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Learning English in Bedford for Life to build you a better future

I have the experience of delivering lessons in English language from Entry level , functional skills through to GCSE level. Private tutition and vocational training. I am good at practical examples and especially teaching phonics. I am specialism is 1-2-1 and role modelling, inclusive learning with differentiation and hands on kinaesthetic learnerning and teaching.

you will be charged full hour rate if cancelled less than 24 hours. If multiple then at discretion or dependant upon reason

I teach esol (english), oral expression - english, written comprehension - english, accent reduction-english, trinity. For the level(s)primary, secondary, GCSE, as level, a level, BTEC, adult education, undergraduate, masters, diploma, doctorate, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional, kids.
I give lessons in person, at my home or the student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

Azra's Experience

My passion for English in any form , language , grammar, comprehension, phonics . May it be Vocational , Esol, Efl, or simply Functional Skills. No life without creative writing , English literature at its best, Shakespeare, Hardy or T.SElliot. I have taught all of this in vaious schools and colleges and centre for over 10 years.

Azra's CV

Education & Specialist Knowledge

I am currently studying English Language(Esol),Literature an theories Level 5 at UOB.
UOB –University of Bedfordshire


CERT.ED. – Level 5 City & Guilds
PTTLLS – Level 4 (2014)

OGC – AMPG International
PRINCE 2 - Project Management (2011)

Anglia Ruskin Cambridge
Community in Context Level 3 (2005)

RSPH –Royal Society for Public Health
2014 Public Health - Level 2
Word Processing – Nelson College (Foundation Level 3 -1998

Pendleton 6th form College – Manchester
A Level’s – (1980)
• English Language & Literature
• British Government & politics

Pleckgate High School – Blackburn

CSE/ O’ Level: (1978)
• English - Grade C (Lang/Lit)
• Maths – Level 4
• Geography – Level
• Commerce – Level 2
• Business Studies – RSA ( Credit & Distinction)
• Typewriting Credit & Distinction –Double Award
• Human Biology –Grade 4
• Art – Grade C
• Textiles Grade C

Other work related courses & Training

Cambridge Equality & Diversity Service for Children & Young people (CPDC)
Adult Literacy & Numeracy (Core Curriculum 2004)
‘Negotiating with Reference to Service Roles’. Lucy Cavendish-Camb.
Report writing - 2005
Induction for new Teaching Assistants - 2006
Induction for Primary Teaching Assistants - 2007
Language Assistants Training on Behaviour Management - 2008
Risk Assessments
Data Protection Act (1984 &1998)
Food & Hygiene

Approved Trainer for Race Equality & Culture Awareness(RECAP-DRE)
Equality & Diversity
Leadership Skills – 2012
Health &Safety
Code of Conduct
Child Protection

Work History

• Independent Newspapers, World Class Company Tutor/Trainer (1999)
• Arthritis Care UK – Accredited Trainer –(2001) Child Protection
• Avon Cosmetics –manager: Regional/Division and Company Ambassador
• The Asian Centre co-ordinator /Manager- I worked with Cardiologist Dr.S Gupta, Whips Cross Hospital London., NHS Community health Education services. (2000)
• Cambridge County Link worker for Children & Young People Services- Equality & Diversity – The Black History project. Webster Stratton Programme for 5-11 & 11-16 year olds. in partnership with local schools to support children and parents with English as an additional language. , and Life in the U.K & Citizenship courses 2002
• Huntingdon Regional College -Tutor for ESOL, Life Skills, Vocational English
• Huntingdon Youth Club co-ordinator and Activity Tutor -Developed and delivered vocational courses for the community in Asian Bridal Make-up, Henna, and Stitch & Sew, accredited by NOCN. (2002)
• Keeping up with the Children learning initiatives - Coordinator –Cambs.
• Hertfordshire - Hitchin. Deputy Director for the Ravidassia Community Centre (Local Authority run) I was responsible for the Centre Staff, Day to day management, cultural activities, and teaching ESOL.
• Milton Keynes as HLTA- EMASS, for EAL students (2007) here I managed the Teaching (Language) assistants, day to day management, training and development of programs and Cover teacher.
• Volunteer for Arthritis Care U.K. for 10 years. Trainer for Self management. Delivered, (and recorded in Urdu/Punjabi) Professor Kate Lorig courses in Urdu/ Hindi, English and Punjabi.
• DFID –CFD Board Director and regional Development Officer.
I worked with national Government agenda and British Overseas development worldwide, Diaspora states- Africa, areas of Pakistan, Bangladesh as well as many other third world countries. (2005)
• Sept NHS – Community Development team - I was the lead for Gypsy & Travellers and The Minority Faith Communities.(2008-14)
I developed the Stigma in Mental Health Education plan, and the BME Communities project ‘No Health without Mental Health’. I developed the module on Jinn & Spirituality for the Dept. Of Health Programme DREMH.
• Bedford Academy – SEN Teaching Assistant – Also supporting the EAL Dept. (01/09/2014)
• Sahara Community Care Services/Orchid Community Care Services- Training Manager/ Tutor ( October2016 – June 2017)
• Bedford College. Functional Skills Tutor – (October2016-march 2017)

