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Student of Physics-Mathematics supports you in a professional manner in the subjects of Physics, Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Algebra Programming, Science and more in Monterrey.

I like to teach in a free way, with obvious processes, structure the subjects and see the mistakes they usually make. Sometimes it is not difficult matter but the way that another person teaches is not the best for you.

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Six years of computer teaching experience and now working in a reputed college


1st lesson offered free !

Learn to create AAA Video Game Characters/Environments/Props. Online lessons from an Industry Professional.

My teaching methods vary depending on the individual. I understand some students work better to follow along and imitate as i go along. Whereas other work better by watching, taking notes and then going at it alone with guidance. So i adapt the method per individual.

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Studying Engineering in Computer Science Department at Bangalore now in final semester.

I use web cam to teach. If you are not much familiar then I will make videos of it. If you dont know about basics then you may can go through those and practice it. Don't worry I will teach clearly in videos also.

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I teach science,maths and computers - physics chemistry and any computer language. For the level(s)adult education, undergraduate, for children. I work as an embedded engineer in Bhat Bio tech india

My teaching methods are to show the students in practical and theory both till they understand the topics properly with revision every week so that they may not forget. Its like quality is better than quantity is my policy.

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IT professional working with IT company as a technical consultant. I am expert in windows servers, Cisco networking, and network security.

My classes are for the people who want make a career in IT industry and one who want to explore themselves in the world of technologies. classes are for 2 hours in a day. weekly test and conferences are there with leading tech giants.

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Career IT Professional 30+ years of experience offering Network and General IT lessons

Each lesson will cater to each specific student. There are no predefined plans. Working to learn material relevant to each students individual goal. Lessons will have a simple, discussion, review and test format.

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Graduated in Graphic Design offers graphics FOR PRINCIPIANTI in the province of Padua

My lessons will be developed according to the student from a basic level to a more complicated one, it will dominate the practice and therefore it will be essential to have a computer with the programs (illustrator and photoshop). The private lessons will all be 1h30min / 2h in the afternoon or in the morning according to the needs.

San Andrés Cholula
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Engineering student in mechatronics, practicing at the INAOE in Puebla for computer classes

Teaching must be appropriate to each learning style, however, the others should not be ignored. To all the people the teaching includes a visual percentage, an auditory percentage and another kinesthetic, so the theoretical and practical part go hand in hand.

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I teach concepts regarding computer information systems and how to properly program them.

I have found there to be a big gap between your experience in school as opposed to the actual real world. There is such a disconnect between the two, and I would like to show how the two are disconnected. My teaching methodology is to teach what you really need to know in the real world.

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Learn physics and maths, which are both part of science in a better way.

My teaching methods are simple, using real life examples. I believe teaching just the subject is not the key for success, but it's the knowledge of many other key things. I follow topics in a way which makes anyone remember at one go.

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IT Engineer with broad experience offering IT classes to all ages and levels

Learn by doing is the best method, i will give you the basic tools to startup and help you troubleshoot in IT related issues you might face. I found it to be a very productive way of teaching. Make mistakes and i am here to help you solve them.

Flora Hill
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I'm here to help with any maths and computer related tutoring needs

I have completed a training and assessing, communications and negotiation and influencing courses. I continue to believe that good results at school have everything to do with the teacher and so communication becomes imperative in understanding content and hence good results.

1st lesson offered free !

I have 19 years of tutoring in several schools l solve these problems that student encounter.

My teaching method is online classes.i will do your work within the given deadline with no plagiarism at all. High-quality work guaranteed I can help you in this essay! and all academics. I am expert in computer science and academics. I can solve all problems that student encounter in their academics. I will do your work within the given deadline with no plagiarism at all.

Haltom City
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IT Professional offering Computer lessons in Fort Worth, TX either home or online

My teaching methodology is making the students learn through the examples. We start with the syntax of the programming language and after that we will build up the complete program.

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Home Tutor means Shadow Teaching ,which will impact a lot for the development of any student

I strongly believe in Shadow Teaching in today's generation.I follow the basic road map about the study of a student, focus on his weaknesses. And only focus on 1 syllabus not more. To get a bonding with your student is much more important then anything else.

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I have the best stuffed knowledge to make you all gain the knowledge regarding maths and computers

I do initiate teachings with the basic knowledge. And I will take you all deeper to know concepts with creativity. I am a very good experienced teacher in mathematics. And make students learn easily all the concepts in a good manner.

Ciudad de México
1st lesson offered free !

I´m a Student at Escuela Superior de Fisica y Matematicas , teaches Mathematics and Physics at High School, Elementary School level.

