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Professional training on Web - UI & UX Development & Graphic Design

Become a part of professional world & show your career with web technology is in demand in the current world market. I really guide people to choose their career in web technology with innovative idea to make himself a better person. Nowadays people are worried about their career but don't know what to choose. Come join with me & take your right decision to the right future.

Bhagwati lal
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I will help in Java programming, Maths, i have 5 years of experience

I have 5 years of teaching and tutoring experience. I have also provided home tuition and online tutoring. I am working as Android Developer in a IT Company. I want to deliver my industry experience to students to analysis problems and find simplest solution for problems. I love to make every session different and interesting! It is fun to work with a diverse set of students and subjects.

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Master of Engineering student with professional experience giving lessons on C,C++,Java,Data Structures and Algorithms, HTML and JavaScript at Kingston(Web or home).Regular practical assignments

I can make learning fun by more practical experience as I know that rote learning will not prove to be beneficial. I believe that a classroom needs a balance of theory as well as activity-based learning and this is what I will keep in mind while formulating study material and handouts for any given topic.

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Information Technology graduate offering knowledge and skills from Coffs Harbour. Teaching Web Development, Programming, CSS, Database Management

I believe in practical knowledge rather than theory. So that my students could easily try my teachings and remember things easily. I like to teach self motivated students as motivation is a key to success. I do make a lot of efforts so that students do not have to do much.

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Programming Languages (C, C++, Java, Web Development) for High School and Engineering Students alike.

My teaching would be tailor made to approach the need of the student and their need first (study syllabus) and then each session will end with assignments and problem statements that will be answered in the next session. The outline of the entire course and the duration will be provided before the course.

Shahid hussain
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Boost yourself in the Wisdom exchange of knowledge to prove you are a genious

My teaching Method is : I go with the teaching which could provide proper knowledge to students I Prepare the Topic according to the student likes to I remain friendly with my students I try to reach every student through a good sense of humour...

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2 1/2 years of YouTube experience in teaching maths and computerScience

Simple examples through stories to explain concepts.

Surya prakash
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Technical Java Lectures for English and Telugu Audience by the Industry Expert.

I follow Seven Step Pattern - General Discussion, Technical Discussion, Understanding by Program, Program Analysis, Queries, Conclusion, Assignment. I have experience in training Java/J2EE Technologies for Individuals and Corporate Groups. I have experience in training Big Data, Hadoop Technologies, Python, Relational Databases - Oracle, SQL - Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2.

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Completed my B.Tech in 2016. Own a E-commerce company. Specialist in PHP and Database.

I love practical knowledge, with me you will learn as well as implement. I focus on technologies which will make you to work in Industry and I will teach you how you can make use your skills. I have good experience in Motivation.

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A Software Developer having 4 years of experience with companies like Hewlett Packard and Oracle India. Passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge

Provide fundamental knowledge about programming. Basic Concepts that need to be understood. Will provide an indepth explaination about various topics to get the fundamentals clear. These classes are catering to people who are interested in learning about programming and programming languages. Understanding the fundamentals of a language.

Dadh Jhikla
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IT professional giving computer science tutions- HTML, Compuer Programming, SQL, Computer Networks, Oracle

My teaching method is based on simple, practical applications of the knowledge. What matters is the basics of the subject. Rather than the superficial knowledge, knowing minute details to be helpful in the future to the students enabling them to flourish as knowledgable professionals.

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Working in Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association with C.O.O as an Sports Assistant

I work with my full dedication and hardwork. I explain my students on grassroot level. It is also necessary for all instructors to educate the student according to this methology.

Anil theja
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6Years Experienced can give you UI classes along with Backend Database knowledge

The class will be mostly on practical approach where use case/project can be of any choice off mine or yours.

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IT Professional with training experience on Java, SAP Netweaver, C, HTML and Cassandra

I approach any topic by giving an overview about it, its relevance and applicability, its competitors and its specific advantages over others. What for it is used. I go ahead with Syntax descriptions and basic examples and later guide them in resolving complex scenarios.

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Learn website designing from a computer science engineer specialised in website design

My teaching methods are very basic as I learnt if the base is strong then you can conquer anything in any field. I know that all have not the same power for learning so keeping everyone at same level is more encouraged.

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Tuitions for the computer programming languages especially front end technologies for all

My teaching method includes the start from basics as I believe the building stands firm if the foundation is laid perfect which is then followed with the assignments and frequent practise of all examples with the weekly tests and interview questions practise

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Engineering students anywhere in india. school students also can be contacted from anywhere in india

practical based learning. homely environment. teach everything on the basis of real life projects. total homely environment will be given to students. students of engineering level are most welcome.

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If you need to be perfect work hard for it truly, because programming and language both have to be learned with perfection and intelligence.

