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Lear PHP, C, JavaScript, MySql, Ajax and other programming languages etc .

My teaching methodology are explaining the main concepts through which a student can gap have important points of a particular topic, I also adopt the practical knowledge because with out the practical knowledge of computer languages a student cannot understand the various internal aspects of the languages.

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Computer Science teacher with 15 years of experience in teaching. Software Engineer for IBM

I focus on the students and their individual needs. I prefer question and answer format (in either direction). Sometimes humor works, sometimes it doesn't. I pride myself in the students success in both attitude and results. If I am helping a student to finish an assignment, I don't want them to wish they never have to write another program again.

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All Type Computer study Solution by a teacher having 20 years .

guide and direct the students through the learning process which is made with the consent of the students.. That is what process or way of behavior in teaching they feel easy. My aim is learning at easy with lots of example.

Schuylkill Haven
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Tutoring experience for 6 years now. With in different fields of teaching.

I am trying to help students who doesn't understand or know programming, computer gaming, or other fields. I would see where the student is struggling and try to focus on that area until the student has it down. My mythology is to see what the student likes and try to change some of the questions around so they can understand the question.

New Delhi
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8Yrs of Experience in Software Development Industry From basic to Advance Level

I start teaching from very basic. I expect little or no knowledge in the area and I assure you you will be start learning from Day One. I use day to day examples to describe complex problems so that its easy to learn and remember.

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Everybody should learn to program a computer because it teaches you how to think

I approach the subject by giving real insights on each topic and their practical usage in the real world scenarios. I mainly concentrate on how to make each and every topic concise so that even a new programmer or web developer can easily build their required webpages.

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Teaching html from basics to high level with free css course.. Any type of student an contact

My methodology is that first I would examine my student's intellectual and accordingly I will approach to the topics... I would also like them to ask questions where ever the want until and unless they are clear about the topics..

Santa Clarita
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Data Science intern at NASA with four years of programming and computer experience

As a college student, I have learned a lot from studying the theory and applying it to real world problems. Similarly, I hope to first teach the basics and build on that. I believe that a fundamental understanding is of utmost importance when hoping for success. I hope to tutor in the same way and exude patience and understanding in the face of difficult topics.

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A software industry professional with more than 8 years experience and an international postgraduate degree

I generally prefer one to one teaching where I can concentrate on my student personally and help them nurture with my knowledge and industry experience. I also believe teaching is a way of giving back to the society, and not just a way of earning.

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12+ years of experience as a software engineer, working as a freelance online trainer

Online classes via webex. I will share the Presentations and sample code.

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Basic Computer Knowledge in Depth (Because if the base is good the building carrier will good)

My Teaching Method is very simply, friendly and understanding. You can Learn with the way you understand. Can also advice you the carrier path according to your interest in the particular field of computer. (PADEGA INDIA TABHI TOH BADHEGA INDIA).

Malvern East
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Monash Data Science student gives teaches Computer Programming Python, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, LARAVEL, Symfony, MySQL, AWS, Linux, Web Development

My Teaching method is simple, One lesson a day and some homework to check whether you have gained that skill, Test at the beginning of class to check the skills. So be ready to put efforts because learning comes by efforts you put in to learn, InPut ---> Processing --> outPut.

Megha p n
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Completed Bachelor of Computer Applications degree,Teaches Computer Programming Language Basics...

I teaches each topics in detail and also give notes. Any one can ask me questions and I will available full time to give the students to answer.

Miguel arturo
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Student of Computational Systems teaches basic programming courses up to advanced, with a web focus.

I like to teach in group or individual, giving sort of structured courses, starting from basic lessons to a little advanced. I teach theoretical-practical classes (with 70% practicality in the lessons), since I believe that the best form of learning is through the DIY paradigm (Do It Yourself, do it yourself) for a better understanding and retention of the topic.

Sri Ganganagar
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I am teacher in academy with 5 year experience in computer.

my teaching method is simple, practical after the lectures which learns during class. 24/6 hours students can can ask any question about lectures. i guiding him and solve the problems. i share my knowledge by providing my own tutorials. or my websites.

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Software Developer with 2 years of Experience in Full Stack Software Development

I have very simple rule when it comes to inculcating the concepts. First we discuss of knows and don't knows. We list down the knows and dig deeper. We list down the not knows and make them knows and then dig deeper.

Gilles Plains
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12 Experienced Software Professional gives lessons on Computer Programming and SQL PLSQL

Teaching is my passion. I prefer teaching with practical hands on in parallel, so that the learners will get advantage of seeing the environment, output. I believe in practical way of learning, as it makes the learner to gain more and clear knowledge.

