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Female kickboxer offering kickboxing lessons from the comfort of your own home! (Crawley)

I teach one-on-one and group sessions based on the very basics of kickboxing. Whether you are looking to build your technical ability i.e. learning how to throw a punch or you are looking to build your fitness level.

1st lesson offered free !

MMA, Jiu Jiu Jitsu, strength and conditioning from a Brazilian jiu jitsu Black belt and qualified Exercise Physiologist

My teaching method is based on a bespoke approach to your needs as a student or athlete. I deliver technical teaching through video feedback and commentary. Lessons are based on a syllabus of several key areas including self defence sports grappling striking and conditioning. Lessons progress in these areas as we problem solve on specific areas .

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

Only for defence classes i dont want any other classes only thanks

my teaching method is the best off performance for the defence classes judo and martial arts so my performance is the best off my my knowledge than student motivation classes than how to manage for the body

1st lesson offered free !

I’m a karate and self defence instructor 7th Dan, Over 35 years experience, world champion I teach nationally and internationally . In the UK I teach in south west London and south east England .

Lessons usually 1hour Short courses for self defence from 8 to 12 weeks one or twice a week Programme Is tailored to suit your needs. If it’s Karate that your are after The lessons are more intense and patience is important to achieve the basic levels or requirements to reach the goal desired.

1st lesson offered free !

A black belt is a white belt that never gave up.

I like to engage with my students from day one showing them basic moves. Through demonstration of application I then give student a visualisation of what these techniques can be used for.

Greater London
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I am a professional boxer with highly experiences kickboxing and French Boxing

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (degree, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a tutor? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

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Taekwondo Master in Israel with over 40 plus years experience trained MMA

My teaching methodology is based on a focus of conscious and subconscious conditioning and training. A person must be trained to respond quickly and effectively to his situation with a balance of technique and force. I have taken many years of training and designed a program to make the this method work for everyone.

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Shotokan Karate 4th Dan 40 Years of experience Private Lessons available in Beaconsfield

Karate is for everybody, not matter what age you are, 6+, I am very technical in my teaching, to give you the best results, I have trained many Black Belts and Beginners over the years, giving them the best opportunity to learn and improve. I currently hold a JKA & KUGB 3rd Dan certificates, and 4th Dan from SSK.

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Shitoryu style karate lessons from a black belt with 6 years of experience

Practical lessons of course, which include include: Basic techniques (idoukihon) Katas according to the level Physical exercises (optional) Gentle contact sparring Weapon katas (kobudou) including bo and tonfa (optional and weapons are not provided) Throughout the lessons some karate lore and explanations of the basic principles behind the techniques.

Leamington Spa
1st lesson offered free !

Finance student teaching Karate from Todlers, School children to University students and adults.

My teaching method is conducting practical classes. Each class leading to a higher rank degree training. Adapting to the basis of the student.

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A black belt of 10 years giving basic self defence lessons in Calderdale

I’ve been training in karate since I was 4 years old and I absolutely love it. It’s not just a self defense art, but it allows me to express myself and to let go of stress, which it can do to many others as well.

1st lesson offered free !

7th Dan karate instructor with nearly 40 years experience and teaching background

All students have an initial assessment on their level and ability. This allows them to move forward as an individual in order to work from their starting point, in order for them to develop and progress to their individual requirements.

1st lesson offered free !

Hungarian studant teaching first time, 2 years doing this sport,excellent reference i have

In a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (degree, level, class, characteristics, etc.)? - Your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - Your characteristics as a tutor? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Hi I’m a Studying Sports Management and alongside that I have 13 years of experience in Karate and I’m a First Degree black belt .

Teaching Methodology varies from person -person but being a martial arts instructor the main focus to the ability of the student and improve that slowly in a systematic manne. My style Karate focuses on Love,Respect & Obedience.

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London martial arts and self defence instructor for Eastern and Western martial arts.

I have worked with students from 5 to 50+, and can compensate for any injuries or issues regarding training. There is no prior experience needed, but equally I can cover new areas for those with experience. I teach three main systems: karate, HEMA and general self defence. I can provide all the equipment needed.

