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The history of cooking classes in Leeds

The capital of the North is one of the most dynamic cities in the United Kingdom.

Famous for being the biggest financial centre in the country outside of London, Leeds has quickly grown into a true cultural destination, boasting a wide variety of boutiques, restaurants, bars and museums.

It’s certainly a city where people live well. A stop at Call Lane will quickly prove that.

With a population of over 780,000, although the wider West Yorkshire Urban Area holds a total of 1.8 million people, Leeds is a sizeable economic area.

With a demography like that, it’s no wonder the city offers a wide variety of services.

There are many different types of restaurants and cafes, where you can discover Leeds’ local produce, as well as a mix of food from all over the world. Unsurprisingly, cooking classes aren’t hard to come by in Leeds!

You can get a taste of Leeds’ local produce, as well as traditional British dishes, at restaurants like The Cross Keys and The Midnight Bell, both known for their Sunday roasts, The Grill on the Square, where you can taste a mean British steak, Crafthouse, in Briggate, where British produce is placed at the forefront, and The Man Behind the Curtain, a Michelin-starred restaurant in the heart of the city known for its 11-course “yellow brick road” tasting menu.

But that’s not all the city has to offer. A true melting pot of food cultures, Leeds is home to restaurants and food trucks that promote international delicacies from around the world. Independent eateries, such as Bundobusts and Trinity Kitchen, specialise in street food, from India to Vietnam to the United States. Another historic market known for its street food, Kirkgate Market, holds Café Moor, where you’ll find North African and Middle Eastern dishes.

From Leeds City Square to Saint Anne’s Cathedral, and out towards Harehills or Holbeck, you’ll be able to taste the different local specialties and even learn how to prepare them.

You’ll also be able to find the best local produce in the different markets around the city, the Farmer’s Market in Briggate being particularly recommended for its locally-farmed produce and its lively atmosphere.

You can’t miss the local delicacies, from Yorkshire pudding to pork pie to Wensleydale cheese and kulfi, a frozen dessert popular in India.

All of these are to be relished (with little restraint) during your cooking classes in Leeds!

Why it’s useful to take cooking classes in Leeds

Deciding to take cooking classes is rarely a matter of chance for Loiners. Their motivations can be quite varied and diverse, although there are usually a couple that come up more than others.

Given the great success of cooking shows like Iron Chef UK, The Great British Bake-Off, and MasterChef, more and more young Brits are rolling up their sleeves and getting dirty in the kitchen.

For some of them, there’s a long family history of cooking, and they’ve already learned basic recipes, thanks to their parents and grandparents. Now, they’re looking to diversify their culinary heritage.

For others, they’re starting from scratch. In fact, Leeds is home to over 60,000 students, which makes it one of the largest student cities in the United Kingdom.

Among these students, many wish to put an end to their “convenience” diets based on pasta, eggs and baked beans. We’ve got to find them cooking classes, in Leeds and its surrounding area, to help them eat better.

Additionally, cooking classes in Leeds can have a professional orientation.

Because, if you’re looking to become a chef one day, you’ll likely be in need of private cooking lessons.

These will help you master easy little delicacies, proper to traditional home cooking (toad in the hole, Yorkshire pudding, treacle tart, etc.), as well as more complex dishes (meat and tattie pie, Harrogate tart, rhubarb pudding, Yorkshire pork pie, etc.).

Cooking like a true chef will certainly open many doors for you in Leeds: you’ll be able to open up a catering business, become a pastry chef, a personal chef, a sous-chef, a sommelier, head chef, etc.

Cooking classes can also be ideal if you’re looking to master the art of the cocktail, in order to blow your friends and family away when you expertly combine the best quality ingredients into unique and tasty creations.

A cooking class can last either one, two, or three hours, depending on the school, or even the whole day, for certain masterclasses…

You can also find at-home cooking classes, which follow the traditional model of private lessons (like for math or French, for example), although they often take place in a professional kitchen, to ensure the proper equipment is available, just like theatre classes require a stage or music lessons may require a piano.

Taking cooking classes in Leeds can be a great idea. But you must be careful and watch out for quality.

