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Muhammad ali
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Ph.D. Electrical engineering Research student offering lessons in the related field in Guilford

My approach is totally based on student, I will first listen to the student and then try to develop notes as per his/her understanding. I am open to taking lectures that falls into my area of expertise. I am more focused towards building concepts by developing the lectures as simple as possible.

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Mechatronics lecturer offering tuition in Maths and Engineering tuition up to level 4

I teach dependent on the needs of the learner; I enjoy 1-1 teaching because it allows me to adopt a far more personal approach, reacting to the the needs of the individual learner. I believe in learning through doing and solving problems in a 'real world' context.

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering student teaching Mathematics (up to uni level), Physics (up to ) and anything Electronics.

By carefully understanding the individual first, i am able to craft a set of examples that de-mystifies any concept from the topics above. What sets me apart from everyone else is the ability to relate a concept to real world scenarios where you apply the concepts - to give you an appreciation of the concept.

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Post Engineering student, looking to tutor GCSE to AS Level Mathematics standard.

I will teach whatever is needed. Going over basics to get a solid foundation and to test what is already known. Then from there learn what method of retaining information works for the student and make sure they fully understand what it is they are being taught before carrying on.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Lets work on that degree together, as I have already done it.

My main aim would be to focus all the energy to pass exams and assignments. We can work through your set assignments, and go through work that you struggle with. Having tutored for many years, I have built up excellent skills at being able to slowly and thoroughly explain the work at hand. This will be a two way tutoring, where you let me know how fast or slow, I should go through the work.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a highly educated and experienced Electronic Engineer and motivated toward growth the subject and teach this amazing field and related areas to potential students.

I highly believe that educating electronic and related fields should be tangible for students so I will be providing a tangible example at the end of each topic and trying to provide a real question in real world to students to solve in order to make the topic more easy to learn.

1st lesson offered free !

Relationships, communication, working together! That’s what tutoring is to me! I am registered teacher in Scotland and look forward to helping you.

I employ a relaxed method of teaching to get the best out of the learner. I have a variety of strategies from direct instruction to more open ended questioning skills and higher order thinking. I will suit my methods to your strengths.

1st lesson offered free !

Electronic Engineer and Software Developer offering lessons in programming and electronics in manchester

I like to help students to develop a deep understanding of a topic, starting with the fundamentals and building up to real work applications. Lessons should provide the necessary information for someone to go ahead and start developing there understanding by carrying out independent projects.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering tutor with 10 Years experience of teaching Math,Computer Programming languages Adult level

My teaching Method is diverse since different students have different ways of understanding concepts. Even though most of my lessons are online i try as much as possible to connect with the student's needs in order to accommodate all their needs. I use real-life examples to explain difficult concepts in which students have challenges with.

Greater London
Sivasankar reddy
1st lesson offered free !

Master in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur with Teaching and Industry Experience. Total 8 years of experience of which two years in Malaysia as a lecturer. Eperience in Power System, Power El

Teaches each concept in simple language with real time examples. I taught students from class to degree level. Taught Electrical Engineering concepts with example of Laboratory experiments. Each teaching session has learning outcomes. Lesson Structure. 1. Introduction 2.Objective. 3.Learning outcomes. First I will understand the level of student before delivering the lecture.

1st lesson offered free !

Second year electrical and electronic engineering Bristol university student enjoyes teaching and explaining engineering concept.

I base my class in 3 steps. I first start by explaining the concept and the theory behind it a brief check and then move on to explain the math of there is any math on the way and finally end up with checking your understanding exercise.

1st lesson offered free !

Fresh engineering post graduate offering lessons for engineering modules. Individual modules can be discussed.

Can be catered to need. Usually involvs weekly quizzes to prepare for engineering exams and assignments.

1st lesson offered free !

Offering Electrical Engineering courses with specialization in Electromagnetics also required physics revised.

I teach all topics from basics and make sure that students understand them deeply along with applications. I also give emphasis on numericals and derivations. With regularity i beleive that all topics can be understood if taught with devotion.

1st lesson offered free !

Female Biomedical Engineering graduate offering school and university level tutoring near Glasgow

I base my tutoring around around tips and techniques I have employed to help me understand and retain knowledge of a particular subject, and ensure that the underlying concepts are grasped before more advanced material is taught.

(3 reviews)
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A highly qualified experienced and skilled tutor is available at your doorstep

My teaching method is learner oriented exercise based and tend to help learner in step wise solutions. I give lessons to undergraduate and A level Math students but can assist any level of Math easily. I am very keen and enthusiastic to help my students.

1st lesson offered free !

Electrical and Computer Engineering tutor giving lessons in courses containing Mathematics, Electricity, Computer Programming and Industrial Controls.

