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Computer Tech that can help with most computer needs Middlesbrough or Online

All students are individual and everyone learns in their own unique way.

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Essential Computer Skills taught by a Windows Guru in Worthing, West Sussex

My teaching method is very individual based. Within a class I try to adapt and adjust the lesson to best suit the collection of students present. I believe learning is a very personal action and not everyone will learn the exact way. I like to incorporate music into my lessons as a memory anchor.

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Business student offering expertise in IT such as teaching how to use

The way I teach is that I listen to my students and also I will give them feedback. I will not interrupt my students.

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Will give professional tutoring to students who want to learn to use the computer better (advanced mode)

I have experience in technology and computing for 19 years, 10 years of graphic and web design, i know to work with windows, know many insights to be more productive, multi tasking, how to use computer efficiently. i am certified in CEH, CHFI, and IT.

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Professional and qualified tutor offering ICT (and general studies) tutoring in Huddersfield region.

I deliver my training content to meet a wide array of learning styles. I produce very high quality learning materials and always ensure that my sessions are fun and interesting. I have experience of working with people from all different ages and backgrounds.

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Every lesson would have 2/3 objectives. By the end of the lesson, you would be able to complete the objective and perform the task yourself without my help. Lessons and be amended depending on your current skills. I will take on board your personal objective too and craft the lessons to get the most out the lessons.

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College and University graduate offering tuition for Graphic design, Photoshop and Media. Nottingham based + online lessons

With a keen interest and passion for art of all types, and having studied media and graphic design at college, I am offering fun and cooperative tuition. I am very easy going and tailor sessions around your needs, requirements, strengths etc.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Highly numerate science graduate from Surrey, offering basic computing and Maths tutoring

With relation to Maths tutoring, I tutor primary school age. With regards to computer tutoring, I tutor any age and any ability. I like to discuss the structure of the lesson with the student to their particular needs and abilities.

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Tutor with a creative flair offers lessons in art, design, textiles and computers

I am experienced at teaching in adult education with a variety of subjects such as Computers, Art, design, crafts and sewing, but mainly focusing on digital skills and didgital marketing. I am also proficient in the use of the Adobe creative suite and teach Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I also teach Microsoft word excel and Powerpoint and basic internet and computer skills.

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Practical Computing Tutor to a wide range of Learners in North Lancs/South Cumbria

I give lessons with individuals who have little or some skill in computing. I discuss with students and carry out assessment on line or verbally. I structure weekly learning from first lesson of 1 hour and perform lesson plans of learning from that time to co-incide with the students learning needs.

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Your First Foray Into Communicating, Searching and Understanding the Internet For All

A friendly, fun and patient teacher in all things basic (and advanced!) understanding of the internet. - The bespoke class will touch on all areas of Microsoft Word, printing, searching the Internet and getting what you need with ease. - There will be lots of examples of how you can navigate, but particular focus on what you need it for.

A alfredo
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1-to1 tuition. Computing, Italian, guitar playing. Seniors and beginners are my speciality

7 years Computing lecturing experience at Stevenson's College (now Edinburgh College). Beginners and seniors are my speciality. Currently lecturing at Napier University (P/T). Can also teach Italian language (native Italian) Can also teach cooking (had own restaurant for 3 years) and guitar + piano playing.

Greater London
Matt alexander
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I have no special talents but I am specially passionate - learn with me

I am a passionate person. I love to learn as much about everything I do so that the knowledge is updated, precise and thanks to that I get a deep understanding of the subject.

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IT, Basic and advanced Computing, Google and Web Developing and Web Modification

I give lessons for IT, computing, Google, Web developing and Web modification. It is not hard but not easy as well (if you really want to learn it you will be in good hands). I am most specialized in computing and Web Developing and modification.

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Computer student offering good computer basic for young children and learnt fro 12 years .

I am very kind and polite always give good ideas of the work and also can explain about the features about the computer i have respect and help someone out when they are stuck . Also i give my view about what they can improve on because they will help them in the future .

1st lesson offered free !

Basic computer help from a computing student going for bachelors in computers. All work to be done online.

