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Magic Circle (AIMC) Magician offering Close-up Magic Lessons & Private Tuition in West Midlands

I tailor my lessons based on my students' interests and ability. I can work with students of all abilities. We will start by planning which magical effects we want to perform. After this, we will work on the sleights and presentation needed to perform those effects.

1st lesson offered free !

Neuroscientist and magician offering to teach magic and its psychological secrets in London.

As any other performing art the best way to deeply learn magic is by practicing. Thus, my lessons always combine the theoretical principles of the art and the practice of the different techniques involved in a particular piece of magic. I normally like to teach following the program of a book that can be agreed in advance with the student.

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Professional Magician with 5 years of Experience offering Close up Magic lessons in Hove and Brighton

Hello, I’m an ex Michael Hall and Bedes student, and as an 19 year-old professional close-up Magician with 5 years of experience, I'm passionate about magic and love to share my knowledge. I have taught Home Ed students in Forest Row over the last year and can provide references.

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1st lesson offered free !

Experienced Card Magician with 8 years under my belt. specialising in close up

ever wanted a one to one session to better understand sleight of hand. and learn the skill required to attain dexterity in card handling. then look no further.

East Tilbury
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Street Magician Offering Illusions, Cards and General Tricks in the London Area

I would first show the trick and then after, talk through how I did it and then give you the opportunity to have a go at the trick in front of me. I would then give you some other variations of the trick I have taught you.

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Young Professional Magician offering magic tuition in East Sussex. 5 years experience.

I am happy to teach anyone, of any level. Minimum age 14 years old. I will start by teaching the basics of card magic, including the most important sleights a magician needs to know. Over a few lessons, you will learn a minimum of 3 tricks, that I personally use to perform professionally.

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Magician semi pro offers conjuring lessons, cards, coins, hands, learn to dazzle your loved ones!

It will take training for a special package (bicycles) I always have a supplement, but it's mainly because they allow a good grip, have great maneuverability, and if you know how to handle these packages you will know how to handle everything!

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Become a magician with Reda! (Paris, All levels, different categories going from cards to mentalism,...)

I am a former member of a few magic circles: - FFAP (Fédération Française des Artistes Prestidigitateurs). - The Cercle des Magiciens de Provence.

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Learn the magic and close-up at home in Paris and Ile-de-France. Y

You always dream to learn the arts of magic and conjuring, then this course is for you. Know entertain and amuse your friends and family with simple tricks to perform, while not knowing handle and with very visual effects! If by-cons you want to learn the basics of magic, putting more time there, no "problem", but it will take you more time.

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Feel the Practical Event Management Skills directly from Best in the field.

Regarding my teaching methodology:- 1. Structure the idea about the topic 2. Significance of Event Management 3. Carrier Aspects in order to make you realise the practicality of it. 4. Helping you out to work in an NGO 5. Discussions 6. Evaluation. Further we'll make a community and continue to be in touch with each other and help other Aspirants.

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Learn easy Magic, Cardistry and Mentalism. Learn all the basic skills and handling of cards.

My teaching method is practical. I tune down every move and explain the intricacies till you understand. Also the presentation skills will be taught. Magic is 40% skills and 60% presentation. Each trick will be taught and practiced till it's mastered and then we move on to new tricks.

1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

A magician for last 7 years, teaching close up and stage magic and mentalism

We will start with the basics of close up magic (will start will cards and then other materials) and gradually move towards stage acts

Pozuelo de Alarcón
Juan carlos
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1st lesson offered free !

Magician with 10 years of experience gives magic classes, all levels. Pozuelo de Alarcón.

Magic with everyday objects, with cards, coins, elastics, ballooms, mathematics. In the classes magic tricks are explained and later the student repeats them with the pertinent corrections. Possibility of private lessons or small groups. Magic is a perfect tool for children and adults to lose the fear of relating and speaking in public, develops numerous capacities.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional magician, who teach very good the magic arts, come and discover this fantastic world and be the centre of attetion

Practice, and always try to make feel tje student comfortable with the class More dynamic and always active with participation and easy explanations

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Amateur magician, I give lessons of card magic and "close up" for beginners

I am an engineer, and amateur magician. I have been practicing card magic for over 7 years. I give courses for those who wants to discover card magic in a fun and effective way. - I provide the material during classes (rug, cards, etc.) - Each course will be divided into a technical part and a practical application part through a magic trick.

1st lesson offered free !

Magic lessons for beginners and insiders: With Cards and Coins essentially !

I am currently in engineering school. These courses are for beginners but also for advanced levels. I can adapt to any type of person to provide customized education . Indeed I have practiced magic for over 10 years and have specialized myself in the magic of cards and coins. I developed my magic and so my education in the rigor and precision of the movement.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional magician with 11 years of experience teaches magic and the world of illusion.

My teaching method joins the learning of magical effects with the theory and structure of magic, that is, the method and how to do it well. The program consists of seeing the three main areas of illusion: Close up, Parlour and Stage, all of this is modified to the interest of the student.

La Fontaine
1st lesson offered free !

Whether you are interested in magic as a hobby or wish to become advanced in the art, I am able to help you learn at whatever level you desire.

I have a Bachelor degree, Master of Divinity degree and Doctor of Ministry degree, all focused on pastoral ministry. However, I have been interested in magic since I was eight years old. I started out learning some escapes, performed platform magic as I worked through college, and for some time my focus has been on "street" magic (closeup).

New Delhi
1st lesson offered free !

Come come come Here I will teach you magic tricks which can do your friends surprised. #PuruGuru

My teaching method is from video . Any body can learn because I don't speak in video my action does. So just learn .

1st lesson offered free !

Magic helps to get along with people and introduce yourself to others in a fun and loving way. Here's a good time to learn it.

The basic approach is starting from some basic moves like palms, spreads, etc. then moving to changes and various other routines.

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Magic is all about what they see and what you want them to see

My teaching method is simple and straight to the point and after all its all about illusion and the practice

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Magic and prestidigitation lessons in Paris and the Paris region with a magician for over 13 years!

In magic class, we learn to do great things, with great means! I try to give you all the keys for you to appropriate the magic. Indeed, the incredible tours you just learned, alone or with me, allow you to imagine others without difficulty, to add your touch to the Work. I offer you the techniques and the tricks before working on the most important part of all this: your presentation.

1st lesson offered free !

Be it any kind of magic, be it any event, a girl from a magical background is always ready to teach ! Reach out to me soon to learn some exciting stuff !!

We give professional teaching with every possible method, and personal attention on every student. People who can read/write/understand Marathi, Hindi, English languages can reach out.

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