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  • Hourly rate £13
  • Response Time 5h
  • Number of students 5
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1st lesson free!

Guide to excelling first year contract law with seminar question and practical exam questions.

    • Birmingham


Duration : 4-9 weeks - Price : £15.00 - Place : SouthamptonThis training is particularly for first year law students who want to be able to be ahead from the get go. it gives them the opportunity to try out case laws, question legal reasoning and discuss their understanding with their tutor. the training covers introduction to the basics of contract law and E-commerce, certainty and intention, contract formation- Mistake, Consideration and Estoppel, Terms of Contract, Exclusion clauses, Misrepresentation, performance of Obligation and Third party rights/ remedies.


  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • International law
  • +2

    Graduate Diploma in Law

    Preparation for LPC


  • English


  • Secondary
  • Undergraduate
  • A Level
  • +1


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I am fairly new at giving lessons and have just moved from giving advise as a citizen adviser into the role of a tutor. The range of citizens I have been able to assist range from 13 to about 40 and it pertained to varying circumstances of which debt, borrowing and mortgage were prominent. I have received good feedback for my ability to communicate patiently and not coming across as judgemental.

Practical information

  • Duration of the training course : 4-9 weeks
  • Price of the workshop : £15.00
  • Place : Southampton
  • Maximum number of students during the training course : 3
  • Audience concerned : courses for seniors
  • Course materials are provided to each participant
  • Validity of the workshop : all year around



  • 5h: £65
  • 10h: £130


  • + ££50


  • £11/h

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