I would provide you the whole new way of teaching where you wont have to get bored by the regular classes of theories, i provide practice of programming, practicals, designing a softwares, data work and lot more which keeps you improving in your programming skills.

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Graduate B.E. in Electronics and Telecomunication have good experience in web development. Also can do good teaching from secondary to higher education students.

My teaching method will be completely content wise and will cover maximum topics which are used in real live projects. My methodology will be to first clear the content title to the student and then explaining it in the detail. For effective teaching, i would share them some links where they can easily learn and understand very well.

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A dedicated PGDCA MCA educator with 6 years of teaching experience, will teach COMPUTER for students till 12th standard(IB/CBSE/ICSE) and competitive exams.

I am hardworking and passionate towards teaching. I have 6 years of teaching experience in one of the prestigious institution. I will be teaching you tricks to solve programming. I can teach any from grade 1 to grade 12 and also other competitive exam preparing students.

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Learn C#, Asp.net, MVC, Javascript, c++, Html, css from industry Expert in Mumbai.

My Teaching Method Is What I learn From My Experience As a Software Developer in my 2 year span and The method used by top microsoft professionals To Understand The Concept In Detail and program the things which you learned right away so you dont just learn the things you practice them on The way.

1st lesson offered free !

MSc student gives introductory to advanced computer classes for high school students in London, Ontario.

Being a network engineer and experienced teacher, lessons are geared toward bringing students from a beginners level to advanced level. Lessons will be interactive using the video technologies available. A combination of theory, practicum, and, daily feedback will comprise each course.

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Concert programmer with 7 years of experience gives private programming lessons at home

I teach mainly based on my practical experience, in a way that students can actually code and make the lines of code do a specific task. I will be teaching theory too and background of the programming language. Each class will be a tutorial based class in which students can actually create something which will benifit their future. I will use all my industrial experience.

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Industry Proven Software Engineer. C# / Game Development / HTML / CSS. Will Train you to be an Industry Leading Developer

My classes are remote, but I am always accessable with Skype / Discord always available to my students. There is a private Discord channel that we will set up and will allow you to collaberate with other students, and communicate with me directly.

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A computer engineer, MBa with 24 years IT experience Mumbai Kanjur Marg

Mentor & teach how to learn on own as this makes student responsible for own progress. Managed Training Services includes custom Curriculum Design and Content Development, Learning Administration, Learning Delivery, Strategic Sourcing, Learning Technology and Advisory Services.

Quoctri (collin)
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Master of Information Technology Student gives programming and computer lessons in Hobart

The main goal of my lessons is to equip student with no basis or basic understanding in computer, particularly who is interested in programming in one of the most modern and popular platform in the market, such as website design or Android device application development.

Denistone West
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K-6 Primary School Technology Teacher highly qualified in all Future focussed learning

My pedagogy is not to unnecessarily waste students time . To facilitate their learning and create higher order thinking skills that develop critical and creative knowledge then give them the confidence to apply this to real world experiences that leads to future careers.

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Software Engineer with more than 8 years of work experience gives programming and web lessons in python

This is a beginner course on building a website with Python and Flask. Over the course of 10 classes, you'll be learning about the the basics of programming with python and then proceed to create a website with flask. You'll also learn about the basics of frontend technologies like Javascript, HTML and CSS. You'll also learn how to connect the website to a database and interact with it.

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Electronics Engineer in Winnipeg teaches various programming languages (HTML, C, C++ etc ).

I teach by giving the real-life examples. I also give practical problems and situations, where students can apply their learnings. Other than lectures (in person/ on webcam), programming demonstrations (manily on IDEs and on web hosting sites for coding and debuging), discussions and quizzes are conducted.

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Perfect! Alex was a great teacher who really took his time to prepare in depth lessons. I took Python lessons with Alex and he knew the language really well.

Simon, student
3 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Thank you, Filipo! I believe it was down to the impeccable patience of the tutor

Maggi, student
4 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Dhara, Helped me understand Theory of Computation. Dhara explains the process with plenty of examples and extra when needed, for a difficult subject. Dhara is a great tutor and very knowledgeable on this and relating subjects.

Kirsty, student
6 months ago
(7 reviews)

Perfect! Lee was able to help me put my website together in a very short space of time, I strongly recommend his tutoring, his knowledge and understanding can help people of all levels.

Yuri, student
8 months ago
(4 reviews)

Perfect! He was a helpful tutor, I recommend anyone who wants to learn something regarding to computing (programming) to contact with him. Really it was a useful lesson.

Abdullah, student
8 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Mona is a very warm person who is easy to talk to. She is thorough and effective in her method of teaching ensuring that I understand every point before she moves on. I am really pleased to have found a tutor who is highly qualified with has a...

Dawn, student
9 months ago
(3 reviews)

Let a private HTML tutor help with HTML homework, HTML questions, and exam prep.