Shri raghu raaman
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Startup Founder with Technology skills ready to teach Programming and Business Knowledge

I am a very practical person and I have learned whatever I know now by practice. I will follow a practical approach to whatever I teach. My startup, in 6 months, taught me more than whatever was taught in my MBA for 2 years and I understood programming only after I started building my own website. Theory will not help in most cases and that will be my basic ideology.

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I have 7 years of teaching experience and was also a Certified Trainer from Microsoft.

I start with basics of OOPs and then move on to the Technical Part. I prefer teaching by exploring real life solutions.

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Learn Html and make your own business website for college students only.

My teaching method is start from scratch and want students to understand the tags and how they are used so that they can use it without mugging up I believe in development of all and not only one. I will teach topic vise so that it's easy learn.

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Make your own website and let me help you do that by HTML and CSS.

I start from basics, and I keep mostly practical approach and a bit of theory. So that one can make a basic website at the end of session.

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I am a software engineer with more than 15 years of experience offering programming languages lessons in San Diego

I think the best and biggest achievement throughout my working life is to have completed to, the satisfaction of my clients, all the projects that I have been commissioned. My clients have been very happy with the final product, be it an application, a website, a dashboard, or a class that they received.

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Student will be thought basic computers in kadapa IIIT rkvalley college.

my teaching methodology is based on practical approach for intermediate level students. my teaching methodology is based on practical approach for intermediate level students. my teaching methodology is based on practical approach for intermediate level students. my teaching methodology is based on practical approach for intermediate level students.

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Student of Systems Engineering teaches Object Oriented Programming in Java and others

My teaching method is pedagogical. I think that using ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) specifically in education, it is much easier to take the teaching-learning process. I use a form of teaching in which I evaluate each topic seen, I think it is the easiest way to know if it is really being learned.

Anwal Khera
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With some great teaching skills teaches very easily up to 10 class.

By Giving very easy way among all the methods using with real life examples. Like relating the problems with real life solution so that students can understand easily and also by providing reading materials from my side like notes,videos,practice test ect.

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* I can teach the Computer Subjects i.e., C Programming, HTML, Microsoft Office, Computer Basic, DBMS etc.

I do firstly create an environment so that the student find it exciting to hear the concept and listen to the class. I do visualize the concept with different live examples and the real life happening. I do make the student understand the concept till he/she is not clear about that. I do teach with lots of patience and make the student learn the topic with fun when required.

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Application Development Tutor training in mobile, web and desktop application development and computer studies

My Teaching methodology is demonstration, followed by an interactive learner-centered session. I start by introducing the lecture with the most basic explanation using real-world scenarios so as to bring the learner from a Known point to the unknown.

Er nisha
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Engineering in computer science, 4 years teaching experience of computers, spoken english, ielts and other subjects also upto class 12th

my teaching methods are flexible. its depends upon the understanding of a student that whether he is getting me or not. specifically i teach computers but i can teach science and other subjects also well.

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Learn Mostly Demanding Computer Languages in Easy Way that Every Techie Should Master

My teaching methods are totally based on Practicality as it is all about the languages. While learning all the languages, I help the student to practically execute the commands at the end of the lecture. My way of teaching makes me a special tutor.

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Tutor with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a graduate degree

Anecdotal, periodical exercises, quizzes and allowing room for out of class creativity and research. As a recent college graduate I am confident that I have what it takes to relay information to students the best way possible. Putting myself in a student's shoes makes me know a great deal of questions and concerns.

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Perfect! Remya is very knowledgeable on the subject and excellent in transfering that knowledge to others. She was very patient and made the whole learning experience very pleasant and interesting. After only a couple tutoring sessions I felt much more...

Bernarda, student
5 days ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Pili was an amazing tutor - she was very patient and broke down complex problems into very simple solutions. She was also able to explain everything very clearly and in a lot of detail. She is clearly very knowledgeable about computer science and I...

Natan, student
1 week ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Everyone enjoyed their sessions! Sam is good at tailoring the lessons to your needs and very receptive to feedback to ensure you get the most out of each lesson. He’s also very personable and a pleasure to be taught by. Thanks for working with...

Amanda, student
2 weeks ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Sam has been excellent. He arrives on time and has given me 3 lessons so far. He understands my requirements for teaching and an help me with downloading music for my class I teach and also show me around my new computer system. Recommended.

Dee, student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Benedek teaches my 8 year old son programming on Minecraft. This is the best type of learning as my son thinks he's gaming while learning the principles of coding. I 100% recommend Benedek. He makes the lessons engaging and is very patient. Thank...

Siobhan, student
2 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I have been working with Kiran for several months now. She teaches my 13 and 11 yr old IT coding incl Scratch, how to build a website etc. She is very patient, clear and gives them homework to ensure they keep progressing. I find having her support...

Alexia, student
3 months ago
(8 reviews)

Let a private HTML tutor help with HTML homework, HTML questions, and exam prep.