Experience- Skills & Abilities - Teaching & Learning (Professional standards & Development)

At Bedford College I was as an Associate Lecturer teaching English Functional Skills. Carried initial BKSB assessments on the computer, and devised the Scheme of work for the term and the individual lesson plans incorporating outcome indicators to meet the desired standards.
I have the experience of working with all different levels of learners and needs otherwise known as ’Spiky profiles’. Due to my previous working experiences in ‘Mental health and Children services’, I was able to manage any challenging classroom behaviour effectively, through continuous assessment. This also enabled me to keep the learners engaged and stay focused for effective learning to take place, enabling them to achieving their desired outcomes.
As community Care services training manager, my responsibilities were to train and teach the workers (Esol) vocational English relevant to their domiciliary duties. I enjoyed doing this because, though I had guidelines to adhere to, I also had the scope to design the course with differentiation and thus make Learning interactive and fun.

I am very passionate about the positive difference I make to the learners both as a teacher and role model. As a SEN – Special Educational Needs Teaching Assistant in a local secondary school, my role involved working with the students 1-2-1 in the classroom, delivering EAL, additional literacy class to groups, for support with reading & handwriting, and listening and speaking and exam vigilante. I was responsible for taking the register, and follow up for any un-explained absences or lateness. Then following school policy I supported both internal and external local authority meetings with parents and relevant officials to help in solving any problems/ issues. My role here was sometimes as a support for the student, parents, or school in the capacity of a translator, and/or verbal or non –verbal accurate reporting
I have supported the whole subject curriculum from year 7-11 and all the subjects. This involved lesson planning, curriculum referencing, schemes of work, ILP’s to the current ‘Code of Practice’ relating to set targets. I have the relevant knowledge and practical experience of the whole process of delivering quality learning, pre-assessment, planning, delivery, on-going assessment, monitoring and of course evaluating in the form of tests, quizzes, and both verbal and written feedback for next steps and future curriculum planning. I was also actively present and involved in outreach /home visits and Parent Teacher meetings for the students I supported and all other EAL Students.
I have demonstrated strong and excellent communication and inter-personal skills in order to inspire and influence to share best practice and expertise with everyone. Therefore I am able to form appropriate working relationships successfully with people of all ages and especially young people.. This means having the ability of effectively listening, with a positive attitude, and the ability to remain positive yet assertive at all times and in any situation that arises for a “win, win situation.”
I have initiated and managed programs and projects in accordance to action plans, goal setting and deliverable targets for performance measurement. I have also prepared Coordinator reports, and quarterly budget accounts for presentation at Committee Board meeting’s. I am an accredited trainer, mentor, and leader by example, with vast experience of facilitating and delivering training programmes to professionals in multidisciplinary settings. I also have a great deal of working experience in delivering long and short term projects/workshops/seminars to educate families and communities towards learning for success to live a healthy and quality lifestyle without any ‘anti-oppressive’ behaviour.