Cooking classes in Leeds: how does it all work?

Their structure can vary greatly, depending on the type of class you choose. For example, you can spend the day kneading bread to make rosemary focaccia or delicious cinnamon swirls, or you can decide to play with different spices from around the world to make a variety of different dishes, learning the specific cooking techniques along the way.

Some classes also include an element of oenology, where the instructor will present the principles of food and wine pairing.

Thanks to your new lessons, you’ll soon be able to present your masterful creations to your friends and family, and blow them away with your newly-acquired skill of refining restaurant-quality menus made up of 100% seasonal produce!

It’ll be no surprise if you end up giving cooking classes yourself one day, and we’re sure your schedule will even be quite full! Nothing will stop you from coming up with new, original recipes that will surely open the doors of The Berkeley whenever you next make your way to London.

The main cookery schools in Leeds

One of the main schools in Leeds is Get Cooking, a home cooking school created to make classic, simple recipes fun and accessible to all.

Courses range from Spanish, French and South Asian cooking to breadmaking, herbalism and craft ale brewing, with some vegetarian and vegan options as well. The school also hosts private parties and company events upon request, and, with a venue in Farsley, is accessible from both Leeds and Bradford.

Another popular cooking school is the Leeds Cookery School. Here, you’ll find a variety of different courses centred around seasonal ingredients and sustainable eating. With over 30 classes that range from hour-long sessions to full-day workshops, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

If you’re interested in wine tasting, you can check out the Yorkshire Wine School, which hosts wine tastings and wine courses at the Radisson Blu hotel, in the city centre.

In Leeds, like most anywhere else, it’s important to trust word of mouth.

You’ll see that you’ll discover many cooking classes this way, classes that you wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. Soon you’ll be travelling around the world, from kitchen to kitchen, without even having to hop on a plane! You want to learn how to properly mix Indian spices? Or perhaps you hope to impress your kids with sweet treats worthy of the Great British Bake-Off? Piece of cake!

In Leeds, there are classes for everyone, no matter what you’re hoping to perfect. Want some proof?

As our taste buds are slowly introduced to flavours from all around the world, there’s been a growing interest in South and Southeast Asian food, particularly Indian and Thai.

Thanks to several cooking schools in Leeds, you’ll be able to learn about the different ingredients used in Asian cuisine, as well as where to source them from. And you’ll see how easy it is to mimic the flavours found at your favourite restaurants, once you have the proper ingredients!

All Leeds students are happy with the broad offer of courses! From organic cooking to vegetarian and vegan cooking, herbalism, bread making, Latin American food, Italian food, Indian cooking, Spanish food, and everything in between!

If you have kids, don’t forget to find out about the different cooking workshops for kids happening around Leeds!

It’s also becoming more and more common to get creative with your gift ideas and to go beyond the commonplace gift voucher. So why not gift an Italian cooking class (yum, ricotta tortellini with gelato) or a pastry class (lemon tart and crème anglaise, anyone?) and then invite yourself over to taste your friends’ new creations!

You’ll be sure to get a better reaction than when you gift a regular old gift box.

Find a good cooking instructor in Leeds

With all that being said, the most convenient way to learn how to cook in Leeds is to turn to Superprof. Incredibly flexible, we offer at-home cooking lessons, online cooking lessons, as well as cooking workshops around the city (where, given our instructors’ teaching skills, you’ll feel right at home!).

You’ll quickly be able to find the lesson for you by browsing our website. Parents, children: our classes are taught by one of our 4 rockstar tutors in Leeds, and we have another 1,260 personal instructors available for online classes throughout the UK. Superprof will put you in touch with them directly and takes no commission whatsoever.

You can take a look at our instructors’ individual profiles, where you’ll find their name, their professional title, a quick summary of their background and credentials (or diplomas), their hourly rate, previous students’ ratings, their specialties, a picture, whether or not they offer the first lesson for free… Everything’s right there on their contact page!

In short, at an average rate of £15 an hour (and £11 for our online tutors), you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in terms of cooking classes in Leeds.


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