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Our former students
review their Chess tutors

Sergio Chess tutor

Sergio is knowledgeable and with a lot of patience. He explains well and he has humour so the lessons are enjoyable.

Aman Chess tutor

Very happy with the progress I've made with Aman. As an intermediate player, I was speculative as to how Aman would structure the lessons around very specific weaknesses. However, going through past games lines with him has really helped me so far....

Dylan, 1 week ago

Sergio Chess tutor

Sergio has been very flexible, despite holding down his own studies. Very patient and friendly to my 9-year-old daughter and has helped me support her interest in chess very much. She chats quite freely now to Sergio after her initial shy period...

Campbell, 1 week ago

Bernard Chess tutor

Had my first session with Bernard which I chose to be face to face. He was very knowledgeable, he tested and challenged my understanding of chess, he made me aware of my weaknesses and gave me really good advice on how to address them. After, he...

Thomas, 2 weeks ago

Sergio Chess tutor

Really friendly guy and easy to get on with. He offers a free initial lesson to get to know you and play a match which he then analyses with you on screen which is very instructive. Good for chess players looking to improve who like aggressive...

Jack, 2 weeks ago

Borna Chess tutor

The first lesson with Borna was excellent as he managed to pick up on a weakness in my chess game which I had never thought of. He gave active advice on how to address it and he has been very proactive in following up in between lessons!

Lalit, 3 weeks ago

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“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin

To be the best in a specific domain or field of expertise, it comes as no surprise that consistent hard work and diligent effort is required. For instance, a doctor doesn’t magically know how to perform a triple bypass surgery, he/she must have studied and practiced for years before attempting. Or consider the example of an air traffic controller, one of the most stressful jobs in the world, that gets better at their work tasks after observing more experienced colleagues for some time. It’s simple: practice makes perfect. That mantra applies to all things whether for personal or professional development. Therefore, amateur chess players who thoroughly enjoy the game and aspire to one day perhaps play professionally, need to recognize that practicing every single day is an absolute must. But how can that be accomplished if someone lives alone? Through online chess courses with a qualified tutor in the UK that can play as your opponent and endow you with essential tips and tricks to make you a star player.

The Best Chess Players in the UK

When someone is learning a new skill or topic, it helps to have some role models that act as an inspiration for greatness. Not only do role models encourage us through their past successes but we can also learn about their playing style and how they overcame obstacles. Therefore, we shall examine the best chess players across the UK that can rouse chess players in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales to do amazing things in the world of chess. However, before mentioning the best players, it is important to state that we consider the rankings from the FIDE, which is The World Chess Federation that is based in Switzerland and connects international chess federations together, because they can be trusted. Based on the FIDE rankings in the UK, the top ten best active chess players in the UK are Michael Adams, Matthew Sadler, Luke McShane, Gawain Jones, David Howell, Nigel Short, Jonathan Hawkings, Nicholas Pert, Stephen Gordon, and Jon Speelman. The previously mentioned names are in order from number one to number ten. FIDE has classified the names we have mentioned as the best chess players in England and they all have a rating of 2500 and above. To learn more about the game play, biographies, and playing styles of the UK’s best chess practitioners, we recommend taking a look at Youtube videos or their profiles on Chess.com. Knowing that one day you could be playing against one of these players is enough motivation to step up your chess game and practice like a winner!

Classic Chess Moves Worthy of Consideration

In an average game of chess played between two people, there are approximately 38 moves. Greatly depending on the skillset and expertise of the players, there are moves that are brilliant and others that you wish you hadn’t ever made. But how can one study the past moves of expert players to make good decisions in their personal games? Since chess is a popular game with a large following, there have been databases created to record the number of moves made in games that have been publicly observed. And, according to the 2015 MegaBase, there have been more than 170 million moves recorded. Nonetheless, it is important to state that there are some moves that have become classic and have been admired for quite some time. We could say that there are some chess moves that have been classified as the best of all time. Such as? First and foremost, it is relevant to point out that according to Chess.com, the best move of all time is known as Shirov’s Bishop Sacrifice. The manner in which Alexei Shirov played the endgame and surprised both his opponent, and the entire chess world, with the sacrifice of his bishop piece was the mark of a true genius. Other noteworthy chess moves that have become legendary include Meier’s Spectacular Sacrifice, Marshall’s Legendary Move, Vladimirov’s Thunderbolt, Geller’s Rock and Pond Endgame, and Bura’s Desperado Sacrifice. It is important to mention that all of the chess moves previously stated boast the name of the person who played them and more importantly were from recorded games on reputable databases. So, for example, it is extremely feasible to expect that there could often be some pretty impressive chess moves played at private games amongst family and friends. However, knowing which moves are the best sets a successful example that should be followed to grasp success!

The Benefits of Hiring a Chess Tutor

After becoming starstruck by the sheer brilliance of well-known players in the UK and the unbelievable chess moves performed by Grandmasters, an amateur chess player with dreams of something bigger is wise to consult the assistance of a private tutor. Why is that? In most cases, private tutors have years of honing their craft to become better which makes them experts at sharing their knowledge with others. The tips and tricks received by chess instructors are indispensable in becoming better players. Also, having a chess tutor means that you have something to play against at all times and they can guide your movements throughout the game to prepare you for future matches. Additionally, chess tutors may also teach students important aspects of theory and not only game play. Hire a tutor today! But, where?

UK-Based Chess Instructors on Superprof

When students do not know where to look to find a professional tutor, there is only one website that individuals should suggest: Superprof. Having become a leading expert in e-learning and boasting a community of tutors that is more than 13 million strong, it goes without saying that Superprof should be consulted when searching for a chess tutor. According to our site, there are currently 817 chess instructors around the UK offering their services at an affordable price to help learners become experts at chess. We highly recommend choosing a Superprof chess tutor to learn more about the game ASAP!


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