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  • Economics
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  • Microeconomics
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  • Econometrics
  • All Levels

Former guest lecturer at Harvard, former lecturer at SciencesPo, Polytechnique, and Dauphine, PhD, former economist at the European Central Bank, researcher at the European Investment Bank, Finance pr


Levels : Highschool - BA - MA - Exams preparation, business schools

Classes and support in Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, History, General Culture, French, Geopolitics, International Relations, Philosophy, Geography

Aid to essay writing, tutoring of research work

Hello !

--------- My profile

Former postdoctoral researcher in economics at SciencesPo, former guest lecturer at Harvard, former lecturer in research economics at SciencesPo, Polytechnique and Dauphine, former lecturer at two private preparatory schools, Prepalive and the Tocqueville Institute, and the Institute for the Studies of Administration and Management of Paris, State-qualified for university lecturing, holding a PhD from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, former research assistant at Berkeley, graduate from the Masters in Economics, speciality Financial Governance, from SciencesPo, former economist at the European Central Bank and researcher at the European Investment Bank, a PhD scholar as well as a Finance professional, I have a long experience in private classes.

----- My method

My method is based on a series of questions and answers, as a dialogue. I guide students into finding the answers themselves, helping out when they struggle. I try to avoid classic lecturing. I also have designed a series of learning techniques : learning by doing, series of “flashcards” to memorize. I adapt my classes to the progression of my students. Over the last 10 years, I have taught more than 200 students privately, and accrued 2000 hours of teaching experience. Private classes allow for far more feedback than packed-up classroom. I have numerous personalized training programs, lectures, notes, which allow to nurture the knowledge of the student while preparing him efficiently.

Sessions via phone, skype or in person, follow-up via emails, 24-hours response.

----- Subjects taught

I offer classes for all levels, as well as preparatory classes to enter the major universities. I have also helped numerous students write essays and research works in economics, international relations, and management, with success. I offer classes in :

-Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics (albeit the mathematical part), Development)
-Econometrics : main models
-Stata coding
-Market structures and industrial organization
-International Relations
-General culture
-European Affairs

----- Availability

I am very available. Don't hesitate to contact me, we will be able to define together the best methods which will allow you to fulfill your objectives.

----- Which qualifications do you prepare your students for?

Bachelors and Masters in Economics, International Relations, Business
GCSE Economics and Business

---- Describe your arrangements for online tutoring.

Skype, Whatsapp and offline tutoring via email. Exam papers can be emailed.

----- My references

I have taught students from BAs and MAs at Cambridge, Oxford, the LSE, notably.

Attention : I am authorized by my employer and the public authority to give private tuition and to do tutoring. I am however subject to an obligation of integrity and confidentiality concerning my specific activities of institutional economist, and will not communicate any information which could endanger the integrity or confidentiality of the institutions which employed or employ me. Any class or help on assignments provided by me are meant as help, and should not be handed out to a university or school as your original work.

Wishing you a nice day,

Julien Brault


I have a long experience in teaching. I taught economics at Harvard as a guest lecturer, I also taught research economics at Polytechnique, SciencesPo and Dauphine in Paris. I have taught economics, history and international relations at the Graduate Institute of International Studies of Geneva, the Institute of Economics and Management Studies of Paris, Prepalive, and the Tocqueville Institute.

Three years of experience in public investment banking and central banking.


Rate for online lessons : £75/h


General rates

Class by Skype/Google Handout, or help from a distance to write an essay or dissertation : 75£ an hour, available all the week-ends, on evenings, and during my vacations. Ask me and we'll find the best solution for you.

Class at your place or in a café. It depends on the location and number of hours, please contact me to obtain a quote.

No classes at my place.

No free first hour.

Don't hesitate to call me fore more details.

Lessons offered by Julien
In group
The lessons will be held
at his home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics
  • All Levels

Julien's CV

Julien Brault, PhD

Policy and finance analyst and economist with international public and private experience in international relations, economic policy, finance, and research, notably at the European Central Bank, the European Investment Bank, SciencesPo, Harvard, and the European Investment Fund.


Expertise in Economic Policy, International Finance, International Relations :

· International Finance and Trade :
· Capital Controls : Foreign exchange controls, Role of international currencies, Foreign exchange reserves
· Trade : Trade integration and restrictions, Political economy of protectionism
· Development : Impact of development aid

· Finance and Innovation :
· Corporate financing and productivity : the Debt/Investment nexus
· SME finance : Evaluation of public guarantees to SMEs
· Investment banking : Evaluation of private equity and venture capital investment funds profitability

· Inequalities :
· Income inequalities : Modelling of the links between income inequality, taxation, and monetary shocks
· Role of rent seeking mechanisms in development policies

· Environment, Energy, Transports :
· Environment : Role of gender inequalities in environment policies
· Energy : Oil industry development, Oil rent management, International oil policies
· Transports : Role of transport infrastructure in regional development

Quantitative Skills :

- Applied experience in various econometric techniques (time series, panel data, DEA, propensity score analysis, dif and dif, GMM, VAR…)

– Very good knowlege : Stata (used for PhD, ECB, EIB)

– Good knowledge : Tableau

– Databases : Good knowledge : Eurostat, Ameco, Orbis, Amadeus, historical databases. Intermediate knowledge : Bloomberg, Datastream, BACH, CompNet, Bankscope, FAME.

Experience in Policy and International Affairs : research at the ECB, EIB, EIF, SciencesPo, the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Harvard, collaboration with Berkeley researchers. Bilingual English-French, fluent German.

