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3,685 dissertation tutors are available to help you.

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Choose your tutor from one of our 3,685 profiles.

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What is the average rating for tutors giving online dissertation classes?

From a sample of 921 reviews, students give an average score of 5.0 out of 5.

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Uni is an exciting time of self-discovery and learning new concepts and disciplines that will prepare you for your future. Though university courses are highly recommended by persons across the UK, it’s important to state that they aren’t always easy. It isn’t uncommon for university pupils to want to give up on their studies every once in and while; especially when dissertations must be worked on and completed. But, what is a dissertation and is it possible to learn more about dissertations online? Let’s find out! 

What is a Dissertation? 

A term that is very well known among academics and university grads, there are many who might be considering their return to uni yet they do not know what a dissertation is. So, what’s a dissertation? In the simplest of terms, a dissertation is a typical research project that is completed as part of an undergraduate or graduate degree. In a standard dissertation, students are given the freedom to ask a question that is relevant to their studies and then they must present adequate findings to answer their question. It’s important to state that, in the UK, degree-end research projects are known and called dissertations; however, in other parts of the world, dissertations are also known as thesis’. While analysing a dissertation, examiners are looking to see whether university students have garnered sufficient independent research skills that will help them in their careers. To write, research, and present a dissertation, a lot of time is required. Most students will spend months thinking about their dissertation question and another few months finding the information to back up their evidence. Dissertations are feared by most uni students in the United Kingdom since they are notorious for being the most difficult assignment post-secondary pupils will go through.

Is It Possible to Learn About Dissertations Online? 

Since they are intimidating and complex, many persons have consulted with dissertation tutors to guide them. But, is it possible to find dissertation educators online? Absolutely! Since the start of the 21st century, more and more students have been taking lessons online across a wide variety of topics and dissertation is one of them. Students of all ages and backgrounds love virtual learning sessions since they are comfortable, affordable, and accessible no matter where you live. It’s worth stating that the only difference between in-person and online dissertation lessons is that the tutor isn’t physically present in the same room as you, but you get to learn about your dissertation in the comfort of your own home, so, you’re the real winner! To have access to passionate and talented dissertation tutors, all students need to do is download a videoconferencing platform such as Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet, have a decent internet connection, and have an electronic device such as a tablet, a phone, or a computer. Also, it’s worth stating that on certain tutoring sites in the United Kingdom, you can find professional and private educators that can assist you with your dissertation regardless of the topic or question that you’ve selected. How’s that? Many times, at UK-based universities, the structure of dissertations and evaluation rubric of examiners is the same; therefore, professional tutors can easily provide you with the necessary tips and tricks to see you succeed. 

Where Can I Find Dissertation Tutors in the UK?

As a result of online tuition becoming so popular, there are many tutoring communities in the United Kingdom that offer their services online to students preparing for their dissertations in both rural and urban areas. Nonetheless, there is only one website that you should be visiting to look for online dissertation educators whether you live in Nottingham or Notting Hill, London. Such as? Superprof! With more than 17 million tutors teaching subjects from rock climbing to geography and maths to Italian, you are bound to find the perfect dissertation tutor on Superprof. For example, according to our website, there are currently more than 1300 dissertation teachers that offer virtual lessons to undergraduate and postgraduate students who are preparing for their upcoming dissertations. Tutors who provide dissertation tips offer affordable prices that won’t break the bank of university students. Hire a Superprof today; you won’t regret it! 

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