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Taught subjects
  • English
  • Reading
  • English Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Literacy
  • Poetry
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Experienced retired primary teacher now author and script writer in Rugby.


I've taught Early Years aged children through to 11 year olds. I know how to help children return to basics and fill in those gaps they may have missed. I make learning fun, exciting and creative, inspiring children with their learning.


I have been a primary teacher for over 20 years and read thousands of books to children, inspiring them to love reading and writing, I have written my own series and helped create a TV series based on my books.


Rate for online lessons : £20/h
Lessons offered by Janet
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • English
  • Reading
  • English Literature
  • Creative writing
  • Literacy
  • Poetry
  • Primary

Janet's CV

Oratory Primary school and nursery.
Nursery teacher: Probationary year.
September 1979- July 1980
Nursery teacher completing my probationary year before living abroad and starting a family.

St Nicholas Primary School, Kenilworth.
Early Years’ coordinator. (Class teacher & SENCO)
January 1992 - December 2006

Class teacher and Early Years infants coordinator.
Organising and leading new parents’ induction evenings and afternoons for Foundation.
Organising new intakes, class lists, schools induction process and working closely with local nurseries.
Over a few years I developed a close working relationship with the two private nurseries in school. We worked closely together sharing resources, sharing good practise and involving each other in daily school life. As a result of this partnership the schools intake from the nurseries grew considerably.
Delivering weekly assemblies.
Interviewing new teaching staff for key stage one.
Planning and holding weekly staff meetings with key stage one.
Introducing and reviewing a new assessment, reading scheme and phonic systems for foundation and key stage one.
Introducing a system that regularly reviewed long term plans from each class checking for duplication and coverage of the National Curriculum.
Acting as a link between staff and senior management.
Mentoring NQT’s.
Undertaking classroom observations, giving constructive feedback.
Setting up a system for key stage one, enabling staff to choose differentiated targets. Reviewing these with staff on a regular basis.(This was long before schools introduced this as regular practise.)
Tracking the progress of the children, ensuring that they were working to their full potential and predicted levels.

Reorganising SEN throughout the Infants and Juniors.
Introducing new systems to make the running of SEN more manageable.
Negotiating with outside agencies in order to set up my own systems so that I was able to assess children with SEN. This enabled the school to get statements and support more quickly.
Holding regular staff meetings to keep staff up to date.
Running SEN reviews and annual reviews.
Working closely and building good relationships with outside agencies.
Working closely with Nurseries so aware of any children needing extra support when starting school.
Organising and overseeing the deployment of TA’s throughout the school.
Mentoring staff from other schools to help them set up their SEN systems.
Interviewing and appointing TA staff to work with children with specific needs.

Whitnash Primary School.
Deputy Head ( class teacher & SENCO)
January 2007- July 2010

Deputy Management:
Coordinating and running staff meetings.
Attending governors’ meetings.
Delivering assemblies.
Supporting staff on a daily basis with incidents that happened with children and parents.
Being involved with SDP with my main focus being Early Years. Using all my past experiences for the support and improvement of the teaching systems within the foundation curriculum and helping develop the phonic system of linking sounds and letters across the whole school.
Being involved in the SEF and supporting the head to move the school forward by focusing the staff on the areas OFSTED had highlighted.

Introducing the the successful systems and resources I’d implemented in my previous school. Including better communication with outside agencies and staff.
Introducing systems to termly track children’s progress, analysing results.
Setting up Early Intervention systems supporting staff with advice and resources.
Organising staff training from outside agencies in areas such as autism, hearing and sight impairment.
Interviewing new teaching and teaching assistant staff.
Monitoring NQTs.
Monitoring planning.
Delivering classroom observations and giving constructive feedback.
Organising regular book trawls and talking with children about their work.
Target setting and monitoring staff assessment. To enable this to be done more efficiently I devised and implemented a new and more user friendly system of tracking grids.
Organising strategies for children with severe behavioural difficulties. These became part of a child’s PSP and were very successful. Our EP fully supported them.
CAFF trained and held many meetings.
When the head was absent from school I took on her responsibilities and often held meetings with parents and outside agencies. I had to constantly use my initiative when dealing with all the different situations that could arise in the daily life of a school.

In my career I have taught in every Primary year group.
Over the years I have had many different coordination responsibilities: RE, DT, Art, Music, Literacy, ICT, Early Years, Community Cohesion and SENCO.

Last 8 years: (having retired from full time teaching)

Written and published 4 children’s books.
Delivered Literacy Assemblies to over 60 schools, inspiring children with their writing.
Helped write and produce 2 TV series based on my books.
LINK to my Website for my books and TV series (concealed information)

Part time: supply in Hanslope Primary School, Milton Keynes. Teaching across the whole school and at one time organising their SEN systems using my past experiences. Concluding last year teaching a class of year 3/4 for 3 days a week.

Home tutoring: Supporting learning in an exciting and stimulating way. Encouraging children one to one who struggle to engage in the classroom with their learning.

Education History:
Castle High school. Newman College (university)
Kenilworth. July 1979
July 1974 Certificate in Education.
6 O levels

Mid Warwickshire college.
Leamington Spa.
July 1976

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