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Printmaking student with extensive experience in multiple fine art fields, based in Brighton. Offering drawing/painting/sculpting classes.

My teaching method is mainly through demonstration and overseeing. I like to work alongside my tutees extensively and help them engage in the subject in way that is enjoyable and informal. My main objective is mainly to get involved with the materials, share techniques and overall have a good enjoyable experience.

1st lesson offered free !

Awarded animation director teach you quick in a entertaining and effective way!

Its a mix of showing great refernces and original materials from anime studios and works from agencys and clients all around the world and analysing student technics. Guide and listen to students as well like give them interactive oportunitys to improve themself.

1st lesson offered free !

My name is Pakiso and I am Veganic farmer and fine artist, I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I teach English, growing veganic food and Fine art

My teaching is rigorous and really creative, in English lessons, I focus on pronunciation and during veganic farming and art lessons, I have the experience to share.

1st lesson offered free !

Award winning student giving art lessons at GCSE level or lower in Hull

My name is Eve and I am currently studying Art, Photography and Graphics at A-Level. I am able to offer lessons in all of these subjects at GCSE level or lower having achieved awards in all of the these areas (featured on my CV).

1st lesson offered free !

Artistic individual sharing organic illustrative technices to anyone and everyone with a passion for creativity.

I allow students to explain their final targets early on, this allows me to teach efficiently and tailor the training to individual needs.

1st lesson offered free !

Games Art and Design Masters student offering fun and exciting lessons in drawing, graphic designing, painting. :)

I like to give a lot of examples and demostrations so that students can understand the different techniques that I explain during classes. I also like to show multiple approaches and tricks to solve problems. Apart from traditional drawing I like to inspirate and show digital methods of art creation.

1st lesson offered free !

Arts and Crafts with a bit of inspiration from Video games and Cartoons

My teaching methodology involves my skills on Psychology and Sociology. Personally I prefer to listen and meet the children with various activities with that purpose and then adapt my lessons to each student so that they are all being challenged and enjoying it their own way.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional Artist offering tuition in all things Creative. Based between Isle of Wight and Swansea.

I have a skill in drawing out the best in those I teach by letting the pupil take the lead, finding their strengths, and then working on those in order to grow in capabilities and strengths. Many a time it has been said to me by the pupil "I have no skill. I can't draw/paint/ect." Only for them to produce something they are proud of a short time after.

1st lesson offered free !

Architecture student teaching and helping develop drawing skills for beginners in London

My teaching methodology is very interactive and performative. I would like to engage students in taking the control to enhance their confidence over the subject. It will be based on tutorials, workshops and assignments to make sure that practice remains consistent in order to develop the required skill set.

West Bromwich
1st lesson offered free !

Hi, I'm a university graduate teaching Art, Design and Art Theory in Birmingham

I approach each lesson by building on the last, in order to create an ease of access to knowledge. I'm interested in my student's thoughts and opinions as well, as this can be the basis for their artistic endeavours. I Also believe the best thing is not to rush anyone, as everyone has their own pace of learning.

1st lesson offered free !

Would you like to make Art ? I have an Art Degree, Im offering lessons in drawing, using more than just a 2B pencil

My teaching method will adapt with each student, their own abilities and speed, to give them the choice to draw their own ideas.

1st lesson offered free !

Art and design lessons across a variety of analogue and digital mediums.

I'm a passionate, patient and flexible teacher, eager to help individuals realise their own skills and passions. I take a critical yet encouraging approach to ensure a thirst for improvement and learning stays present. I teach art and design across a variety of analogue and digital mediums: Analogue: Hand sketching, drawing and rendering. Watercolour sketching and painting. Oil painting.

1st lesson offered free !

Practising artist, willing conversationalist and art advocate. Based in Liverpool. further your GCSE or A level portfolio!

My teaching method is tailored to each person, depending on what area of expertise they wish to enhance. I aim to aid each individual with their personal practice by offering support, research and critique. I want each interaction to be a back and forth, where by the end of the session both of us have things to work on and think about.

1st lesson offered free !

Yassine berdii job for any time any place i am with you

Teach break dance and gymnastics. Street workout. Calisthenics. Body building. Acrobats. Swimming. Aerobic. Xtrim sport exc. Bike. skate . drive. Ride .... . . .

1st lesson offered free !

Art and Design professional/RCA textile ,and fashion graduate, offering one to one tuition in portfolio direction and development for university applications .

I teach 18 + wanting to achieve a place at university on Foundation or Degree level in Art and Design .Specialist area fashion and textiles.I structure my lessons on project based research and practice in relation to the students strengths. These can be taught online or students home visits in the local area, on a one to one basis.

1st lesson offered free !

