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Clinical Pharmacology MSc student offers science and maths teaching up to university level

My teaching method is more interaction and activity based, provide a creative thinking and game based class for students, and try to encourage them instead of forcing, and practice with exercise question and mind-map building.

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Physics Masters student with bases in Kent and North Lancashire available for science/maths tutoring up to University level.

I believe the best thing I can do as a tutor is to increase a student's confidence in their subject. Then even without learning any more content they will be able to answer a greater range of questions. This is done through an understanding that these subjects are hard and practicing a wide range of questions.

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Oxford PostGraduate in Bioscience more than 8 years experience demo lesson available

MSc in Biology (Integrative-Biosciences) from University of Oxford with more than 7 years of tutoring experience offering my first lesson absolutely free. I give the tutoring according to student needs and capabilities. I give students the work plan to reach A grades. I tutor Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths from KS2 upto A-levels.

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I am a final year medical student offering Chemistry and Maths tutoring. I can teach in Ashford (Kent) or West London, or over Skype/Facetime if required. I have previous experience tutoring

I try to adapt my teaching to what best suits the student. I prefer to start from the basics and ensure a strong foundation to then build upon. I have taught a variety of age groups from GCSEs and A-Levels to 4th Year University students.

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UK Training Teacher with research experience and 7 years of tutoring experience.

I approach teaching with the idea that every student learns in a different way. The key to enabling students to succeed is to identify the learning style of the individual and adapt to it. I structure my lessons around the needs of the students. Some students prefer to be lectured to, while others prefer to be given activities and engaging tasks.

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Engineering graduate offering mathematics and applied science one-on-one tutoring in the Godalming and Guildford area.

My teaching style is to build my own papers and questions that are more difficult than standard exam questions, and then work through them with students using rules and methodology which prove the effectiveness of those methods in other less difficult questions.

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Trainee science teacher offering tutoring in English maths and science with over 2 years tutoring experience.

My teaching method differs with each student as each student has their own needs and learn at their own pace. For GCSE students I focus on exam questions and past papers in order for the student to gain exam technique.

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Medical student offering tutoring in national 5 - higher tutoring in chemistry and to advanced higher in biology and history

My teaching method is based on the CAS, pass papers, personally marked work and pin pointing students difficult areas and helping to improve them I come with a useful collection of notes to aid the student and save them unnecessary wasted Tim when revising and plan to amir there work as they go along with the course

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Expert and friendly Maths, French and Science tuition (KS3, GCSE, A Level)

I am a patient, constructive and friendly tutor with excellent subject knowledge. I deliver clear and structured lessons and know how to prepare students well for GCSE and A Level examinations, given my own personal experience of high-achieving in these exams.

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Science can offer children a wide variety of knowledge need in the world to day

Science can offer children a wide variety of knowledge need in the world to day And help with a future job

Central Bromley
(3 reviews)

Carol - Central Bromley - Chemistry

Formerly a university lecturer and a fully qualified teacher (PGCE). I am currently a junior partner in an educational centre, teaching A level Psychology, GCSE Biology/English and preparation for 11+ and 13+. I have a proven track record of success. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Psychology, English, Biology, Health & Social Care, Sociology - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Science tutoring for ultimate success. Alevel and GCSE. Biology , Chemistry Combined Sciences

Main concern is to clear the concepts. Make topics easy and approachable to students. Give real experience of exams by solving past papers. I know very well all the main topics that students struggling with. Provide a friendly environment. Students can explore their abilities very well.

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Leeds based chemistry/biology tutoring, some maths. Q: A-level biology, chemistry physics, Biochemistry BSc

I give lessons at GCSE and A-level level. Techniques and methods depend on students' individual needs and their optimal way of learning. I am adaptable and ready to meet any needs. We've all been in science lessons confused about something so I know from experience how important it is to have something explained in a different way.

Shepton Mallet
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Electronics engineer with 40 years experience offering Maths, Physics & Chemistry to GCSE and some A-level.

Wherever possible I teach using real life examples. I also use a lot of past exam papers so students get used to the form and style of questions. So the final exam just looks like another bit of homework. I can also include some practical work if required.

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Aspiring Medic tutoring GCSE Science and Maths. Enthusiasm for the subject and patience with students.

I try to focus my methodology on what the student wants to gain from the lesson. If it’s exam technique we can work on that. I can shift to conceptual learning and to even techniques on how to memorise things. In most cases I try to understand the preferred learning style of all my students so that they are able to remain engaged and learn in a way that suits them.

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Enthusiastic Structural Engineer With Civil Engineering Degree offering Maths and Engineering lessons

I am able to give lessons to GCSE and A-Level Maths students, as well as Structural & Civil Engineering Undergraduates needing help with any of their modules. I am a very patient and honest teacher, basing my lessons around the needs of the student and making sure their goals are achievable and realistic.

