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Profession cricketer having a passion for training cricketers in all age groups. My training program will transform you to the next level and you will enjoy every game you play with skills you gain.

I start with the basics of cricket which involves Batting: 1. Holding the bat, 2. Stands, 3. Footwork, 4. Weight transformation and balancing while playing the shot, 5. Drives, 6. Different types of shots, 7. Placement of the ball, 8. The timing of the shot, 9. Running between the wickets, 10. Performing in the pressure situations Bowling: 1. Holding the ball, 2. Run up.

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I take pride in achieving excellence, I take responsibility for what I do, recognising other’s good work.  I set consistently high standards and expectations, ensuring that everyone has the skills to

Self employed Consultant Enabler As a Consultant Enabler my role was to provide student-led assistance to student’s with Disabilities, in order to help them access their learning and to engage with student life, this included, note taking and providing mobility support.

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Football Coach offering football Coaching for all ages in Accrington and blackburn

My teaching methods are that i set a session plan with what i am going to do and then make sure that the session is adaptable so that everyone will be involved also when i am teaching a new class i will ask them what they can do and what they want to earn then adapt my session to make sure that i include everything the pupils have told me

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Qualified and experienced PE Teacher and excellent sportsman looking to share my expertise with you

Fun, enjoyable environment. That is how I have developed my career with excellent results and relationships with my students. I have experience of teaching students from the age of 6-18. I also have extensive coaching experience in a range of sports. I aim each session to the needs of the student and not to my needs as a teacher/coach.

Greater London
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Criminal Justice Student/ minor in sports offering help within Sports Studies and Fitness management

My teaching method is more verbal and physical instead of note taking. I like to involve activities within my learning so you can grasp the aspect I am teaching quicker and hopefully easy to remember as I am making you physically do It instead of reading over notes constantly.

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A sportsman offering you best tips through social media. i.e Cricket and Table tennis

My teaching methodology is that i will take classes on every weekend on Skype, Whats app etc. I will attract the student fully towards the game that he will be passionate to learn new things from me in a very frankly way. Although i can arrange classes in the 5 working days as well if the student wants.

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Sports tutor previously worked for 2 professional football clubs with over a decade of experience.

i approach each topic with great in depth knowledge and teach in a way that is fun and the class have in depth knowledge and learn extremely quickly with my techniques and skills. Primary school is my expertese but have reached in universities and upper schools.

Greater London
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A cricket lover gives cricket lessons to all the students willing to learn

A cricket lover gives cricket lessons to all the students willing to learn. I am crazy cricketer from India love to interact and instruct on cricketing skills . Have been playing cricket since childhood and also watching professional cricket tournaments very closely.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Current Athlete with a footballing background. Huge Liverpool fan and former sports journalist fanatic

My topic is usually debate type on the weekly football stories and the media. I love to hear people's opinions and give my view also.

1st lesson offered free !

New Zealand visitor offering great cricket lessons and skilled advise in Harrogate

I am best at teaching one on one and obversing the teachnique of the pupil so that it can be improved on quickly. Sessions will start at the basic level and will be worked at, so that it can progress to a more advanced level.

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School First Team Captain for both cricket and hockey, have played cricket for 12 years and hockey for 13.

I am a highly keen sportsman who plays rugby hockey and cricket, I am more than able to coach both hockey and cricket up to county standard

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Talent is hidden in someone somewhere it's only a matter to find right your right move.

I am an all rounder with thorough knowledge about sport , rules and fitness exercises necessary for Cricket.

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PE Teacher/Sports Coach Offering Sessions In Milton Keynes At Primary School Age

I approach sport as a subject that can be enjoyable for anyone, if differentiated properly. During my years of teaching PE in a primary school, I have encountered many different types of obstacles that have halted participation.

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Head sports coach with 11 years experience offering lessons in most sports and how to coach them.

Everyone has a skill, a passion, an ability. Its my job to find it and turn it into something spectacular. This is my philosophy and this is how my lessons run, I find what works and I exploit it to get the best results.

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It is a passion in india and I love it did you

Based on student I teach according to the students need.

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Surrey cricket player looking to help develop young cricketers while still having fun

For the people I am teaching to have fun but still learn and get better at what they are doing

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Tutoring for sports especially for cricket and football have fun every one

My teaching method is to show tutorials on how I do it then I let others try if they get stuck then I help them

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Post graduate student offering good coaching in cricket fields like batting and bowling

I will personally meet u to coach u in the fields like batting and bowling depends on ur interest towards cricket

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Cheap service that will het you through any tough work you are stuggling with.

I am approachable and helpful I am here to help just ask.

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Football enthusiast offering lessons for young kids (7-15) in London. Evenings and weekends only.

My approach to learning and perfecting a skill is to identify the individual's strong areas in the game. I am very observant of natural talent, however talent does not count if the person does not have the motivation to improve, therefore that is what I focus on applying to my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Sports Science Student in Winchester offering sharp football fitness and technique training

Having been a coach for a year before university I'll give well structured sessions on both fitness and technique. My footballing experience has allowed me to pick up academy style drills that I want to share with aspiring young players.

New Delhi
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I will teach you the basics things of cricket how to play

my teaching method is to teach with basics things.

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1st lesson offered free !

I am cricket coach and i had played zonal cricket team and i belongs to rewa m.p.

My teaching method is practically as well as theoretically and its little awkward to be theoretical in sports bt i make it because of positions to be knowligible to everyone as they saw it in as simple as good it is

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Vivid knowledge in both cricket and football, Sports person, Energetic and enthusiastic

I believe one can learn better by simply talking about it. This is the technique I use in my lessons. I use extremely simple language, interesting resources and YouTube videos as homework to get you started. I am extremely patient and will work with you till the end. I'm open to all sorts of questions and would love to be a part of your journey of self improvement.

1st lesson offered free !

Cricket is my passion and therefore have chosen to make career in the field which I am interested.

I love dealing with childrens and handle them by their way gracefully. Mixing up with them helps me to work with them very smoothly and efficiently. Can handle the students effectively in class room as well as on the ground also.

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Self football player won various football tournaments and work for student want to learn.

My methodology is your basic should be strong you must be focus and there should be only one clear goal in your mind. If i teach anybody i want that person to be fully dedicated toward this game and all it will come together one day. small steps and focus is the key to success.

1st lesson offered free !

I like to teach subject like english and speaking and as well maths

As i feel teacher is like a god for students and if i will teach you so feel free to ask anytime because its my responsibilty to give you valid answer.everyone is not perfect in life as mistakes are part of life so maybe you have more knowledge than me..

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of the madman. He will continue hitting your balls hard.

My teaching method includes these things: 1.you should be regular. 2. Practice alot on your cricket skill. 3. I"ll give you tips and advice how to work on your cricket. 4. I"ll teach you how to make good strategy in game of cricket. 5.

1st lesson offered free !

An Entrepreneur and a sports enthusiast willing to spend some time giving away what he has within.

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