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I have trained in wing chun since the age of 17 and have had the privilege of training under lineages from Sifu Gung Ip Chun and Ip Ching. I have cross-trained in Thai Boxing and Boxing and thus under

All my tuition is bespoke. I take into consideration my students intentions and mindset and endeavour to maximise their potential and join them on the journey to achieve their goals. I instil a belief in my students to achieve and motivate them to the point of achievement. I offer a solid foundation to my students giving them the theoretical and practical knowledge that they themselves can take forward and teach if they wish to. I never hold back in knowledge and as long as my student gives me all they have I will give them all I can. I am a great believer in progress and success.

There is no refund policy at least 24 hours notice is needed to amend/reschedule an appointment.

I teach wing chun. For the level(s)beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional, kids.
I give lessons in person, at the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Abid's Experience

I am a professional living in London. I am educated to masters level and have travelled a lot of the world for personal and business reasons. I believe that my worldly experience allows me to relate to my students personalising my tuition to the individual. I have been in Martial Arts and other disciples of work and life I tutor in for over 20 years and due to a wealth of experience, I can make turn a novice into an efficient and competent level of proficiency.

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