As Development Worker for Children and young people services, I had to know how schools function. Staff and the schools policies, for example the Children’s Act 2004 - e.g. “The 4 R’s” relating to “Rights, Responsibilities, Rules and Routine” for effective behaviour management i.e. people with learning disabilities. The frameworks helps to focus on learning, create a safe learning environment, the right to respect and dignity, and understand personal responsibilities and the enjoyment of rights, rules which we all regularly refer to. I work with a commitment to achieving success, and meeting organizational priorities and deadlines in order to successfully achieve targeted outcomes, keeping in mind the aims and objectives of the organizations

I have been involved in devising and delivering the Webster Stratton parenting program (5-11years of age) in partnership with Cam H. This proved to be a great success with both the children and their families from different all differing Communities. The program involved coaching & mentoring, as well as to inspire the families to support themselves. This had a very positive impact on the child’s attendance and behaviour both at school and home. This also involved some understanding of 'health psychology, particularly from a mental health approach supported with empathy.


I am familiar with the basic computer systems and can use software programs such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Power Point, and for example; electronic diary and functions such as emailing & data research. I have the academic ability and experience in office procedures and committee work to meet the varied demands. I have the ability to operate (and further learn) all relevant office equipment that may be required to deliver my duties.

I am a highly self motivated and approachable person who can work both as a team member under supervision or independently to exceed to the highest in specific deliverables of any project. I believe I pride myself on my skills on building and maintaining relationships with a “can do approach” as I believe in making things happen. I am a very approachable person and adapt to any given environment, and further a role model to the communities I have worked and lived in, hence my awards for success and achievement. Due to my experience of working in a variety of educational institutions I am familiar with school settings and the professional parameters, guidelines, and performance management procedures.
I have the passion and strive to supporting people combined with a lifetime experience in advocacy and dealing with opposing views and working with tact, respect and professional conduct at all times and as when required. I have acquired this from my personal and professional experiences of agencies, statutory bodies such as the (Manchester Social Services) Cambridge Children Services and as Translator/Interpretation for Manchester Courts & Judicial Services (Medical & Legal Child Care Court cases).

Monitor, Assessment, Recording, and Accountability
I also have the ability to be perceptive and analytical with the ability to assess issues in each individual situation with respect and confidentiality. Then provide feedback to key stakeholders in the form of a final report identifying the needs and what may be required to meet those needs. The process allows providing the necessary support to achieve the highest level of positive outcomes and preventative measures.
I possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills, combined with the expertise in planning, organizing and multi-agency work, with a wide range of internal and external and relevant agencies and individuals. My attributes further include excellent assessing, monitoring (both teaching and learning), evaluating and problem solving skills for future planning.

Equality Issues (Diversity)
I have an understanding to delivering towards equal opportunities at all times to the best of my knowledge, experience and ability. I am fully aware of the practical application of both the Equality Act 2011, for example, racial equality and harmony is the responsibility of everyone in the community regardless of their colour, creed or gender………. Good guidelines to the development of any community are provided to us by the: NHS Constitution which is the Government’s commitment to deliver its services with fairness and personalization, including the equality for client rights & pledges of the NHS Constitution (DH2010). Then ‘The White Paper’ the Government’s commitment to Localism, and Local decision making to ensure that Staff are appropriately supported and can deliver services that are Fair, Personal and Diverse. We need to contribute these principles to stay safe, healthy, enjoy and achieve economic wellbeing and positive contribution.

The Equality Act 2010 used effectively can help to exercise the “Public Sector Duty”. Furthermore it can enable the delivery of improved & better outcomes for patients, Carers and all those covered by the 9 characteristic groups which Faith, Gender, disability to name a few. This enables me to meet the EDS Goals 1&2 Ensuring Cultural Competence and also to help deliver on the principles & community objectives with regard to the NHS Framework.DH.2010. I am strongly committed to its practical application e.g. equal opportunities for all and believe everyone has the right to be able to live and enjoy a quality of life. I have worked all my life predominantly in Community development with communities on all levels and supported people from all walks of life and believe “Learning is a journey that never ends”. Completing my Cert.Ed has equipped me further and enhanced my with experience, skills and abilities to allowing me to continue on a rewarding career path in teaching, and especially English as a subject.

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