We cover basic principles in sufficient detail to ensure concrete understanding at higher levels of abstraction. I use a meticulous yet patient, open-minded, encouraging and non-judgemental attitude to my students, their abilities and their goals.

1st lesson offered free !

Masters Graduate & Full time youth Worker, offering tuition in KS3, GCSE & Alevel Subjects

Student focused & goal orientated. I see results when students are encouraged & confident in their ability to succeed.

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A professional Engineer offering robotic lessons using Arduino Kits and sensors for students

I am a UK based Academic researcher, writer, tutor, mathematician, management professional and co-founder of academicianhelp.co.uk. I have extensive experience in Mathematics, Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Management.

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C programming, OOP , PHP, Electronic, Math, REMOTE ONLY, Master degree in Electronic

I am an Electrical and Computer Engineering with Master in Electronic, with +4 years experience in Software Web development, and with the passion for sharing knowledge. I have been tutoring my youngest brother and some of his friends that are studying IT at University and also during my graduation I did some tutoring to get some income.

1st lesson offered free !

Electromechanical Engineer offering Maths, Computer Aided Engineering Design, Physics and Electronics courses in Manchester and surrounding boroughs.

Teach and train practically the fundamental principles governing the major concepts in the field of mechanical and electronics engineering. Solve problems in engineering design and mathematical computation based on the lesson provided on the topic.

1st lesson offered free !

I have good knowledge of electrical engineering so I want to tell some thing about this

I want to teach about electrical machines because it's my favourite one subject so I will more focused on this

1st lesson offered free !

I am an Electrical Engineering Tutor who is willing to help you through your course work.

I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering as well as 10+ years of experience in digital, analog and radio frequency technologies. During my Master's, I developed a high affinity to teach and transfer the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated in control systems and radio frequency technologies.

1st lesson offered free !

I will provide help related to your engineering projects . I can teach anything related to engineering (mechanical , electrical , computer )

I will teach according to best of my knowledge.surely as i have experience i will able to teach engineering in a best way.my lessons will be mixture of theoretical and practical examples.

1st lesson offered free !

Lessons and course help in math, physics, engineering and computer science related subjects

I can offer help in courses related to math, physics, engineering and computer science. I can provide high quality teaching of concepts, as well as help with understanding course material, assignments and directing you to good resources. I will tailor the class based on your specific needs.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

UCL Robotics Masters student teaching Robotics, Electronics, Programming with 3 years experience

I have been working as a personal tutor for 3 years with adults, kids, engineers, primary school students, so I know how to give the best to any age category. I also know how to be friend with the student, make a clear respect and proficiency rules and cooperating with parents. I can teach robotics courses with electronics, control, mechanics all covered with respect to your level.

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Electrical and Electonics Engineering all topics along with mathematics module Tuition

I am researcher and have teaching experience of university undergraduate + postgraduate level on the Electrical and Electronics modules. Electrical and Electronics Modules are related to the following: 1. Electrical Engineering (power modules) 2. Electronics Engineering (Pure Electronics Modules, Communication Modules) 3.

1st lesson offered free !

Ex RAF instructor in Electrical Engineering with 14 years experience. Can teach anything from basic electrical principles up to how to fault fingers and rectify.

I am Gary Wood and if your looking to start electrical engineering erring at Modern Apprenticeship level I will be able to help. You can decide the pace and structure we use and I will assist in coaching you. If you put the effort in with me I know you will be successfully in your Modern Apprenticeship.

1st lesson offered free !

Math, Physics, Electrical and Electronic tutor have to be in Plymouth city and I have 3 years of experience in teaching undergraduate students. I prefer to teach secondary and primary school students

I recently graduated with a Master degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Plymouth. After getting the Master degree from the University of Plymouth, Teaching and learning Certificate and University teaching allowance Certificate from the University of Anbar.

Greater London
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Power and propulsion systems engineering research assistant offering private tuition in London

I tutor up to postgraduate level students in engineering and maths (A-level), using techniques to suit the student ability (A-level or university), I also offer individual project support. As a tutor I am attentive and observant to student needs, believing in practice and examples.

1st lesson offered free !

Engineering Masters degree graduate offering Mathematics, physics and Electrical Engineering University level in Middlesbrough

My teaching method is based on three sources which makes it an effective tool to teaching: . Schemata Theory- I use what students already know by building on their existing background. . Meaningful Verbal Learning-Presents information in a systematic way. .Active Learner Involvement- Use teacher questioning to involve students actively in the learning process.

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Perfect! He is very professional, easy to get along, friendly and most importantly an expert in his field. I look forward to continue tutoring sessions with Tamoor

Richard, student
3 weeks ago

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