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« I have known aisvarya for over 10 years now, she is persistent and... More »
« I have known aisvarya for over 10 years now, she is persistent and sound academically. I recommend her »
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  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Adwords
  • Growth hacking
  • SEMrush
  • Netlinking
  • All Levels

A growth expert is offering to teach how to use major digital marketing tools


Based on the student knowledge, my teaching pattern changes to ensure that student is not at all disadvantaged because they lack some required skills. I am highly adaptable. My tutoring experience covers A-level to Masters Level courses. I am highly adaptable in my tutoring approach. I make suggestions to my client on how to improve learning and be better at the subject matter being taught.


I am passionate about teaching and assisting motivated student in achieving their goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Computer Application from Bangalore University, India and a Masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton, UK. I also have a Diploma in Law from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for my juniors. I love passing my experience and knowledge in programming, networking, object-oriented, management, finance, mathematics to other students and everyone interested in learning something new.

I have tutored, proofread, written and edit over 150 student's computer science project with all of them achieving a 1st or a 2.1.

My teaching experience started in 2008 while I was still at the university and I have had experiences in the following fields:C, C++, Java, Networking, Operating System, DBMS, Web designing, HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, VBA, Managing Finance with Excel, Python, Visual C++, Agile, Object-Oriented, Unix, Visual Programming, Mobile App Development, Data Analytics, Project Management, Management, Business, Accounting, Mathematics and Digital Marketing


Rate for online lessons : £25/h
Rate for 5 hours of lessons : £115
Rate for 10 hours of lessons : £230
Lessons offered by Aisvarya
In group
The lessons will be held
at her home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Adwords
  • Growth hacking
  • SEMrush
  • Netlinking
  • All Levels

Aisvarya 's CV

The University Of Southampton, Southampton (2011-2012)
Masters in Software Engineering | (Merit)

Key Modules: Software Project Management, Agile and Object-Oriented Development, Safety-Critical Systems, Types and Programming Languages, Application of Security in Information Technology, Research Methods in Computing, Formal Designs of Systems, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Cryptography.

MSc Dissertation: I developed an automatic tool to convert concurrent programs to sequential programs using Python programming language; a process known as Sequentialization. The developed tool was tested against ESBMC to analyse efficiency.
Bangalore University, India (2008 -2011)
Bachelor of Computer Application | First Class Honours (82.85%)

Key Modules: Electronics, Programming Concepts using C, OOPS Using C++, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Data Structure using C, Numerical Analysis and Linear Programming, Data Communications and Networks, Visual Programming, Unix Programming, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture, Java Programming, Soft Skills and Personality Development, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, System Programming, Computer Graphics, Web Programming.

BCA Projects: I simulated game codes (for cricket sport) on VI editor. I developed a Payroll System which works with a magnetic card reader using Visual C++ and MySQL, I worked on a group project with a three other students to develop a Library Management System with a barcode reader using Visual C# and SQL Server, Lastly, I and other members of the team developed a Hospital Management System with an eye scanner and fingerprint reader using ASP.NET C# and Oracle 9i.

CEO AcademicianHelp | Academic, Market and Customer Research Agency
| January 2016 – To date

* • Develop strategies to manage all our online educational media
* • Teaching Computer science/Information Technology courses
* • Helping with Computer science/Information Technology/Management/Law essays, assignment, and dissertations
* • Market and Customer Research

Experienced Analyst | Financial Risk Management (FRM) Division, KPMG Advisory Services
| November 2014 – December 2015

I worked fulltime as an experienced analyst in the Financial Risk Management of KPMG Advisory Services.
* • Developing Financial Automation Software
* • Basel 2/3 Readiness & Impact Assessment for leading Banks in Nigeria
* • Creating training materials
* • Developing Model Risk management Frameworks
* • Developing Cash flow Forecast Analysis
* • Developing Risk Based pricing Models
* • Creating Policies
* • System Evaluation (banking software such as T24, ACP, CAMOnline and BANKS)
* • Analysing Deliverables of quality assurance, project management and software and vendor selection process
* • Developing Regulatory Monitoring Web portal
* • Compliance rule book administration
* • Documentation of International Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP)
* • Providing an interface to integrate the new banking models into the existing core banking software
* • Statistical Analysis using R statistical tool
* • Cluster Analysis using TANGARA (free data mining programme)
* • Data cleaning and analysis using Advance Excel and Macros
* • Rogue Trading Monitoring System which monitors treading such as T-Bills, Bonds and FX.

Software Engineer | Programming Division, SPANKAA General Merchants and Engineering Consultants
| October 2012 – October 2014

I worked fulltime as a software engineer in the programming division of SPANKAA General Merchants and Engineering Consultants Pvt. Limited.
* • Developing software project from the scratch using PHP, HTML, Ajax, CSS, and JQuery amongst others.
* • Maintaining existing project, fixing bugs and adding new features
* • Developing of user manuals for software products developed
* • Software testing to ensure that the product has minimal bugs as possible
* • Maintaining of clients websites developed in Drupal CMS
* • Training of staffs on advance use of MS Word and MS Excel as well as new staffs on basic programming skills

Trainee Software Engineer | Lion R. Suntharalingam Information Technology Consultant
| December 2008 – September 2011

I worked part-time as a trainee software engineer with a private IT consultant while studying at the same period at Bangalore University.
* • Code Debugging
* • Software testing and quality assurance test
* • Code Documentation
* • Writing program modules for larger programs

