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Experienced horse owner with years of experience from youngsters to schoolmasters. Taught riding school woth classes of children and adults of all ages. I can teach you how to care for your horse and

    • Londonderry
    • By webcam

About the lesson

I teach anyone of any level how to ride their horse with easy hands and care. Hoe to tack them up properly and to cool them off after each ride. I base my teaching upon horse care in which is in the best favour of both horse and rider. I teach my students that the welfare of their horse must always be their priority no matter what the situation may be.


  • Horseback riding


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About Jenna

Owner of many different ponies/horses of different levels from youngsters to schoolmasters! Teach the riding school over the summer from children ti adults of all different levels. Teach students how to care for a horse and help people to understand the costs and bemefits that horses need



  • 5h: £75
  • 10h: £150


  • £15/h

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  • USDF Silver medalist and lifetime Equine Academic, with 20 years of experience to help you achieve your goals!


    Longmont, United States

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