I teach classes in a dynamic way, working on doubts through exercises and theory. Accompanied by educational videos, as well as simple tasks focused on the student's integral learning. The course is developed through partial exams, to identify and work on the hardest topics for the student. As wella guide by subject, and an online study guide.

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Learn Graphic Design. The easy way by Kshitij Khurrana (Media Tech.) Student

I teach from my laptop by giving live screen recorded tutorials or live sessions. My classes are available on youtube or live streams on Twitch. I go by topic by topic and will try to solve the problems if any student has any.

Sasanka sekhar
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Experts in C, C++, Database Management, Engineering Eco and Soft computing Tech

I basically focused on the fundamentals of the topic. Before approaching the topic I prefer to teach the minimum required peripheral knowledge a student must have to cop up the subject. I used to adjust my teaching methodology as per the subject matter knowledge and requirement of the student. My classes are usually but not restricted to the students of B. Tech/ M.C.A., M.Tech(Comp. Sc.), M.

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Passion to Teach Computer Courses for high School Students and a Freelancer.

My methodology will be simple yet realistic and informative. I can give the higher school students who want to have a good base for their future in Computer Science. I will impart knowledge more into practical along with theoretical information.

1st lesson offered free !

I am Btech in IT.Currently working in Punjab National Bank.Can teach competitive exams skills.

I Can teach someone online in the evening after 6-7 pm . I can assure you good concepts learning methods so that the learner can qualify exams easily. I can teach reasoning and quantitative aptitude very well and increase the students problem solving speed.

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Student master 1 computer gives math and english high school to high school

Where do the school difficulties come from? There are no bad students, there are only bad methods. In general, the lack of self-confidence leads to a loss of motivation resulting in lower results, which confirms the feeling of departure. A very common vicious circle in which even parents can be helpless is where the particular teacher comes in.

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Inquisitive mind solves problems even in dreams, let's be inquisitive all time

I try to be more practical than theoritical wherever possible. E.g, show objects, use clay, paper, etc for geometry understanding. I am known to be a children friendly person. Have maths and science tuition experience and software industry development experience.

Kuwar prateek
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Despite being a graduate student teaching is my passion ''learning is fun when its not a task alone to accomplish''

Physic is the basis of how you observe the world,the proper understanding of the subject makes it more simple and interesting to know the world in which we live.Unlike other subjects other than just the concepts and laws the thing which actually make learning easy is imagination.One who is good at imagination is good at observing and understanding the application of physics in day -to-day life.

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I am a mathematics expert and can handle students by my own way.

I am a student of bacherlors of information technology and a good student so I know the students problems and can easily sort out it. I can help them and will teach them in best environment. I have 2 year experience in teaching.

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Completed Master from Embedded systems, have experience in to networking and MS OFFICE, system related quires

I have done my master in embedded systems, and the teaching level is upto the mark, the basic structure i want to discuss about the networking and system related quires. About networking i have the real time experience in to networking and other levels. Basic level of networking.

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Learn android application mobile development and do your own apps with in short time

I am working as android application developer at a corporate company , i am having 5+ years experience in android application development , i completed my master in computer science and engineering , while teaching i will provide you the notes and examples for each and every topics I will handle the class for all the people completed there computer degrees or any degrees , colleges , schools ,...

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Learn How to Rank on First Page of Google by Organic Methods

Created a wonderful website but not able to rank on the first page of google? Register for this course if you want to know how can you rank on the first page of google without getting penalised by Google. Completely White Hat Methods.

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Mentor For Android and IOS Swift , Java and other languages and all Kind of Maths

This is Vishal I have been working as Mobile Developer and Software Developer and part time Mentor for Maths and computer subjects , would like to teach the students and give practical knowledge , I believe in to share good knowledge to students so they can be achieve what they deserve in their life ..

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Perfect! Great tutor , very Knowledgeable, always prompt and on time. All in all very helpful. Thanks Ajinkya

Ben, student
6 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Jason is both professional and delightful, a credit to himself and his profession. His friendly relaxed approach instills confidence and makes for a very pleasant and enjoyable tutoring. I would not hesitate in giving my highest praise and...

Michael, student
10 months ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Julien is an incredibly nice and gifted animator. I'm very excited about our future lessons.

Kevin, student
10 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Excellent training - planned, patient, thorough Ana is professional but keeps the personal touch and very lovely person! Sad that she's going back to Barcelona, but very happy for her that she has found her dream job. Chloe

Chloe, student
2 years ago
Ana margarita
(1 review)

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