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Birmingham Law Courses and Private Tutors

Studying to become a lawyer or barrister is no walk in the park, otherwise, why would qualified professionals in the field get paid so much? Whether it's the salary that motivates you or the responsibility that comes with working in Law, you will probably want all the help you can get to ensure that you reach your goal.

Even when you're already working in Law, you can still get hungry for more! A Law tutor can help you with your studies, with many offering tuition from school level right up to professional level (so if you are looking to advance your career further). Here's some more information for you about studying Law in the city of Birmingham!

Birmingham Crime Rates

According to CrimeRate.co.uk, "Birmingham is the most dangerous major city in the West Midlands". However, before we proceed, you should know that the crimes registered are not all dangerous in the form of being threatening to life. The area was described as the worst area in the West Midlands for burglary in December 2020, but with some crime figures also pointing to arson, theft, violence and sexual offences, we cannot brush these crime numbers under the mat. The website goes on to say that "[the] overall crime rate in Birmingham in 2020 was 103 crimes per 1,000 people [...] with 54,655 offences during 2020, giving a crime rate of 47. This is 21% higher than 2019's figure of 43,230 offences".

So with crime on the rise in Birmingham and the need to keep residents and their belongings safe, would you like to play a part in ensuring that perpetrators are suitably enforced with the law?

Of course, working as a lawyer isn't always about working with criminals or victims, there's also many other areas of Law you can get into!

Areas of Law

There are many different areas of law. In addition to Criminal Law, you might find yourself being drawn to Finance or Banking Law, Clinical Law, Construction Law, Employment Law, Environmental Law, Family Law, Property Law, or Sports Law.

These, however, are just some examples so you can expect to find numerous others areas requiring a lawyer or solicitor!

And while we're on the subject, do you know the difference between a barrister and a solicitor? In simple terms, a barrister represents a client and offers advice on their specialist field whereas a solicitor is responsible for the preparation of legal documents in the run up to a trial or other important date.

Attributes Needed for a Career in Law

Studying to become a lawyer, solicitor or barrister takes lots of hard work, motivation and perseverance. Exams are not designed to be easy so it's not uncommon to fail certain modules and have to study hard before being reassessed. Don't let this dishearten you, all this shows is that only the best make it and so if you qualify in any of these fields then you should be so incredibly proud of your success. Even the smartest people have to revise when studying Law, so it also shows that you've proved you can graft. Keep up like that and you could be the country's next top lawyer working at a prestigious firm in Birmingham or down in the capital!

How to Triumph during Law School?

As you might expect, the workforce for legal professionals is very competitive and can be very brutal, but school is also no different. As we've said before, you must continue to work hard during every module to ensure that you keep up with the work and stay on par with your peers. But what if you want to be better than your peers? Or what if you struggle with the course content? What do you do then?

One of best things you can do to do your best at Law School is to hire a tutor to help you with your programme of studies.  A tutor can do almost anything with you from planning independent tuition timetables for you, offering tuition sessions after school, assisting with coursework and helping you to prepare for exams, applications and more.

Benefits of Studying Law with the help of a Tutor

Law tutors can be highly flexible and adapt to your very busy student schedule. You can either arrange to meet up with your tutor in your area at a time that is convenient to you or you could request to have online tutor sessions. This might be worthwhile if you are already stretching yourself with clubs and activities whilst at uni.

Although a Law tutor does not have to have a set qualification, you can expect tutors to be qualified to a certain level and to be very knowledgeable about the subject. You might like to pick a tutor who specialises in an area that you are interested in too and expect those with more qualifications to charge more for their expertise than those who are perhaps Law students themselves or recent graduates.

Law Schools in Birmingham

Home to two major law schools, Birmingham is a great place to study Law.

The University of Birmingham boasts being in the top 15 Law Schools in the whole of the UK, with flagship qualifying law degrees on offer at the undergraduate level and beyond.

Birmingham City University also offers many Law-related courses at its highly-rated establishment. Aston University is another option that you should definitely consider - be sure to check out their websites for their entry requirements and details on their courses and modules.

If, however, you're looking for A Level courses, then you can rely on Birmingham Metropolitan College, MPW Birmingham, Cadbury Sixth Form College and King Edward VI College Stourbridge among others in the area to offer you such courses.

Superprof Law Tutors

In Birmingham alone, there are 30 law tutors available and ready to help you with your Law studies. All tutors are verified and rated by previous clients and prices start at£15 per hour with the average class costing £30 per hour.

Don't hold yourself back. Law is a very complicated subject and there is no shame in getting some help with your studies, the successful lawyer in you will thank you later!


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