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Finding the Perfect Programming Tutor in Leeds

Whether you're taking programming lessons at school, studying it as part of a university course, or learning with a private tutor, learning to code has never been more important. The more we use computers, the more we'll need the skills to develop software and websites.

Let's have a look at the advantages of learning to program, the challenges you'll face when studying computer science and learning to code, how a private programming tutor can help, and where you can find private tutors in Leeds.

The Advantages of Studying Programming

Whether you're coding in Python, Java, PHP, or C++, you're essentially writing instructions in a language that a computer can understand. Each language is different and has its pros and cons, but at their core, you'll use them to get a computer to do what you want.

In addition to being able to use a given language to create applications, websites, or software, you'll also learn plenty of transferrable skills that you can use in other parts of your life or another career altogether.

Computers can be quite pedantic when it comes to enacting out the code you write. Whereas humans can still understand a sentence with a spelling mistake or grammatical error, the tiniest of errors in a line of code can cause part or all of your code to stop working. By learning a programming language, you'll learn to be meticulous, pay attention to detail, and incredibly patient.

You'll also learn a lot about working together and on your own. On large programming projects, you may be tasked with just part of the application and will have to regularly meet up with the other individuals involved in development. That said, you'll also probably be left to work under your own steam for large periods as you write the code. You'll need to be motivated to work on your own and also a team player.

As we alluded to earlier, programming skills are highly valued, can teach transferrable skills, and will only increase in value as the use of computers spreads across the world. The career you'll be using your coding for mightn't even exist yet!

Challenges in Programming

Of course, if programming was that easy and fun, everybody would be doing it. While app, web, or software development can be rewarding, it's far from easy and even programmers with years of experience can have a hard time of it.

We mentioned that you need to be meticulous, but sometimes your code just doesn't work or when it does, it causes another part of your program to fail. Programming can be a frustrating balancing act. There are few subjects where correcting part of your work can cause other parts of it to be wrong. Programmers can spend a lot of time just trying to fix bugs and errors.

It's also a subject with a high entry barrier. While it's very easy to get into coding (there are resources and lessons almost everywhere), it's a subject where you have to spend anywhere from hours to years learning the skills before you can do anything of note. With software development, you certainly won't be making the next killer app after your first lesson.

Areas of Programming Studied at School

If you're interested in coding, your first real opportunity to study it in the classroom will probably be during computer science lessons at school. While IT will teach you how to use a computer, computer science has more of a focus on getting computers to work.

Here, we'll look at the subjects and topics taught on an AQA computer science GCSE. There'll be a few differences depending on the exam board, but this should give you a better idea.

In a typical GCSE computer science course, students will cover algorithms, programming constructs, programming techniques, programming languages, and data representation. They'll also cover the theory behind computers and coding for them and learn about computer systems, memory and storage, computing fundamentals, networks, topologies, protocols, and cybersecurity.

While a GCSE in computer science won't immediately get you a career in software development, it's a great place for any interested student to start.

Private Tuition in Programming

The problem with the way students learn in school, college, or university is that they're usually one of several students that the teacher is trying to teach. While this is the most effective way to teach many students, it's not the most effective way to teach the individual student as you can't adapt the lessons to their level or preferred learning style.

A private tutor will either work with a single student or a small group of students. This allows them to adapt the lessons what their student wants to learn and how they want to learn. For example, a generic course may focus on teaching you Java but you find out halfway through that you'd rather be learning Python. A tutor, given that they know both programming languages, can adapt their courses if they need to.

You can also enjoy academic support tutoring to bolster school, college, or university courses. A tutor can help you study for exams, learn concepts that you struggled with in class, or change the way you see learning to ensure you get the most out of your other classes.

Finding a Programming Tutor in Leeds

You can use the Superprof website to find private tutors in Leeds. There are plenty of qualified and experienced tutors teaching all types of classes and courses. If you're after general classes, you can just search for computer programming, for example, but you can also search for a programming language like PHP, Python, or Java.

If you don't find any suitable tutors in or around Leeds, you can always look for tutors online, too. Online tutoring can be just as effective, especially for academic subjects like programming, and the tutors tend to charge less per hour as they don't have to travel to their classes and can use the time they save to teach more. As long as you have a webcam and a decent internet connection, you can learn more about computer science and programming from tutors anywhere in the world.

For those on a budget, group tutorials can split the cost of the lessons. Of course, this does mean that the tutor can't adapt the lesson to each student as much but if you and some friends, colleagues, or family members are interested in programming courses, this could be a good option.

Before you choose your tutor, you'll want to view their profile, see what they offer, and read the reviews left by their other students. Similarly, pay particular attention to what kind of tutoring offer and programming they teach. Some tutors offer the first hour for free so try a few out before deciding on which one is right for you.


💸 How much will I be charged for private computer programming lessons in Leeds and surrounds?

The average rate of computer programming lessons in Leeds is £19.


The price of computer programming lessons will differ depending on:


  • The experience of your tutor
  • Where your lessons will be held (via webcam or an outside location)
  • The frequency of your lessons and the duration of each class
  • The objective of your lessons.
  • The programming language you are using - are you learning python, java, or C ++?


Most of our instructors give their first lesson free.


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From a sample of 7 ratings, students rated their computer programming tutors an average of 5.0 out of five.


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18 private computer programming teachers are available to give computer programming lessons in Leeds and surrounds.


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