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💸 What is the rate of acting lessons in Bristol?

In Bristol and the surrounding areas, the average rate of acting lessons is £19 per hour.


Rates will vary depending on:

  • Where your lessons will be held (via webcam or an outside location)
  • The number of classes you booked and the duration of each class
  • the objective of your classes (are you wanting to learn proper acting techniques, improve on your self-confidence or maybe you just want to learn acting as a hobby?)

The majority of teachers on Superprof give the first class for free.

The first free session is a great opportunity for you to discuss what you hope to achieve from your acting classes.

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Many people dream of being on the TV but in reality, acting is a very difficult field to get into. Learning to act properly is more complicated than you might think and there are many theories around different acting techniques. This is why acting classes are so popular.


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🎬 How many teachers are currently offering acting classes in Bristol?

In Bristol and the suburban areas, there are 24 acting teachers available to offer acting classes


To find a private teacher, simply take a look at each tutor's personal tutoring advert to find out more about their acting experience and their course offering.


Choose your private course in Bristol from our range of more than 24 acting teachers available.

✒️ On average, what score was given by students to acting teachers in Bristol?

Pupils rated their acting tutors on average 4.8 out of five from a sample of 6 ratings.


In case of any complications with your lesson, a customer relationship manager from the Superprof team will be available to find a solution (via phone or mail all week).


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Learn to act with a private acting coach on Superprof

Are you interested in the field of acting but aren't sure what it entails and if you can make a career out of it? Even doing acting as a hobby can be really rewarding, because there are so many advantages to joining classes.

What's more, Bristol has a buzzing culture so you are probably already immersed in the arts in your everyday life without even realising it!

Bristol Acting Schools

There is no shortage of acting schools in the Bristol area.

Among some of the most commonly known drama and performing arts establishments are The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Bristol School of Performing Arts, The Big Act and Bristol Acting Academy.

With all of these places, there's the opportunity to get involved in the arts but, as you can expect, they will all run in different ways and have very different courses on offer. This is the beauty of acting classes - no one class is the same as teachers have the freedom to adapt lessons as they so wish. What's more, everyone interprets lessons in their own way and has their own way of acting which means that each and every person has a totally unique experience from acting coaching.

In addition to the many acting classes on offer with class teachers, there are also many tutors working on a self-employed basis and offering private tutoring for budding stars. They can set up group sessions or one-to-one training and will often be able to combine their experiences of acting and teaching to create a well-rounded private course that you can take a lot away from.

Bristol Arts Culture

Visit Bristol exposes the rich culture of Bristol, but if you live there then you will possibly already know all about that!

On its website, it invites people to experience the city's "thriving arts and culture scene":

"Be inspired with a behind-the-scenes tour of the city’s world-famous cultural attractions, from one of the country’s oldest theatres to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s masterpiece, The Clifton Suspension Bridge." - VisitBristol.co.uk

Add to that the opportunity to watch musicals and West End shows on stage in this very city!

The Most Popular Acting Techniques

There are several different styles of acting you might across, however we present to you three of the most common and what they're all about:

  • Classical (also known as the Stanislavski Method):
    This technique was created by Constantin Stanislavski and the system involves concentrating on voice, observation, emotional memory, voice and drama. It is the most popular method used by actors today because it is applicable to almost all actors. The actors will use their own emotions and experiences to connect with those of the character they are playing, putting themself in a different mindset to make their acting more accurate and believable.
  • Chekhov Acting:
    With this method, set up by the student of Stanislavski, Michael Chekhov, actors focus on an internal problem faced by the character and use movement to express the associated feelings. For example, the actor will try to physicalise the character's internal dynamic, outwardly. This is often referred to as a psycho-social approach.
  • Method Acting:
    Lee Strasberg is the creator of this popular acting technique, which involves connecting with the character by drawing on personal experiences, feelings and emotions. By using memory, the actors combine their own life experiences with exercises designed to bring out these senses. In summary, actors will imagine themselves in the skin of their characters to develop a lifelike performance.

Is There A Pecking Order With Acting?

Some actors who have been through school and various auditions would agree that, unless you are lucky, you must work very hard before your efforts are paid off. However, it is often down to luck, being in the right place at the right time and of course how passionate and driven you are. Many successful actors will say that they simply knew they were going to be famous because there was nothing else they could see themselves doing. They believed in themselves long before anyone else did but this says a thing or two about getting others to believe in you too - you must be totally convinced that you are destined for acting and not just see how it goes!

And of course when it comes to whether there is a pecking order, that all depends on how you view the spotlight. For instance, numerous Eastenders actors are cast from the alumni of a particular theatre school in London (where Giovanna and Tom Fletcher were also students!) and while some may be over the moon with their career and never want to leave the soap, others might see this as a stepping stone before hitting our screen in Hollywood films.

Similarly, some child actors are plucked out of a group from a young age and almost catapulted into stardom so it really can work both ways - with very little time spent acting before getting your big break or several years of casual work and acting lessons before you strike gold.

All that matters when looking to fill a particular ole is how good you are at portraying that character!

Hire An Acting Coach with Superprof

Now you know a little more about the different types of acting techniques you could become involved in, it might be a good idea to think about how you'd like to act and what types of roles you see yourself playing. Will you try out method acting like the likes of Angelina Jolie or will you stick to classical methods like Harrison Ford? No one can deny that both are fantastic actors in their own right so this is all down to personal preference.

There are more than twenty acting coaches in the Bristol area, with prices ranging from £9 an hour to £45, dependant on experience. You can tailor your search to a set of criteria but remember also that many coaches offer webcam services which means you can open yourself up to teachers from across the country and beyond!

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