Architect & PhD Student - Teaches Digital Creation of Arabic Calligraphy - No prior Arabic knowledge needed

I'm an architect, artist and PhD Student living in Manchester. I am a native Arabic speaker. I created calligraphies since I was a child, and developed a passion for digital creation of Calligraphy throughout my career. This course is for beginners, and if you already love art and drawing, you'll enjoy this course! Lessons include: *Basics of Arabic writing and compositions.

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1st lesson offered free !

Art Lessons offered by a College Student with 7 years of experience in South Birmingham

I would be very happy teach art to children aged 5-16. My lessons will be based on the child's abilities and will help with their idea generation and increase their skill levels to help them create beautiful homemade pieces. I am able to teach: painting with acrylic or watercolour paint, drawing (cartoon), embroidery, sewing, creating comic strips, illustrations and some sculpturing with paper.

1st lesson offered free !

Ashridge Atelier with Amazing Artist get all the arty techniques in the bag!

I like to work from a problem or a task and work with my student as a team to create ideas for an outcome. I lead by example. I make mistakes, but learn from them, and have a bit of fun. I use all of the methodologies of teaching visual, oral, kinaesthetic, verbal etc. And then the student is let loose on a project with more autonomy.

1st lesson offered free !

Student of Visual Arts at UNC, offers private classes for: drawing, painting, sculpture, engraving, woodcarving and art history in general.

My teaching is based on covering all the basic techniques of the orientations of the visual arts (all painting techniques, for example, human figure, perspective, representation systems, etc.).

New Delhi
Biplab m
1st lesson offered free !

Learn from professional artist, 20 Years experienced fine art teaching in National & International Universities.

My teaching style is indoor and outdoor both, with supply of lots of references and information involving students with practical study and social networking. I teach students from any level, goal to make them super professional practically.

Paris 15e
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1st lesson offered free !

Student gives lessons in drawing and 3D animation for beginners and intermediates

I'm studying 3D animation and my course is for all beginners seeking to learn or improve in the field of 3D animation or drawing. I give subjects to practice the bases for the student to progress. The more we advance over time and will be more complex exercises for assured progression.

1st lesson offered free !

Licensed in Digital Animation and specializing in Painting teaches painting and illustration classes

The student chooses a project he wants to develop, be it to consolidate the basis, draw a picture or create a painting, learn through the execution and my orientation. Classes start with quick warm-up exercises that then become more detailed and demanding. And another part to work on personal project. I will give stylistic and historical framing of styles if warranted.

Vila Rosa
1st lesson offered free !

Student of Game Design specialized in Illustration, Digital Painting and Graphite in Novo Hamburgo

I am a very nice person and I love helping the others. I have always had good grades and always carry out my duties and dates. I am still in university, but my knowledge is ample. Classes are designed for high school students, artists and people who want to learn a new language. I use my scanned materials and articles from the internet.

1st lesson offered free !

Up to university Level, Over 30 years experience and extremely talented in this area

Practical, also practice and imitation art, bright colors creative designs Work Duties • Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a high standard. • Arranging practical work sessions in the Art room • Supervising and monitoring student’s English and Art work.

Petrie Terrace
1st lesson offered free !

Professional street artist offering workshops in design, street art and graffiti art

I paint and encourage creativity and development in participation.

Vila Nova de Gaia
1st lesson offered free !

Student gives drawing / visual arts classes in vila nova de gaia

I base my classes on the desires / needs of the students. I approach the matter in a structured and gradual way. Target my classes to everyone who wants to learn. In my classes there is a little theory and a lot of practical work.

1st lesson offered free !

Draw like the artist you always dreamed of being! Learn dry pastel, graphite, anatomical drawing and face drawing! This class will allow you to explore and the materials you want to learn and improve

The teaching method of the class will be focused in the technical improvement of students in various materials of their own choice: dry pastels, graphite, crayons, magic color brushes, charcoal and other proposals that may arise. The approach is practical, firstly by familiarizing the student with the materials of their choice, and, throughout the course, improving their ability by constant usage.

1st lesson offered free !

Working professorial gives tuition in a large variety of painting,drawing and sculpture for all age group in Gurgeon with 17 years of experience.

I basically teach to all group and my teaching method is different and unique for each group and individual. There is a unique method for beginner, intermediate and advance class depend upon the knowledge of learners.I will share best of my knowledge from scratch to expert.

1st lesson offered free !

Certified NC k-12 Art Teacher offering one on one and group instruction

I am someone who loves art in all of its forms. I have inclusive experience in performance and fine arts. I have taught clarinet, music and art appreciation, stage design, stage makeup design, costume design, general art, observational drawing, illustration, and graphic design.

Fort Saskatchewan
1st lesson offered free !

Arts classes for the unconventional artist, able to give lessons on multiple art forms and am willing to learn new techniques along with you.

This is not Bob Ross so don't think i'm going to coddle you or do a paint along. I will be looking at your strengths and weaknesses and assigning projects accordingly. first few sessions\classes will be an assessment of your ability later reaching into what you'd like to accomplish as a visual artist.

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