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1st lesson free!

Health professional working for NHS and also A personal trainer 15yrs+ experience

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I teach by allowing the student to think for themselves and discover by using examples and other similies to attain a grasp of the subject. I speak in your language and in a way you will understand. Especially suitable for those who don't work well looking at black and white text books.


  • Nutrition
  • Weightloss
  • Learning to eat well
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    Health and wellbeing


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  • All Levels

About Daniel

Personal trainer and gym owner 15 years experience, Bournville college Birmingham tutor for sports diploma and personal training course. Fitness Competition Winner x7, NHS health trainer and now physician. Always involved with sports and studied martial arts and fitness from early life.



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  • Food Engineer offering an insight into nutrition and weight loss in Birmingham



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  • Specialised in Ayurveda, Thai Yoga and Sports massage to release tension physically and mentally. Recommended and suitable to all


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  • Divinely Skilled Healing Tutor & Team, here to help others Learn and Master the wonders of Meditation and Energy Healing. ***please contact us via Instagram: @divinetherapists***



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  • Nutritionist diploma of london fitness of all kind health is wealth ... Now in paris



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  • Nutrition Advice Amazing Foods To Eat For (Healing, Vegan, Diabetic Friendly, High Blood Pressure Aid)



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    My teaching methodology depends on the specific needs and goals of my students and colleagues thus a plan and goals can be...

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  • Sixth form student who’s studying biology, chemistry and physics. I’m willing to help and motivate young people on the benefits of healthy eating, nutrition and how vegetables can be tasty!



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    I use a variety of presentations, videos, and fun varied activities and quiz’s. I believe to use a variety of teaching...

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  • Naturopath offers motivational coaching, vitality and joie de vivre and support with / prevention for problems of modern civilization


    Nantes, France

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    Naturopathy is an art of living and taking care of oneself thanks to the power and benevolence of nature, of which we are...

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  • A medical doctor is offering to teach First Aid, Nutrition, Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine, Massage Therapy and Naturopathy



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  • Loose weight and reach your goals with tailored nutrition lessons for all shapes and sizes



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  • Transform your body from the inside-out with a programme of organic, nourishing superfoods. Weight loss, detox cleanse, heavy metal removal, skin, hair & nail treatment, gut repair, deep restful sleep



    5 (6 reviews)

    For each client I create a specific superfoods programme to complete cleanse the body from the inside, starting with the...

    • £200/h
  • Certified Personal Training that specialises in Weight/Fat loss, GP Referral and MMA Conditioning in London and over 5 years experience helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.



    Designing safe, effective and innovative weight managing programs for clients of all fitness levels and aspiring...

    • £40/h
    • 1hr free