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PhD Student in Sheffield offering lessons in Maths & Chemistry up to A-Level

My lesson plans are very methodological. I always start with finding the exam board the student's subject is in. The best place to start is to find the learning objectives for the subject from the exam board and work through these objectives one by one until we have completed specific sections.

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Doctor in physics, postdoc in quantum physics and postdoc in chemistry. Give lesson in science: physics, chemistry, math, biology,.... all level, up to master/ PhD student level. Near Oxford

I try to use the "desire method". I listen the student and understand how he/she likes to learn and what he/she wants to learn. Then I usually prepare a power point presentation to explain the different principle required to understand the classes. I like to work in parallel on a paper to make sure the student follow up and understand all the way.

1st lesson offered free !

Medical Student offering Maths, Chemistry, Biology Lessons Up to Highers Level/ A-Level/IB

My teaching style is tailored to each student's needs; from pre-exam urgent tutoring sessions to long-term tutoring sessions, I am here to help to you! I usually involve a mixture of teaching, practical exercises and past exam questions in my sessions.

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Graduate Pharmacologist and current Physician Associate student offering science/english tuition in Norwich

I teach school students to understand concepts in science which help students. I found that when concepts of science are explained in further detail, students find it much easier to apply their knowledge to questions. Using practice questions to assess what has been learnt and working on students weak areas is key.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Environmental Science student offering maths, physics and other sciences (incl. Geography) tutoring

I like to approach my teaching in a "give me your ideas and background" kind of way! I want to know how much you know about a topic and how comfortable you are with each subject or module to dedicate the most time to those areas which you feel you need the most help on, I want you to feel 100% comfortable and confident in everything we do.

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Aerospace Systems student with teaching and science outreach experience, flexible schedule, industry knowledge, and a passion for tutoring

I teach based on the theory of a topic; I believe it is far better to understand why we do something rather than to just learn the process of answering questions, as this has helped me in exams far more. I make use of a wide range of resources, as well as personal experience, to make maths and physics feel intuitive.

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Increase your Chemistry, Biology, and Pharmacology knowledge with kind and patient tutor

My teaching method base on a questionable model for teaching students because I would be able how much they understood the topics and what is their issues. Also, I would like Facilitators to promote self-learning and help students develop critical thinking skills and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualization.

1st lesson offered free !

A-Level Chemistry tuition for students willing to achieve their targets for uni

I am a tutor helping students to improve and achieve their goals in A-level Chemistry, GCSE Science and Maths. My techniques and methods of instruction is customised to students need and requirement. My methodology is student centred to improve their academic standards.

1st lesson offered free !

Materials Engineering Student giving maths tutoring up to A2 Level in Swansea

The way I teach, I begin with a test that covers a large range . This will just be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in the child's abilities. Then I'll work systematically through topics, cataloguing scores and times in a spreadsheet hopefully seeing improvement over a time period.

1st lesson offered free !

Highly Motivated and Enthusiastic GCSE Maths Tutor with a Wildlife Conservation Degree

I'm very good with kids as I am very patient and friendly, I like to make things interesting rather than reading out of a book. I prefer to create a fun way of learning where appropriate - such as games, powerpoint or other creative ways that can peak kids interest.

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A dedicated tutor offering tuitions in chemistry, biology, English and biochemistry in Plymouth

I always start from the basics and work my way up. Regardless of the syllabus, the basics always stay the same and I have noticed that if students do not get the basics right, the rest of the subject seems like Greek and Latin.

1st lesson offered free !

Chemical Engineer offering chemistry and physics lessons in Cardiff (Preferably via Skype)

- Involves a 1 to 1 basis, which gives me the opportunity to know my students well. Also it helps me understand my students' requirements for chemistry and physics, ensuring that we cover the subjects effectively. - Before booking the lesson, my students should inform me via email over the subjects and topics they wish to study.

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Actuarial Analyst with over 10 years experience from London offering excellent tailored Maths lessons.

I have been known to be an exceptional tutor as I not only provide help with syllabus, I make Maths very easy to understand. I have a success rate unlike any other, and that's due to my vast experience and academic background.

(2 reviews)
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Geophysics finalist with a passion for maths, physics, geography and Earth Science.

My style of teaching is focused on the constructive use of time. I believe if you have a concerted effort to learn you can achieve 5-6 hours work in an hour. I would want to pass this concept on and implement it in more than just our sessions.

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Perfect! Great tutor and speedy with reply and arrangement of time and date. Also very knowledgeable in her field (Chemistry).

Ellie, student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! He's really good with making me understand the material I need to know. He always replies as fast as he can and will always help me whenever I need him. (10/10)

Aseel, student
2 months ago
(2 reviews)

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