Publication and Communication : collaboration to a working paper for the ECB, three working papers for the EIB, a report of the European Court of Auditors, four papers published in top journals, mastering of Latex and Endnote, participation to numerous conferences, numerous given classes at universities, research tutor in economics, French national qualification for university lectureship.


August 2017 – current : Research Officer – European Investment Bank Group – European Investment Fund – General Secretariat - Research Division - Luxembourg
· Activities :
o Evaluation of the efficiency of the European Union’s policy of credit guarantees to SMEs from 1995 to 2015. Representing 200 b. € of leveraged loans. Project financed by the European Commission, destined to the European Court of Auditors, implemented by the EIF, in collaboration with Massimo Colombo (Polytecnico Milan), Simone Signore (EIF), Fabio Bertoni (EMLyon) and Anita Quas (EMLyon).
o Assessment of the equity investment strategy of the European Investment Fund across countries, asset classes, vehicles and payment structures. Benchmarking against major development institutions and private and public investment funds, in collaboration with Alexander Ljungqvist and Vincent Maurin (Stockholm School of Economics)
· Research :
o Corporate financing in Europe. Credit guarantees. Current EIF/EC Working Papers :
§ “Econometric Study on the Impact of EU Loan Guarantee Financial Instruments on Growth and Jobs of SMEs” (scheduled for January 2019)
§ “A Pan-European Assessment of EU Credit Guarantees” (scheduled for January 2019)
o Profitability of investment funds in Europe and the US. EIF Working paper :
§ “Venture Capital / Private Equity – Returns and Performance. Proposal on Benchmarks and Improvements”, 2018

January 2018 – current : Member of the BPI-France Steering Committee on the Evaluation of French Public Credit Guarantees – Paris

o Evaluation expert. Monitoring of the evaluation of the impact of French Credit Guarantees by BPI.
o In collaboration with the OECD, the Bank of France and the French Treasury.

December 2015 – July 2017 : Post-Doctoral Fellow – SciencesPo / Dauphine - Economics - Paris
· Activities :
o Researcher – SciencesPo, Center for International Studies / Dauphine, Governance and Regulation Chair
o Lecturer – Polytechnique / Dauphine – MA Research Tutorial in Digital Economics / Tutorship of Master’s theses
o Visiting scholar – Harvard – Economics Department – Invited lecturer for the class “Monetary Policy and Capital Markets”
· Research projects :
· "Inequality, Inflation and Productivity in the Long Run (France, UK, US)" (with Marion Labouré, Harvard, and Juergen Braunstein, LSE) (two papers)
· "The French Environment Policy and Gender Inequality" (commissioned by French Environment Minister)
· “Firms’ Development Policies in Late Modern France : Rise and Failure of Liberalism” (with Jérôme Sgard, SciencesPo, Jean Beuve, PSE, and Eric Brousseau, Dauphine) (two papers, one published in the Journal of Economic History)

September – December 2015 : PhD Trainee - European Central Bank - Economics Department - Country Surveillance Division - Frankfurt
· Assessment of the evolution, determinants and consequences of corporate leverage in the Eurozone. Elaboration of policy responses to European financial imbalances.
· Econometric assessment of determinants and consequences of corporate debt, investment, productivity, banking linkages : panel data, GMM.
· Contributed to ECB working paper :
o "Corporate Debt and Investment : a Firm-Level Analysis for Stressed Euro Area Countries”, 2017

February - July 2015: PhD Trainee - European Investment Bank - Economics Department - Economic Studies Division - Luxembourg
· Literature review, data management, statistical and econometric analysis
· Research assistance on corporate debt, and contributions to two published papers :
· "Linking Local Business with Global Growth Opportunities : the Role of Infrastructure", Oxford Economic Policy Review, 2016
· "Infrastructure Investment in Europe and International Competitiveness", Economics Department Working Paper, European Investment Bank, 2016

2009 – 2014 – PhD Candidate - Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies - Geneva
· Thesis : The International Transactions of France in the 20th Century. Supervisor : Marc Flandreau.
· Job-market paper : "The Economic Gains and Political Cost of Protectionism. French Oil Quotas in the 20th Century"
· Second PhD paper : "The Political Economy of French Foreign Exchange Control".
· Research Assistant for SciencesPo and Berkeley :
· "The Rise and Fall of the Dollar, or When did the Dollar Replace Sterling as the Leading International Currency" (Eichengreen, Flandreau)
· Teaching Assistant : Economics, History, Geopolitics - Assistant supervisor of the Masters in International Affairs.
2006-2007 - Master's Trainee - Technip - Head Direction : Master's thesis on French oil policy, time series.
2006 - Volunteer - NGO "Moyocani" - Zihuatanejo (Mexico) : Language teacher for underprivileged children.

Conferences : Recent presentations : Economic History Society Conference, World Economic History Congress (MIT), Exchange Rates Workshop (Lund), International Industrial and Organizational Economics Association Annual Congress, "Money and External Constraints" Seminar (Bank of France)...

PhD – International Economic Relations (PhD in International Relations, research in International Economic Policy) - Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva - 2013
MA – Economics - Speciality Financial and Development Governance – SciencesPo Paris – 2007
MA – Political Science - Speciality Economic Governance – SciencesPo Paris – 2007
MA1 – History - Speciality Economic History – Sorbonne, Paris – 2007

Languages : French : native - English : bilingual - German : fluent

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