designed to meet the many diverse learning experiences they have (including the four C's of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity). Authentic learning happens when students are allowed to engage with this and there is shift in focus from a teacher-centred classroom to a student-centred one - so that the teacher becomes a guide and a support on the side - which opens up opportunities to coach, mentor, nurture and inspire. For example, by dividing students in a class into smaller units and providing them with a "menu" for a task (e.g. providing various case study problems to choose from, or a simulated learning task such as, pretending to be a "practitioner" in sport and interviewing a "client" and providing the information required for helping the "client" in terms of interventions and skills available) - through choice and the four C's. In this way, students all complete the objectives of the task by doing this. This means learning focuses on the student rather than on the teacher lecturing to them in the traditional way. Also providing students with tasks for self-reflective learning is crucial (e.g. writing self-reflective logs, reports, movies, posters, etc,) - innovation in teaching techniques makes learning fun. This allows me to listen to the students' thinking. Bringing in "real world" examples through e.g., case studies too helps engage the student. Most importantly is my passion and enthusiasm for the subject matter whilst engaging with and teaching the students. Also having a good teaching plan is important as is having effective use of technology (using a variety of means of online learning e.g. whiteboard etc.) Finally, by caring for the students I teach this helps inspire and motivate them. By being down to earth, having the ability to laugh at myself and taking the time to show interest in every student - shows I care.


Extensively experienced, with 20 years demonstrated history of working in the education industry. This award winning lecturer in Psychology (all subjects) and (BPS) Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist has taught all levels of teaching from post graduate to A level and below. As a dynamic, enthusiastic, and quietly confident person, this lecturer is an excellent communicator (including oral, written and presentation skills), who through her extensive experience and use of innovative methods believes in making sessions engaging and fun. As a professional performance psychologist, this lecturer knows how to not only motivate students but through specialist techniques bring the best and optimal performance out of everyone.


Rate for online lessons : £40/h


I will need at least 1 hour for cancellation of a lesion but usually 24 hours notice.

Lessons offered by Fiona
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Psychology
  • Sport Psychology
  • All Levels

Fiona's CV

Dr. Fiona McConnochie

Lecturer, Program Director, Counsellor, Sport & Exercise Psychologist, Performance Psychologist


1989 MA (Hons) Psychology, University of Glasgow
1990 MSc (post Grad.), University of Strathclyde
1997 PhD, University of Strathclyde
2007 Dip H. E. in Education, University of Abertay

2009 BPS Chartered Psychologist, University of Abertay Dundee

Relevant Professional Experience: (and topics taught)

1990-1994 P/T Psychology Lecturer, (Mental Health Psychology, The Psychopathology of Drugs
& Alcohol, stages 1 and 2,) Strathclyde University

1993-1994 Visiting Psychology Lecturer, (Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, stages 1 and
2,) Caledonian University

1994-1995 Visiting Psychology Lecturer, (Abnormal Psychology, The Psychopathology of Drugs
and Alcohol, Personality and Individul Differences, stages 1, 2 and 3) Paisley

1996-1998 Visiting Psychology Lecturer, (Mental Health Psychology, Health Psychology, Social
Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics, stages 1, 2 and 3) Glasgow University

1999-2019 Lecturer in Psychology, modules include e.g. (Introductory Psychology - all topics (first
year and second year), Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health &
Ageing, Biology of Mental Health, The Psychopathology of Drugs and Alcohol,
Personality and Individual Differences, Sport and Exercise Psychology, The Psychology
of Exercise and Mental Health, The Psychology of Sport and Exercise, The Thinking
Module (a debating module), Research Methods and Project Design, (from stage 1
through to stage 4 and post graduate), Hons Project Supervision, Post Graduate Project
Supervision, Articulating Student workshops in Essay Writing, Exam Preparation and
Power-Point Presesentation Support, Performance Psychology, as well as a variety of e-
Learning, VLE and Live International Lectures and Workshops from the above topics
(also including Stress & Anxiety Management, Positive Thinking Psychology/Smart
Talk/CBT, etc.,) University of Abertay Dundee

