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“The word accounting comes from the word accountability. If you are going to be rich, you need to be accountable for your money.” -Robert Kiyosaki


When we are in our last years of secondary schooling, we receive a lot of information about various jobs that could be a good fit for us and that we could study at university. Academic counsellors and teachers advise about employment positions such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, educators, architects, engineers, and careers that are part of the sectors of finance, business, and politics. Depending on our personality and our interests we can do anything; the sky is the limit! It’s worth mentioning that individuals who want to make a lot of money usually tend to find jobs in business and finance. However, have you ever consider studying accounting? You could say that accountants are the unsung heroes of the business world and their work is absolutely necessary to regulate incomes and budgets and to make sure that everyone is paying their due taxes. Let’s focus on how citizens in the Leicester region can become more skilled at accounting through courses with a private instructor.

Why Learn Accounting

Claiming that the work of accountants is important simply isn’t enough to inspire a person to study for a new job or change their career. It’s indispensable to have solid proof and evidence. So, what bulletproof reasons are there for someone who wants to learn Accounting? First and foremost, accounting is a job that is always in demand and shows no signs of slowing down. All businesses need someone to take care of their finances and every working person needs an accountant to prepare their records when tax season comes along. So, whether you decide to offer your accounting services privately or publicly, you will never be without employment for too long. Secondly, those who have taken the time to study accounting grasp a better understanding of how to manage their assets and can more quickly recognize changes and terms in the financial world. Therefore, instead of hiring an expensive accountant, you can easily do your own taxes and save yourself the trouble of having to explain all your expenses to your financial advisor. Thirdly, by studying financial statements, balance sheets, budgets, and resource allocation, you learn to make quick decisions about where funds should go and how much money should be taxed. The decisions accountants make daily help them to be logical and fast problem solvers; two great qualities to have.

Types of Accounting

Since the field of study is much broader than one might think, there are various types of accounting that can be studied and henceforth worked in. Such as? While there are many types of accountants, we’ll focus our attention on four of the most common. Firstly, auditors are detail-oriented accountants with an eye for mistakes in their companies or another’s financing. They go through everything with a fine-toothed comb to make sure that there are no problems and that everything is up to the standards set by the government. Secondly, accounting consultants are very valuable members of any team because they advise others in a business about how to make the company grow financially since they have an eye on the expenses and income. Thirdly, financial advisors are a type of accountant that have many years of experience aiding individuals to save for the future and develop savings funds that can help them to make better decisions with their money instead of wasting it. Fourthly, forensic accountants are like crime scene investigators of the accounting world since they thoroughly investigate financial records to detect any fraud or illegal activity. In many cases, forensic accountants assist the criminal and civil court proceedings so that they can explain to regular people where they found discrepancies in tax records. Fifthly, there are accountants known as government accountants that work for cities and towns to manage their finances and balance their budgets. After considering this list, I’m sure you realized how diverse the field of accounting is and that it’s a lot less boring than you might’ve thought!

Taking Online or In-Person Accounting Lessons

Whether you decide to take accounting lessons or not with a personal tutor, there is one thing you must be aware of: you can either take online or face-to-face courses. Is there one way that is better than the other? Since both in-person and virtual training sessions boast their pros and cons, it’s highly recommended to consider both methods of training. For example, in-person accounting lessons with a private tutor are fantastic since you have the tutor in the same room as you and you aren’t distracted by technology. However, with face-to-face courses, you must travel to the tutor’s location or a place in common which means that you can waste a lot of your time going from one place to the other. On the other hand, virtual accounting sessions are greatly loved by students since they are taken from the comfort of their homes and at any time during the day or night. A negative characteristic of virtual lessons is that the tutor isn’t with you in the flesh and you can more easily get distracted by your electronic devices. It’s worth mentioning that by trying both methods throughout the process of learning Accounting, you can enjoy a diversified learning experience.

Finding an Accounting Instructor in Leicester Using Superprof

While there may be many online tutoring communities that boast plenty of tutors that specialize in various academic disciplines, it’s worth stating that Superprof is by far the most noteworthy. With millions of instructors, a fantastic tutor/student support staff, and amazing prices, Superprof is a leading figure in the world of e-learning. According to our site, in the Leicester region, there are currently 50 tutors that teach the fundamentals of accounting and finance. We recommend taking a look at their profiles to see whether or not they are a good fit for you; you won’t regret it!



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In Leicester, the average rate of finance lessons is £17.


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