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  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
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Get motivated! Strong minded independent individual through the roller coaster of life!


My teaching methodology is to find out where you are right now, how are you feeling about yourself, your career, your studies, your life in general! Then we can work on building your confidence (CRUCIAL!) to bring you forward. Once you have gained confidence and see yourself for what you really are (POWERFUL!), then we can look at your goals, what you want to do with your life.


I am a father of two children, an IT Officer for a Healthcare provider, an Analyst, a Website tester and a writer. Throughout my career I have grown from a shy, quiet, reclusive and yes man, into an ambitious, confident, outgoing individual who can stand up and disagree when I want to. To have the courage and ambition to push through life's obstacles is to succeed in life itself.


Rate for online lessons : £15/h
Lessons offered by David
In group
The lessons will be held
Taught subjects
  • Positive thinking
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Personal development
  • Public Speaking
  • All Levels

David's CV

Gained- High School

• Computing Studies - Credit
• Biology - General
• English- General
• Chemistry- General
• Physical Education- General
• Art & Design- General
• Geography- General
• Mathematics- General

Gained- College:

Computing Studies- National Qualification

Higher National Certificate in Computing:

• Internet - Higher
• Information Technology - Intermediate 2
• Working With Others - Intermediate 2
• Computer Systems - Intermediate 2
• Software Development - Intermediate 2
• Computing Project - Intermediate 2
• Computer Application Package ( Databases ) : Practitioners - Intermediate 2
• Computer Application Package ( Spreadsheets ) : Practitioners - Intermediate 2
• Computer Application Package ( Word Processing ) : Practitioners - Intermediate 2
• Multimedia - Intermediate 2
• Applications of Mathematics - Intermediate 2
• Computer Networks - Intermediate 2
• Desktop Publishing - Intermediate 2
• Introduction to Computer Programming : Pascal - Intermediate 2
• Communication - Intermediate 2
• Computer Application Software - Intermediate 2

Higher National Diploma : Computing Technical Support:

• Computer Operating Systems 2
• Network Infrastructure 1 : Implementation And Management
• Computing : Technical Support : Graded Unit 2 :C
• Professional Issues In Computing
• Project Management 1
• Client Operating System
• Computer Hardware: Hardware Installation and Maintenance
• Computing Networks: Building Local Area Networks
• Network Server Operating System
• Supporting Users and Troubleshooting a Desktop Operating System

I am a polite conscientious and self-motivated individual, I have the ability to produce projects and work at an exceptional level and the ability to adjust and excel in any environment.

Having Left High School after my fourth year I progressed through 3 years of higher education at West Lothian College, receiving NQ level, HNC and finally HND Level Grades in Computing: Technical Support, I spend my leisure time by going out with friends, driving, spending time with family. I have a full driving license with no penalties, I have a pretty easy-going personality, easy to get on with, hardworking, cheerful.

I am the type of person who doesn’t look forward to Friday for the weekend, i look forward to Monday for the working week.

Relevant Experience:
Having studied and completed 3 college courses in Computing Studies- Technical Support the highest being at HND level at West Lothian College.
Having gained exceptional experience with computers by receiving credit in computing studies at Standard grade level, furthered education in computing up to National Qualification Level and then I Achieved Higher National Certificate In Computing, then finally I achieved Higher National Diploma Level.

During my time working for Care Company I was in charge of 4 weekly rotas creation, containing in total 200 members of staff and over 1000 clients, each week would take into account holidays, sick days, maternity/paternity leave or clients in hospital, away from home, death, this was done each and every day on excel spreadsheet per rota due to the constant changes that required immediate action to ensure no client was missed. I was also charged with the weekly reporting of client increases and decreases, staff absences, staff holidays, staff sick days to the Director of the company.

My previous role as a Sales Advisor with Heineken has given me relative experience within a Sales Environment, dealings with group accounts and communication with key members of the business and the business sector that Heineken holds a key stake in.

Supporting team members with IT issues where and when required, creation of process documents for:
• Reports that are created daily for key group accounts.
• Ease of use when using a mailbox within lotus notes or outlook.
• Sales Advisors who do not usually deal with group accounts, how to deal with a Sales call with a group account.
Supporting Trade Manager with key information regarding specific groups and accounts Ad-Hoc.

During my time as an analyst for Heineken I gained experience in the use of excel formula, to produce ad-hoc reporting and planned reporting. These reports were used by the Management team to assess their teams statistics and workload.
I also gained exceptional experience in presenting to teams during meetings, with the use of of Powerpoint.

My current role as an IT Officer involves the training of staff, presenting to staff and advising and implementing new ways of working to allow for the Healthcare provider to function at an accelerated level.

My experiences both professional and personal allow me to adapt with confidence and ease to any computer system and any software that is required to be used by that system whether it be for business or personal use.

Work Experience:
I began my employment for Private Healthcare as a care assistant. This care company is a care in the community service, throughout my three years working for this company I gained valuable experience in the caring sector, whether it was working with elderly &/or disabled/Vulnerable people, my abilities to work as an individual or as part of a team has increased greatly from working with this company.
Whilst working at this company i was also given duties within the office environment assisting with the creation and distribution of 4 separate weekly rotas consisting in total of over 200 staff and 1000 clients, also on varying evenings each week i was put in charge of the on-call service for the entire company, this gave me valuable experience in problem solving and working on my own.

After leaving Private Healthcare i began working for the local shop, whilst working there i gained even more experience in customer relations and working towards a deadline.
My duties included welcoming and serving the customers as and when required, maintaining stock levels on the shop floor, ensuring that the shop floor and shelves are presentable to the customers.
Stock rotation was a major part of my job role and attention to detail is never more important than with this task.

I then moved on to work at Heineken as an IFT Sales Advisor for North Team where I gained valuable experience of the inner workings of First point, brand gap reports, campaigns, weekly stunts. Communication between RSM and SA was key within this Role, which was easily shown by the brand gaps reports and the campaign successes. The brand gaps reports are a key part of each sales advisors toolbelt to ensure sales reach their maximum potential and thus has to be done to a perfect standard each and every time.

After being in the North Team I began working within the Targeted Execution Team as an Indirect Sales Advisor, this role has given me even more experience of the campaigns that are run within the company and the importance of the reporting of each campaign that is run per day, it showed me that every single day matters. Each report provides real time updates on each person or/and teams progress within each campaign, this allows each and every advisor to see where they are excelling and where they are not, which then allows for TTM’s to action assistance where and when required.

I then began working within the Nationals team dealing with group accounts.
Whilst I have been a part of the Nationals Team i have introduced Processing guides for creation of Sales reports for Trust, processing guides to aid the use of mailboxes and the process of actioning the emails within these mailboxes.
When First Point moved from the email client it was previously using (Lotus Notes) to Outlook, the templates that were used for day to day emails being sent were lost, I took the time to research the creation of templates within outlook and created all the templates that had been lost and distributed them to the team.

Other Experience
Having studied through College and passed several Units including working with others, I am able to work in a team based environment or on solo projects. This has also given me the experience to complete tasks on my own through means of my own initiative, and experience in working towards a deadline.
I am also currently working towards an Honours Degree studying Psychology through the Open University Scotland.

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