Program Director, (on several different degree programs for 19 years), this included
the designing and developing of the four year curriculum and module structure and
obtaining degree approval through CVAG’s, PAPP’s and the BPS. Looking after
student cohorts at every stage in each degree program through sorting and actioning
each problem as it arose, interviewing students, providing workshops and extra-curricula
help and support, writing annual reports, auditing the universities structure in each
degree program and being an active member on e.g.Teaching and Learning and School
Academic Comittee’s. This included some of the following degree programs: Health
and Exercise Psychology, Behavioural Sciences, Social Sciences, Sport &
Psychology, University of Abertay Dundee

Module Tutor, (which included the writing, delivery and moderation of the above
modules through standard lecturing, through BlackBoard forums and chats, and some
through e-learning, VLE and Live International sessions which included workshops and
lecturing). Asessment used not only traditonal essays and examinations but also
innovative and creative measures such as in Mental Health & Ageing e.g., getting
students to develop “lay person” to develop “lay person” Information Packs to writing
Case Studies.

Awards Won:

Won University Lecturing Awards for Best Innovative Lecturer and for Most
Compassionate Lecturer, (2012-2016), University of Abertay, Dundee

On team that won UK Event Industry Award (2013-14)

Active Member and Contributor on the following Groups:

ELIR (Education, Learning, Institution Led Review) Panel
Teaching and Learning (Various Steering Groups) e.g. employability
SHS Academic Committee, University of Abertay Dundee
Research Ethics Committee
Health and Safety Committee


1989-1994 Addiction Counsellor, (working with Special Needs Goup) Charing Cross Clinic/Douglas Inch Centrer, Glasgow

1992-1993 Group Worker, Occupational and Health Psychology Dept, Strathclyde University
1992-1993 Scotrail Anger and Stress Management Trainer, (from which DVD was recorded
Occupational and Health Psychology Dept, Strathclyde University

1994-1995 Researcher, Strathclyde University
1994-1995 Counsellor, Ayshire Drug and Alcohol Centre
1992-1995 Counsellor (in Attribution Therapy which my colleagues and myself developed),
Researcher, Plummer Court Clinic, Newcastle

1995-1996 Researcher, Glasgow University and Ayrshire and Arran NHS
1995- Performance Enhancement Psychology Consultancy (working with a variety of
sports, musicians, dancers and businesses) to improve performance and reduce stress
and anxiety, provide motivation and achieve optimal performance through a variety of
techniques adopted from clinical and sport psychology – including working with teams,
groups, one-on-one’s, Skyping and Live International sessions with audiences through
Adobe. On team that won the UK Event Industry Award 2013/14.

Research Interests:
My research focuses on a wide range of interests which includes primarily, Clinical, Sport, Health and Exercise Psychology, Growth Mindset and the Motivational Climate in Education: Applied Social Psychology and Social Policy, Medical Research, Addiction, Sport, Health and Exercise Psychology as well as Performance Excellence in Music and Dance in the Performing Arts.
My current research interests: for which I was awarded a Carnegie grant for the Universities of Scotland focuses on concurrent verbal protocol analysis in sport - illustrating thought processes (from both higher and lower domain specific cognitions) from players of various levels of ability from which a number of salient themes have been discovered and from which a model which focuses on pre and post performance has been developed. The research basically examines the verbal protocols of sportsmen and women of different levels of ability through talk aloud/think aloud procedures, which enables the thought processes and coping strategies to be elicited as well as immediate retrospective recall; (e.g. novices tend to comment more on the basic technical and motor behavioural aspects of the task, whereas, highly skilled players tend to comment more on the environmental layout and mental focus and preparation of the task – deomonstrating a higher cognitive ability and superior repertoire of behaviour). I am currently working in the areas of snooker and golf in this at the moment.
I have also been interviewing school children following Growth Mindset interventions with young teenagers at schools in Dundee to investigate the effects this has had on (e.g. performance, confidence, motivation and their attributions etc.,) whilst examining the motivational climate.