I can give lessons to any age group of people, up to GCSE level and possibly even higher depending on the certain subject. I always give information in layman's terms to help the learner understand me as best as possible.

(4 reviews)
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Computer Courses for all levels. Introduction to computers, internet. Photo montage video. Etc ...

Hello, My name Emmanuel, I own a computer repair company, and also courses on Nancy. I was interviewed at the age of 8 years by Europe 1 for developing a website / forum at the time. This speaks volumes about the fact that I am passionate about IT. That's why after I joined the tray engineering school CESI in Villers-les-Nancy. This is where I learn programming.

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learn social media and internet in an effective way, and affordable price.

i can teach you whatever you want about the given subjects and make sure that you perform online activities with ease and perfect the social media game.

Rio de Janeiro
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Graduated in Computer Science from FAETEC, I teach Internet Initiation for the Elderly, children and anyone else who wants to learn how to navigate the wonderful virtual world without risk of catching

I approach the subject in a structured way, first we start with what the Internet is, that old story of how it came about, where it came from, what emerged, so that the student has a basis for the Internet's power to change the world around them.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Student in school WEB, will assist you when needed on your computer

I adapt to the person, and assist him in his task. I am a relaxed person, who does not hurry the student. I have no problem targeting a persons difficulties. My courses are for beginners, wishing to learn or to master a field.

West Footscray
Narciso maria
1st lesson offered free !

IT Helpdesk with eight years of experience gives basic computer lessons at home.

I know that there are fast and not-so-fast learners. I assure you, I will be with you every step of the way, going at your own pace. Let’s practice what you already know, and add something new each day. We will make every session fun and memorable at the most.

1st lesson offered free !

Learn and execute profitable corporate marketing campaigns on Facebook with live support.

My teaching method covers anybody who has an intermediate level knowledge about Facebook to someone who is at a beginner level. I try to make things simpler, make you understand things in different way thus making sure it retains into your mind. Since the Facebook's platform is same for all. I'll be covering everything right from setting up an ad account to becoming a pro.

1st lesson offered free !

L'informatique pour les débutants - prise en main du matériel et des opérations de base.

Vous souhaitez une assistance pour prendre en main votre matériel informatique et les logiciels de base ? Que ce soit un Apple Macintosh, un PC sous environnement Windows, un téléphone intelligent ou une tablette, je peux vous aider.

New Delhi
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Get basic knowledge of Computers. Become Google Certified by learning AdWords and Digital Marketing

- Learn to design campaigns and Ads - Get your business online on Google - Keyword Build - Learn about various other tacts about social media marketing - Campaign Specialist, Optimization, Managing Search, GDN and YouTube campaigns - Manage Budgets and pacing, supporting all launch related activities to keyword research, budget recommendations.

1st lesson offered free !

Hello, everyone, i am the student of MCS computer science and i am very good in HTML,PHP,C, ALSO i am very good in internet tricks browsing tricks and very friendly too also i can help you any problem

my teaching method is just way you understand..I will teach you like your friend.. my approch towards every subject is in practical mode not just in theoretical .i give practical information on almost on every topic..i am very happy go type teacher..

Naveen j
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

I work in the Marketing sector and specialize in Social Media Management, I live in Florence

The lessons are aimed at those who want to take care of Social Media Strategy, but also to those who have a small/medium company and want to integrate social networks in their marketing strategy, the teaching will take place both in person and also through multimedia content

Cheyenne Wells
1st lesson offered free !

Highly proficient in helping folks learn their new Android or apple phone, pc, Microsoft office applications, Skype, facebook, snapchat, internet explorer, Firefox, and Google chrome.

Previous tech support work experience and currently help local elderly members within my community in acclimating to the new technological advances such as social media, smart phones, computers, Microsoft applications etc. I am highly sociable, polite, patient and friendly with those with whom I teach.

Denistone West
1st lesson offered free !

K-6 Primary School Technology Teacher highly qualified in all Future focussed learning

My pedagogy is not to unnecessarily waste students time . To facilitate their learning and create higher order thinking skills that develop critical and creative knowledge then give them the confidence to apply this to real world experiences that leads to future careers.

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