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Degree in Film and Media with Highers in Sociology and Religious, Moral, and Philosophical studies. I'm experienced in each and looking for the cornerstone of intelligence in a student: curiousity.

My teaching method depends entirely on you. If you want to improve rapidly in a singular area such as Religious Studies, then my tutelage shall be concentrated and concisely directed in that area. If you'd prefer advice across several subjects, then my method will be more diverse and generalised -perhaps taking more time but ensuring to cover each subject thoroughly.

North Anston
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Psychology graduate and heavily skilled in media studies and drama - Sheffield & Rotherham

What I have to offer: - Psychology at degree level, specifically Neuroscience as well as Biology and Chemistry.

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Secondary & F.E. History and Politics Teacher - 10+ Years Exp. - MA Modern History, MA War and Society

I currently hold Qualified Teacher Status and was rated as ‘Outstanding’ at the completion of my induction years. I also hold QTS status at Further Education standard level. I received an ‘Excellent’ rating at the completion of this course and remained at Coleg Sir Gar as a Teacher of History to A/S and A Level standard.

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Media Professional with teaching experience gives lessons in Media Studies for A-Level to Undergraduate students in Greater Manchester

As a current Masters student with previous experience in both teaching and media industries, I strive to provide extra help to those studying in media fields in a professional, yet approachable manner. This is through creative learning materials, workshops, and industry contacts.

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Sociology lecturer with ten years experience. Also fluent in media and film studies.

I teach at different levels (from Nat 5 through HNC to degree) using a lecture/workshop discussion format. I feel its important to link lessons with the students' lived experiences to make the ideas easily understood. I utilize a mix of reading materials, online videos and discussions as part of my practice.

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Film Producer w/ History and Law Degree offering History and Media Studies tutoring services in Canterbury

I want my classes to be open and friendly, and based on discussion around a particular topic. I am a friendly and personable person, and create an environment where the student can feel relaxed and able to ask anything they want about particular subject.

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Dr. of Human Geography and experienced tutor and university lecturer offering tuition in Humanities Subjects up to PhD Level (specialising in Human and Cultural Geography, Sociology, Anthropology and

I think lessons should be exciting and engaging and work hard to plan learning activities that will not only help students to make academic progress but also foster enthusiasm for learning. I pay close attention to the different learning styles of students and am well practiced in dynamically assessing and responding to their needs and interests.

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Essex College Media Student offering media lessons. I have studied both IT and Media at GCSE and in college. I have excellent Photoshop and Premiere Pro skills and can give good constructive feedback.

My teaching method is based upon how the student learns. I will take my time if students are finding the task difficult by remaining calm and positive. I like to give goals for the lesson and achieve them by the end of that time. The goals will be made by both me and the student to what I feel is achievable.

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Masters student can offer high-quality History tuition for reasonable prices in Reading

My teaching method will be based around your learning needs, I will always evaluate my students first to find out what areas they struggle with and how they learn and I will create a learning plan that suits the student.

Earls Barton
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Multimedia Journalism graduate offering lessons online and based around the Northamptonshire area.

My teaching method would be to look at the key aspects you're struggling with and to tackle them one by one. If you have a set list of things you'd like to work on, I can also help by giving advice and extra context.

Greater London
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Current LSE international history student gives lessons in the art to know the past (history ) in London

I"m Oindrila sanyal, a historian by aspiration ,wishes to help students (undergraduates,students from primary and secondary schools) to garner interest in learning about the past. I've graduated in 2017 with a major in history and came 1st class 1st in my class. At present I am studying international history at London school of economics .

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Greater London
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I, Hane Muja, want to be part of london school.Main reason is to teach student on philosophy, for a good life

Goals: 1. Developing students' ability to think critically and analytically on the world and itself, based on the knowledge and understanding of notions fundamental philosophical. 2. Developing student's permanent skills to express the notions clearly and philosophical and general categories, in speech or in writing. 3.

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Final Year French and Art History Student offering tutoring in A-Level French, Art History and English Literature - West Yorkshire

I am a final year French and History of Art student at University College London offering tutoring in French, Art History and English Literature up to A-Level standard. I can also offer help and advice relating to university applications and useful reading material/talking points relating to application particularly for Art and Design based subjects.