Previous research experience: has included collaborative work with Glasgow University in the area of memory accessibility and association of alcohol use and its positive and negative outcomes. This research examined theoretical predictions involving memory associations between alcohol use and postivie and negative outcomes – (the value of which is believed by many to be a possible route to consumption manipulation for possible problem prevention and treatment). Other addiction research has focused on the area of attributions and problem drinking, in particular, examining the evidence for social learning in the self-presentation of alcohol problems.

Other past research: has also included carrying out a longitudinal study in collaboration with York University, Toronto, which focused on the assessment of physical activity by self-report. This research involved examining self-reports of both mental and physical health using the SPA (Self Report on Physical Activity) questionnaire which examines self-reports on e.g. motivation, socialisation, stress reduction, esteem and commitment level factors along with other psychological components to examine the effects of exercise on health.

Future research: focuses on Exercise and Mental Health in Older Women and also research in Performance Enhancement with the Performing Arts too.

Esteem - Professional Memberships:

Chartered BPS Sport & Exercise Psychologist
On several Alcohol and Drug Addiction Teams within Glasgow
Member of the Scottish Network of Sport & Exercise Psychology Committee
Member of the British Elite Sport and Exercise Psychology Committee
Member of KnowFife Research Committee
Member of BPS Health Psychology Network
Association for Psychological Science (APS)
American Psychological Society (APS)
UK Elite Sport & Exercise Psychology Committee


I also act as a Reviewer/Rapporteur for ESRC grant applications and reports; a book reviewer for Open University Press and I am currently involved with developing CPD with various groups and organisations in sport, the performing arts and business and industry organisations.


2012-2016 Best Innovative Lecturer, Most Compassionate Lecturer Award, University of
Abertay Dundee
2013/2014 UK Event Industry Award, (NCP)

Publications: Journal Articles:

McConnochie, F. (submitted to BPS Education Section) Growth mindset in a motivational climate.
McConnochie, F. (submitted to JASP) An examination of elite snooker players verbal protocols during performance.
Davies, J.B., McConnochie, F., Ross, A. and Wallace, B. (2004). Evidence for social learning in the self-presentation of alcohol problems. Alcohol and Alcoholism, 39, 4, 346-350.
Jones, B.T., Gadon, L., Bruce, G., McConnochie, F. (2004). Negative alcohol consumptions in young and mature adult drinkers: a route to drinking restraint? Addictive Behaviours 29, 1373-1387.
Best, D, McConnochie, F, and Crugeira, J M (1996). The way forward. In John B Davies, Reasons and Causes: Understanding Substance Users’ Explanations for their Behaviour. Human Pharmacology 11, 43-47.
Best, D, McConnochie, F, and Crugeira, J M (1997). The derivation of a typology of drug discourse, and an empirical study of its predictive usefulness. In John Davies, Conversations with drug users: a functional discourse model. Addiction Research 5, 1.


McConnochie, F B, (1998). Diagnostic Criteria: Scientific Definition or Functional Discourse? In drugspeak: the analysis of drug discourse, Davies, J B (Ed), Harwood Academic, Reading, 3, 23-40
Best, D, McConnochie, F B, Crugeira, M., and Davies, J B (1998). Modelling Drugspeak. In drugspeak: the analysis of drug discourse, Davies, J B (Ed), Harwood Academic, Reading, 6, 87-110
Best, D, McConnochie, F B, Crugeira, M., and Davies, J B (1998). Drug Discourse. In drugspeak: the analysis of drug discourse, Davies, J B (Ed), Harwood Academic, Reading 7, 111-132.


Davies, J B, Best, D, Crugeira, J M and McConnochie, F, (1996). Attributional change in substance misusers. Report for the Chief Scientist, The Scottish Office.