Bishop's Hull

Martial Arts Instructor Taunton - Mr Frank Ellul

- Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach a functional style of American Kenpo Karate, we just train for what is real around a traditional core of Kenpo self defence techniques. I also encourage free thinking and look to other Martial arts for inspiratioand inclusion of their concepts into my teaching. I am currently a UK rep for Guru Maul Mornie a teacher of Silat Suffian Bela Diri.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Learn Karate, Boxing, Kickboxing - Private and Group Lessons - Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing and Fitness

My training methodology? Stay safe, learn basic techniques, practice and listen to your body. I do teach techniques based on karate, boxing, and thai boxing styles. As there are many aspects to martial art training, it will go down to learn how to control your own body and mind.

Carmen elena
1st lesson offered free !

Who I am and what leads me to the life? Well, the passion for Law and Martial Art are the engine of my life for the last 31 years, I have done both passions in high level with determination and commit

For me will not be the be the first time when I will kung fu/karate, I training for 27 years at a very high level, but I can adopt something from my best teacher style what I have it in my student life. They were really good. I would like my teaching style to be based on concrete, in practice and philosophy.

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Qualified Martial art instructor ready to give lessons in mental and physical developments of a ones character.

My methods of teaching are based upon my 30 years of studying the Martial Arts discipline of Mu-gen-do- The Unlimited Ways. This style in design to combat life while fighting and life after fighting. Dealing also with everyday issues.

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12 years experienced 2nd Dan Black belt, offering Karate introduction and instruction

Tradition well known formal karate practices. Happy to take one-on-ones or large groups of all abilities and ages. Karate is broken into 3 - Kata, Kumite and Kihon. Kata is a routine form. Kumite is one to one opponent sparing. Kihon is the individual form, opponent-less.

New Delhi
Samarendra kumar
1st lesson offered free !

A seasoned family commando who knows teaching in his field like the back of his hand

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1st lesson offered free !

Karate Lessons Black Belts In Karate & Ju Jitsu (Japanese) State Champion Winner.

I focus more on strategy and positioning in relation to your partner or opponent and focus on Kumite (sparring). We can go through kata but my focus is on kumite whether that be training for point sparring competitions or full contact Karate. My lessons are around teaching you strategy to apply in kumite competitions. I DO WEBCAM LESSONS AS WELL ACROSS THE GLOBE, TIME DIFFERENCE IS NO ISSUE.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Master of Traditional and Modern Martial Arts with 25 years of continuous practice, proposes a course of individual lessons based on a method that arises from the eclectic fusion of the disciplines of

The proposed path is completely individual according to the needs, giving the opportunity to the practitioner to range from the traditional practice of Goju Ryu style and style Mu Gen Do to the practice of kickboxing and personal defense.

1st lesson offered free !

E.g: Student in Bsc college gives coaching classes in Boxing training and cricket From college in Maharashtra -Bhandara -Tumsar.

E. g : My teaching methods is.... I base my Ground students on.... I approach the topic by....

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Professional in karate trains the people for self defence and discipline in life

i teach people the respect and art to learn in a manner of life and make the individual the strong and be self dependent in life along with the art of self defence and protect himself from the odds and help others

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Currently holding Senior Brown Belt in "Kyokushin Karate" the strongest karate! Learn both KATA & KUMITE(fight) at step method and careful doubt clearing classes. Personal contact will be given on dem

My method of teaching only has two answers i.e. Listen and practice. Only these two combinations will make a person from an ordinary citizen to a kyokushin practitioner. Classes will go on as demanded and will have both theory and practical technique.

1st lesson offered free !

Karate Go Kan Ryu Geelong 10 years experience one on one training

I try to train technique, stance and the right mind set to whom i am training. I like to set goals and finish the goal in a week or so, then we can move to long term goals. happy to teach anyone.

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You can become professional martial artists by spending your free time at home.

My teaching method depends on student's ability, stamina, endurance and physical health conditions. take different types of classes to learn various techniques, rhytm in kata and to handle various weapons in safety manner. both individual and group classes can be taken.

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Karate class, self defense class, yoga and meditation class and weapons class


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