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💸 What is the price of acting lessons in Stoke-on-trent?

In Stoke-on-trent and the surrounding areas, the average cost of acting classes is £18 for an hour.


Prices will vary depending on:

  • Where your lessons will be held (via webcam or an outside location)
  • The number of classes you booked and the length of the lesson
  • the objective of your classes (are you wanting to learn proper acting techniques, improve on your public speaking skills or maybe you just want to learn acting as a hobby?)

The majority of teachers on Superprof give the first class for free.

The first free session is a great change for you to discuss what you hope to gain from your acting classes.

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🎭 Why should you take beginners acting classes in Stoke-on-trent?

Many people dream of being on the TV but in reality, acting is a very hard field to get into. Learning to act professionally is more complicated than you might think and there are many theories around different acting techniques. This is why acting classes are so popular.


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🎬 How many private tutors are available in Stoke-on-trent to teach acting lessons?

There are currently 4 tutors available to give acting lessons in and around Stoke-on-trent.


To find a private teacher, simply view each tutor's personal tutoring advert to find out more about their acting qualifications and their course.


Choose your course in Stoke-on-trent from our range of more than 4 tutor profiles available.

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From a sample of scores, pupils rated their acting tutors an average of out of 5.


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Learn to act with a private acting coach on Superprof

Learning to Act with Private Tutors in Stoke-on-Trent

Anyone taking drama classes at school, university, a performing arts school, or a private academy will know just how difficult it can be acting and performing.

For some, acting, singing, and performing on stage can be a lot of fun, but there does come a point where any child or adult will decide as to whether or not they want to take the acting seriously and take it to the next level.

Then some enjoy amateur theatre as it can offer a fun way to make friends, work on a project with others, and be a great and rewarding use of their free time.

In either case, they may be interested in honing their skills with lessons or by working with a private acting or drama coach or tutor.

Getting Into Acting

The earliest opportunity to get into acting and the performing arts will be while still at school. Many children participate in shows with singing, dancing, and acting from a very young age as part of Christmas shows, nativity plays, etc. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and if they find them fun, they're a great way to express their creativity and boost their confidence.

Performing arts schools and local theatres will also offer classes and groups for children so if they enjoy what they do at school, they'll enjoy singing, dancing, and acting even more somewhere with dedicated lessons. Of course, you don't have to be a child or still in school to apply to a performing arts school. Don't forget that there are a lot of successful actors who started their careers later on in life.

Of course, it's never too late to get into acting and you can always look to your local theatre for more information on amateur drama groups you could join. Adults, regardless of their level or their experience, can join amateur theatre groups and work on putting a show on.

Learning About Acting at School and University

As we mentioned, children can learn about the performing arts while still at school and there are primary and secondary schools that offer drama or performing arts lessons. For those who are very serious about their skills, then they can go to a performing arts school, academy, or university.

At university, students can study a performing arts degree and either focus on acting or include other skills like singing and dancing. At the end of their course, they'll be awarded a qualification, which can be useful for finding roles or applying to an academy, another university, or the very best performing arts schools.

Of course, they can also learn from private tutors.

Academic Support from Private Drama Tutors in Stoke-on-Trent

There are two main ways that actors can learn with tutors. The first involves getting academic support from a tutor. In this case, your tutor will offer lessons and support for the courses you're taking elsewhere. If you're studying for a drama degree, for example, they can help you with essays, dissertations, and study in general.

In this case, the service will be very academic and you'll focus on how to get the best results on your course. In this case, your lessons won't be like an acting workshop, but rather more like a typical private tutorial. Of course, as tutors adapt their lessons to each of their students, there isn't such a thing as a "typical" private tutorial and a good tutor can make even the driest subject matter fun.

Of course, these types of classes can still involve a lot of creativity and hands-on skills and most tutors will offer a combination of both theory and practical work.

Learning to Act with Acting Tutors in Stoke-on-Trent

For those wanting to improve their acting skills, then a dedicated acting tutor can help. They can help regardless of whether or not you're studying acting or performing arts elsewhere. In this case, they'll offer tutorials that are more like acting workshops and coaching than traditional lessons.

With theatre and performing arts, it's important to work on skills like acting, dancing, and singing while also understanding the theory behind them and what makes a good performance so most tutors will probably offer training that covers both academic support for students studying drama and tutoring in specific skills.

Generally, it's recommended that you discuss all this with each potential tutor before deciding on which one is right for you and what you want to learn.

Finding the Perfect Acting or Drama Tutor in Stoke-on-Trent

If you're looking for a drama, dance, or singing tutor, then Superprof is here to help. You can find tonnes of great tutors on our website and any child or adult can start getting into acting and the performing arts today.

Whether it's because you want to improve your creativity and confidence or have dreams of becoming a famous actor, you can find a tutor that's right for you, your level, and your experience.

A lot of the tutors on the platform offer the first lesson for free. This is a great way to try out different tutors before deciding on which one is right for you. The type of tutoring that may work for one person may not work for another so even if the tutor has plenty of glowing reviews, it's always a good idea to check what their teaching is like first.

Even if you can't find any suitable tutors in Stoke-on-Trent, you can always look to online classes. As long as you have a webcam and a decent internet connection, you can enjoy tutoring from tutors all over the world. Of course, online tutoring is often better suited to a more academic experience than acting workshops, but you'd be surprised what a good tutor can do.

For those on a budget, group classes and tutorials are a great way to learn. As you'll share the cost of the tutor's time with the other students, this type of tutoring often works out cheaper than one-on-one tutorials. These are also a great way to meet new people and practise with actors with a similar level of experience.

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