Elizabeth scarlet
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Friendly History graduate (Class I) offering to teach History or Film and Media Studies to GCSE or A Level students in Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

I am interested in teaching GCSE or A Level students and would start by assessing the current level and course of study of my student (i.e which exam board/ school year/ areas in which a student may be struggling/ wishes to boost their knowledge).

West Stoughton
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History doctoral with a proven track record improving grades offering history tuition in Somerset

I am willing to teach history at any level. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the subject, which I try to instil in my students. I am very student driven, listening to students about the topics and skills they wish me to cover with them, rather than imposing my own structure.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Expert tutor in issues related to the study of Media, Culture and Society

I am an open and incisive tutor allowing you to express your ideas openly and creatively whilst ensuring that you apply and develop them in critically and analytically productive ways.

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Film student offering Film History, Script Writing, and Essay help lessons in Southampton/Bristol.

By combining my passion and knowledge of cinema with my (hopefully!) inspiring interpersonal skills, I will first I aim to encourage a thoughtful conversation to help the student to develop their own thoughts and ideas.

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Tutor for basic knowledge for social & humanities sciences, located in Paisley/Glasgow

My name is Claud and i am an undergraduate student at UWS, pursuing a degree in Psychology.

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University Student gives Modern History and History of Monarchy lessons for those interested in subject

Interested in learning more about European modern history or the history of monarchy but are unable to find reliable ad informative sources? For those who answered yes to that question than these lessons are the perfect solution! As a third year history student studying Modern History I am able to provide quality, reliable and informative lessons in topics ranging from the outbreak of the...

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Sociology and Criminology student offering A Level tutoring in sociology in Newcastle

My teaching method is relaxed but thorough. I will not force anything upon any student, however the work I set will be extremely beneficial to the student. I will plan my lessons going through the different sociological points of view (e.g. functionalist, feminist, Marxist), and set example questions after each sub-topic.

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A University Film Student with extensive history knowledge offering lessons on film history

I approach each lesson chronologically and engage with those I'm teaching to understand their weaknesses and turn them into strengths. If a student requires, I will go over a particular subject until they feel confident in their knowledge of it.

Glen Parva
1st lesson offered free !

My name is Matt, I'm a friendly student at De Montfort University in Leicester studying a joint honours degree in Media and Film Studies. For my first year course, I studied and became extremely passi

My teaching method is relaxed with a view to inspire people through the beauty of film. There is simply no power like that of the screen. My lessons will teach the history of film from the origins of cinematography in France during the 1890's and explore how cinema changed across the globe throughout history until approaching modern contemporary cinema.

1st lesson offered free !

A decade of experience in UK, US and EU politics- from Parliament to running European Affairs for an international firm- teaching Politics, International Relations, Foreign Policy and Current Affairs.

I have coached business executives and University level students. My primary methodology is conversive, as from experience this seems to be the method that helps students remember most effectively. I can also utilise presentations and debating essays/encouraging defence of a thesis or reading.

1st lesson offered free !

Uni student pursuing professional bachelors degree with keen interest in history and offering history tutoring.

My teaching method is explanatory because history need to be explained and I always try to relate the history chapters with real life or recent incidents occurring.

1st lesson offered free !

I am a 23 year old who studied film for 8 years at school, college and university.

My teaching method is visual theregore there will be a lot of pictures and powerpoint presentations with lots of information.

1st lesson offered free !

Film degree graduate, passionate script writer and short film maker at your service!

My teaching method is to teach through trial and error - in film making that’s the only way you can ever learn. Also using references to films and film history and specific film theories and practices.

1st lesson offered free !

Television and film sales graduation supporting current students with their own upcoming exams and coursework completion

I choose to teach using a relaxed approach, discussing the topic with you rather than talking at you about the topic.

1st lesson offered free !

Mature PhD candidate in History and Art History with experience teaching undergraduates.

I have taught undergraduates from a range of backgrounds, some very familiar with History and some from other disciplines. I try to keep seminars focused and time-structured as there can be a lot of content to work through, but also create a friendly and open atmosphere where students feel free to ask questions and engage in a dialogue.

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Perfect! Lemima is an excellent tutor and explains material very well. She is patient, well-organised and motivated. Her warm and friendly attitude makes lessons very enjoyable and I would definitely recommend her as a tutor.

Anna, student
2 years ago
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