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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” -Albert Einstein

The entertainment industry works hard to make sure that we have fun, stay engaged, and find ways to distract ourselves from the stresses of modern-day life. Movies, music, television shows, video games, and board games are all created by creative minds and new ideas seem to appear every day. However, when a game or television series formula proves to be successful and consistently attracts millions of listeners and players, there are no needs for change. For instance, take chess. Having been around since the sixth century AD, the game of chess has very straightforward rules that can easily be obeyed by all and has millions of dedicated players across the six inhabited continents who are focused at bettering their skills. Whether you want to enter world-renowned competitions or simply win against your friends, there are various chess tutors who greatly aid individuals to hone their skills. Let’s take a closer look at chess classes in the area of Birmingham.

Skills Needed to Become an Unstoppable Chess Player

If you ask any of the Chess Grandmasters that are still currently living, they will tell you the same thing: success in chess does not come about by chance because it is the result of hard work. To play against the best players and win, a lot of practice is necessary to strengthen essential skills that are the hallmark of champions. What skills are those? First and foremost, aspiring chess enthusiasts must learn the ability of visualization. Through the power of visualization, a player can imagine in their head the positions that are reached when certain moves are made. Secondly, calculations skills are the mark of genius chess players because they refer to the ability to calculate the consequences of your opponent’s moves and the outcomes of your own moves. When players have developed strong calculation abilities, their confidence is increased since they equate responsibility with each of their moves and avoid stupid mistakes. Thirdly, like most games, chess heavily relies on the ability to strategize. Brainstorming and practicing strategy techniques is a great way to prepare for games against tough competitors. It is important to determine your strategy before starting a game. Lastly, to become an unstoppable chess player, a lot of attention needs to be paid towards the endgame. Endgames begin when most of the key pieces have been exchanged and the priority is keeping the king safe and staying alive. While the beginning and middle sections of a chess match are important, the endgames secure triumphant victories. If amateur learners acquire all of the skills mentioned above, a promising career as a chess master is on its way.

Positive Abilities Developed from Playing Chess

A lot of board games, and even video games, cause the brain to think outside the box and develop new positive skills that can be carried into everyday life. Chess is not only an engaging game, but it is one that brings out a lot of great qualities that contribute to making a person a lot more well-rounded than before. Such as? First of all, those who play chess on the regular with various distinct individuals, develop an understanding for other people and the way they think. Since visualizing what your opponent might do is part of the game, a lot of researchers have discovered that empathy and inter-personal connections are a positive side effect of chess playing. And who doesn’t want to create better friendships? Secondly, playing chess helps people, especially younger practitioners, recognize that you win some and you lose some. Unless you’re a prodigy, when beginning to play chess, a lot of matches are lost. Having a healthy view of success and failure is a necessary skill to develop in order to possess a reasonable idea of how things actually work in the real world. Thirdly, playing chess on the regular is a fantastic game that helps players develop problem-solving skills. Why’s that? Well, each game of chess presents its unique problems and challenges that must be solved. Therefore, by imagining your next moves and thinking about what lies ahead, problem-solving is developed and that correlates to the challenges we face every day. Fourthly, in the game of chess, everybody has the right to expand their creativity and make playing decisions that display a person’s unique playing style and personality. All of the abilities that are enhanced while playing chess are brilliant and worthy of exploring.

Online Chess Lessons with a Tutor

Before the age of technology and online tuition was popular, lessons with a teacher to acquire more skills were completed face-to-face. However, that is no longer the case. Learners now have choices and can make a decision about how they would like to learn an academic discipline or special skill such as chess. Both in-person and online learning styles are noteworthy, a lot more people are leaning towards online chess classes. Why is that? Online chess lessons are a lot more convenient because the learner or tutor doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their own home for lessons. Also, since all a person needs are an electronic device and a good WIFI connection, virtual chess classes can be held at any time and from anywhere; this greatly depends on the needs of the student. But where does one find an online chess tutor? Look no further than Superprof!

Birmingham-Based Chess Tutors on Superprof

Having a reputation for providing stellar online courses in more than 1000 different topics and disciplines, Superprof is worth their salt. According to our site, there are currently three qualified tutors in the area of Birmingham offering their services online and in-person to instruct interested individuals the basics of chess. All Superprof tutors are qualified, engaging, and offer affordable prices to their students. An added bonus is that all of the Birmingham-based chess tutors offer the first lesson for free!


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In Birmingham, the average cost of chess lessons per hour is £15.


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Chess has become extremely popular over the past few years. In 2020 especially, Chess became for many a popular pastime. In addition, the release of the Netflix series 'The Queen's Gambit' fueled the nation's desire to learn how to play Chess like the pros!


Playing chess is a favourite pastime for many people and offers a number of benefits. Did you know that learning how to play chess aids brain development and improves hand-eye coordination?


In addition, individuals with lots of experience playing chess have highly developed thinking abilities and also strong memory skills.


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In Birmingham and the surrounding areas, there are 4 chess teachers available to teach lessons


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