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Selected Top Psychics, Mediums, Tarot, Angel,Cartomancy,Astrology, Live Podcasts,Private Readings,and Mush More H

There is no formal teaching platform, all are Welcome to give it ago as long as you have an interest in the the subjects I am willing to have you as a guest on Live Podcast Shows, once you feel confident enough to do so.

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Community Witch in Shoreditch sharing Tarot and Astrology knowledge focusing on LGBTQAI+ and People of Colour

My focus as a Community Witch is to share my knowledge as a way to empower. My duty is to my community and I try to do so in the most understanding and welcoming way possible. I am a black woman and my focus is on the black community and marginalised individuals.

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Grade 6 flautist offering individual or group flute tuition to all ages and abilities

I centre the lesson around the student and how they learn best. I will try different methods to find what helps the individual to the fullest. I always focus of breathing correctly and rhythm to ensure the student is the best musician they can be.

Ciudad de México
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Tarot workshop at all levels. The theory of archetype and symbology (:

The theoretical and practical method for the reading of the tarot will be studied from the archetypal theory of Carl Gustav Jung and from the symbology of Umberto Eco. The student will be able to understand the use of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana from psychoanalysis and linguistics perspective.

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Reading of tarot cards based on the knowledge of quantum therapy and symbol interpretation

From the letters of Aliester Crowley, we can not give you a map that gives an overview of your present moment of life. From this panorama, we can solve problems and doubts that may unfold in the future. The letters present you with a map and I translate your symbols for a better understanding of yourself.

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Occultist with 5 years experience. Offering lessons in Chaos magick, dark paganism, voodoo, divination, Tarot, intrinsic spell casting, practical ritualism, and general black magick tutoring.

My teaching method varies according to the needs of my protégé, but I will be walking you through the steps of awakening, equip you with various spiritual tools & weapons, and finally, initiate you into an equivalent of the I°. From there, you will learn alone, and I will be only a guide and friend to you.

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Black Magic Astrologer, Black Magic Specialist Astrologer in India, UK, USA, Canada

Black Magic provides you power that you can kill someone or even you can protect also. Lots of Black Magic Astrologer is now available in the entire world who are giving their best efforts to bring happiness in the life of every human being. All astrologers are fully dedicated to their work. And our Black Magic Vashikaran Specialist is one of them across the world.

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GET ANSWERS: Psychic [Tarot] Readings, Natal Astrology Charts, Human Design Blueprints & More!

A Friendly Muse for Lifetimes + MISSION: To provide confidential information with mutual trust on a variety of subjects.

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Young witch teaches tarot, herbal magic and divination in Selma, Cibolo, New Braunfels area.

Welcome friends, and blessed be. I'm eager to teach you the ways of tarot and other magic. My education has come from relatives, friends and my own personal research. I'm always learning new ways to interpret, therefore learning new ways to teach. Your intuition and an open mind is all you need.

Las Vegas
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Learn the Divination of Cards and what they have to offer with regard to insight into you, your relationships, and the possible future!

Self-employed in the Art of Card Divination. Have taught it using Waite's traditional deck, regular playing cards for about nine years now.

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Discovering the Secrets and Powers of the Tarot through Kabbalah in Montpellier

Loving to share my experience and my knowledge, I give courses of esoteric sciences for several years, all levels (beginners and experienced), of: - Tarology, secrets of the symbols and power of Tarot cards - Jewish and Christian Kabbalah, theoretical courses and practices - Parapsychology, theoretical and practical courses Rates vary according to the duration of the course (hour, theme day ...

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