Coordinator | Kalananthi Trust for Cancer Care
| September 2008 – October 2014

I worked as a volunteer when on vacation from studies at the Kalanthi Trust for cancer care
* • Raising funds for the organisation from corporate bodies and high worth individuals
* • Investigating potential beneficiary to validate if their claims of suffering from Cancer were valid
* • Administering of funds to the beneficiary; usually paid for the treatments to hospitals
* • Providing advice to patients on the best hospitals to receive treatments
* • Managing of company’s accounts record and performing relevant auditing of accounts

Youth Facilitator| National Action Plan on Youth Empowerment (NAP)
| September 2005 – September 2008

I was selected by the Sri Lankan Youth Parliament (SLYP) as a youth facilitator for the National Action Plan on Youth Employment (NAP) supported by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Youth Employment Network Sri Lanka (YEN-SL) and the Ministry of Skills Development and Public Enterprise Reforms.
* • Identifying youth groups in selected areas to conduct consultative workshops in collaboration with technical consultants, the YEN-SL and SLYP.
* • I organized, scheduled and facilitated workshops in specifically selected divisions.
* • I documented the recommendations made as well as the process of consultation.
* • I collaborated and communicated with technical consultants on the outcomes of workshops while also assisting in the analysis of the outcomes of the workshops.

Technical Skills

* Web and Programming Technologies: HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Photoshop, Aspect-Oriented Programming, C++, C, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Python, Drupal, Ajax, jQuery, jQuery Mobile
* DataBases and IDE: MS Access, MySQL 5.0, Oracle 9i, Netbeans, Eclipse, Rodin, NU-SMV, SPIN Model Checker, PYC Parser.
* Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Ubuntu
* Others: Advanced Knowledge of MS Office Packages
Personal Skills

* Effective communication and team working skills
* Administrative and leadership skills
* Highly adaptable and open to learning new skills and ideas
* Great analysing and problem-solving skills

Certifications/Awards/Post Held/Extra-Curricular Activities
* CIMA foundation completed
* Credit Pass in BTEC diploma in ICT Skills
* Carnatic Music (Vocal) levels 1 & 2 completed with Distinction
* BTEC Diploma in Information Technology (Conducted By EDEXCEL International, UK)
* Diploma in English – Level 1 & 2 cleared in American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka Carnatic
* Sun Certified Java Programmer SE 6.0
* I was appointed House Captain, Secretary of Chess Club and Treasurer of Badminton Club in my high school.
* I attended a global training on “ Concept in Risk Management”
* I attended a global training on “Data Privacy”
* I attended a global training on “Information Protection Fundamental”
* I attended a global training on Senior Management
* I attended a global virtual training on “Advisor”
* I attended a global virtual training on “Process Risk and Control”
* I attended a global virtual training on “What Is A Trusted Advisor?”
* I attended a global virtual training on “Business Fundamentals”
* I attended a global virtual training on “Data gathering and evidence”
* I attended a global virtual training on “Process, Risk and Control”
* “Best Student Award” in Garden City College, Bangalore University, India for the year 2011.
* Chess Champion 2006 in high school
* I was elected as a Sri Lankan Youth Parliament (SLYP) action partner between 2005 and 2007. A project organized by Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies. SLYP is a gathering of like-minded young people around Sri Lanka that brings together 225 young leaders aged from 16 to 25 to discuss a variety of issues under the banner of ‘Create a Cohesive Sri Lanka’. At the same time, it is an avenue to develop skills and knowledge to effect positive social changes in the community.
* I submitted a booklet titled “Palmyrah Resources for Social – Economic Development” to the Palmyrah development Board of Sri Lanka.
* I was awarded certificates in the following: Field Events (Athletics), Essay Writing, Speech Competition, Dance Competition, Quiz Competition and Cultural shows.

Other Key Projects

* Regulatory Monitoring Web Portal: I am presently developing a regulatory monitoring portal which is a fully streamlined and innovative web-based platform, a one stop-shop for applicable laws, circulars and guidelines using ASP.net C# and MySQL.
* Compliance Rule Book: I was part of the team which developed compliance rule book for a bank which displays the complete rule books for the institution; an automatic reminder email will be sent to the necessary officers for filing returns ( compliance accordance to different regulators)
* Statistical Analysis: I was part of the team which performed statistical analysis using R statistical tool for one of the major banks in Nigeria.
* Centralized Healthcare System: While working at SPANKAA General Merchants and Engineering Consultants, I was part of the team that developed a centralized healthcare system for a client in the healthcare sector to centralize the healthcare treatments of several hospitals to one uniform platform.
* UML Tools Comparison: I evaluated two UML design tools; Visual Paradigm and Microsoft Visio to determine which tool was more effective for software designing purpose.
* Event B-Project: I developed an Event-B model to simulate a port management system with a set of constraint using Rodin.
* Analysis of security keys: I created a detailed report analyzing the private key infrastructure (PKI)
* Formal Design: I developed and simulated the security system in a building using the SPIN model checker.
* Aspect-Oriented Technology: I developed codes using aspect programming technique to record when a java class in a program is instantiated or a field is read or updated. It keeps a record of the location where the class instantiation takes place or where the field is read or updated, it also keeps a record of the time, amongst other records. These records were kept on a file without tampering or altering the program code.
* Templates and Macro Design: I developed C++ Templates that performs symbolic differentiation and numerical integration and some C macros to generate some major code block in a larger program
VISTA/7/8/10, Linux Ubuntu, Amazon EC2 Virtual Server, Mac OS

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4 recommendations


I have known aisvarya for over 10 years now, she is persistent and sound academically. I recommend her


Aisvarya is technically gifted and persistent professional. I recommend her


Aisvarya is skilled in a lot of fields. She is a brain box, I recommend her


Aisvarya is an excellent tutor. Very versatile and skilled in a variety of subjects. Highly recommended

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