McConnochie, F B, Thomson, G, and Taylor, R (1995) (published report for Ayrshire and Arran Health Board). Evaluation of Ayrshire and Arran Charter for Health.

Conference Presentations (last 5 only):

Cameron-Shaw, S., Cook, M.J., McConnochie, F. (2008). Autobiographical meomory: Influence of recall method and cue type. BPS Annual Conference, Dublin, March.

Jones, B.T., Gadon, L., Bruce, G., McConnochie, F. (2004). Negative alcohol consumption outcome associations in young and mature social drinkers: a route to drinking restraint? Addictions Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, July.

Jones, B.T., Gadon, L. and McConnochie, F. (2002) Implicit alcohol association increase in number as time goes by – though somewhat unevenly. Paper presented to the Research Society on Alcoholism – 25thth Annual scientific Meeting, San Francisco, California, July.

Specific Skills:

Experienced lecturer and (BPS) Chartered Sport & Exercise Psychologist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry, sports and the performing arts. As a former RU World Champion /Champion of Champions in her dancing, and a former Champion musician and athlete this award winning lecturer and consultant in Sport & Exercise Psychology and Performance Psychology has worked over the last the twenty years with a variety of students, clients and organisations in education, sport and the performing arts, business and clinics. Students have included everyone from (privately taught, SCQF level 5, 6, 7, 8), A level, Diploma and HND, first year level at university through each year to post graduate level including Masters and PhD. Consultancy has included (e.g., athletes, Scottish cycling, golf, long-distance running, gymnastics, trampolinists, figure skating, and football teams such as St Johnston, to name a few), as well as specialising with dancers and musicians, all of the highest calibre including, British, European and World Champions. Work has also included business and industry using the same transferable skills to obtain optimal performance and to educate in e.g., stress and anger management when dealing with the public. Excellent communicator (including oral, written and presentation skills), evidenced by rewards won. Experienced and innovative lecturer who uses a variety of methods of assessment where appropriate. Excellent motivator with students who through performance psychology and growth mindset techniques brings the best and optimal performance out of students. Experienced professional who has designed and developed modules and degree programs. Is a highy motivativated and enthusiastic individual who loves lecturing, is collegiate and is committed to delivering a high class service. Whilst having taught all introductory psychology modules, specialism includes e.g. sport and exercise psychology, sport, health and exercise, clinical/ abnormal/mental health psychology, drugs and alcohol, (including the development of Attribution Therapy in Drug Clinics), counselling, public spealing, (including e-learning and Live international presentations/lectures/workshops etc.,) academic writing. Strong education professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), MA (hons), Dip H E in Education. British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered Psychologist.

Contact Details:

Dr Fiona McConnochie
(concealed information)
Tel: +44 7(concealed information)

Andrea Cameron,
Abertay University,
Dean of Faculty Social Applied Sciences,
Level 5 The Kydd Building,
Bell Street,
Dundee, Tayside,
DD1 1HG.
(concealed information)
Tel: 01382 30 2069

Dr Elaine Whitefield,
Head of Clinical Psychology to Forensic Services,
Rohallion SCC,
Murray Royal Hospital,
Muirhall Road,
PH2 7BH.
(concealed information)
Tel: 01(concealed information)

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Excellent! Great energy.

Fiona's response

Hi Beno,
Great chatting to you yesterday etc. Okay two main text books that you can either buy or obtain through inter-library loan are:-
The Foundations of Sport & Exercise Psychology (any recent edition!) by Weinberg & Gould (maybe buy this) - published by Human Kinetics.
Advances in Sport Psychology (again recent editions!) by T. Horn. Human Kinetics also - (is great for research material) and although quite a tough read - it is great for playing the devils advocate and presenting both sides of the argument in terms of how effective an intervention is - excellent for your critical evaluation. The Weinberg book is great too for the theoretical material. Both excellent books!
Also just to confirm we will use Face Time on Friday at 2:30 - so just contact me then for your first session. Ensure you have either your laptop or at least pen and paper at hand!
Best Wishes,

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