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Cartoon and Comic art student, and aspiring manga artist offering lessons and support in all areas of drawing! Although primarily working in the manga, i have experience in photorealism, landscapes an

I base my classes primarily around the student. There is not a strict regiment and i wont force you to draw anything you don't wish to. My classes range from learning how to develop and structure your sketchbooks for GCSE and A-Levels, through to hobbiest artists and other aspiring comic artists that need guidance in drawing, publishing and advertising.

1st lesson offered free !

Glasgow University student offering Arts lessons -multiple techniques. High level IB Arts qualifications and attainment of over 15 International accreditations and awards.

I base my classes specifically on the student's desirable focus and level. The classes will be more practical than theoretical because I believe this is the best way for students to adopt skills. I am extremely patient, so do not worry about making mistakes. I'd love to help you improve; that's what I am for.

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Illustration Graduate offering Art and Design Tutoring up to University level in Essex

With teaching, I like to work on something that the student is passionate about. We all make our best work when we care about it, so ensuring that the student is working with a medium and/or subject matter that they enjoy and care about is paramount to both their learning and progression.

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Professional illustrator offering teaching in illustration, realistic drawing, comics, manga and more.

I am 26 and offer lessons to people of all abilities, whether it be a child of 4 or an adult of 94. I have many topics pre-planned with steps lined out, but I can plan new lessons based on the desires of the student(s). I have tutorial sheets I have made that can be used as well for further reference.

1st lesson offered free !

Game Art student from Hungary giving drawing lessons to students applying for art schools, or simply would like to develop.

The ones I can give the biggest help is young students applying for art high schools or universities. I can help collect a portfolio for the application, get ready for the exams, or just simply improve skills for the lessons.

1st lesson offered free !

Self-Taught artist with 5+ years of experience offering art lessons in Egham and Englefield Green

My aim is to evoke a love for the subject in students because I believe a passion for what you do is the best motivator for learning. I believe that with persistence and encouragement, everything is possible. I will teach different techniques and encourage my students to develop their own unique style of art.

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Everyone paints differently, my dad is an artist he will disagree with my choices just as much as I disagree with his. What you need to do is find what makes you unique and what makes you special.

Be you. No artists paint the same, so we need to find what makes you unique. This could be either in approach, style or feel. Just find those three things and you'll be amazing! NO one can teach you to be you they can guide and advise.

1st lesson offered free !

Art student offering varied drawing, painting and printmaking tuition to GCSE Level in Birmingham

I like to structure my lessons around relatively simple exercises to improve technique and confidence, alongside theory and art history guidance that will come in useful in future study, and pertains to the topic at hand. I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, and love curiosity in all its forms. I'm currently only looking to tutor hobby students, or those aiming for GCSE level.

1st lesson offered free !

Illustration Student Offering Lessons in Character Creation and Design in Luton Area

I'm up to giving lessons to anyone interested in Character Design and wants to learn a few tips and tricks when it comes to creating unique characters.

1st lesson offered free !

Artist/Animator coarse,s for beginners or artists in a rutt, Helping inspire inspiration.

Kinesthetic Learning, Although i am happy to share past experiences to help guide a student and will set up how to videos for ease of learning. i believe most experience is gained through trial and error. In a kinesthetic learning environment, students perform physical activities rather than listen to lectures or watch demonstrations.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced illustrator based in Warrington, specializes in inks, acrylics and oil paints

The main objective is to determine the student's understanding of form, light and shade, composition and contrast. Knowing the basic building blocks of visual arts is essential, and will allow a student to discover their own style of self expression.

1st lesson offered free !

Artist offering tutorials of your choice in drawing or watercolour painting (any art style) based in Bristol

My method of teaching is totally based around what you wish to learn! I will talk through and demonstrate step by step the subject matter you want to draw or paint with easy techniques in the style you choose and teach new skills that can be applied to all artwork!

1st lesson offered free !

Art Student offering fine art and illustration lessons up to A-Level in North London

My teaching can range from beginner lessons up to A-level and intermediate lessons. My lessons consists of studying artists great work, introducing techniques for areas such as life drawing, teaching traditional as well as digital methods of painting and watercolour.

1st lesson offered free !

Self taught artist offers drawing lessons. Check @augenrot on Instagram. I do all type of drawings and illustrations.

I usually start checking the level of the person/people by making them draw simple things, in a first moment without any picture in front of them (to see if they can draw something just recalling their memory) and then with a picture. All levels are a good point of start. Practice makes perfect. Talent sure is a bonus but anyone can do art if they really want to.

1st lesson offered free !

International University Graduate looking to share my passion in Art with inspired youth

I teach best with one on one tutoring, by first incorporating challenges that improve technique and then allow for free expression with new skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Art can be anything you want it to be. Dont limit yourself to boundaries. Think,act and be creative.

My way of teaching is to improve and expand their artisit ideas, not to change it because when i was doing my art GCSE, my teacher always changed my ideas because they were different or too 'way out of my artisitc capabilities' and i just hated that so i proved her wrong and she didnt like me after that. Got an A* on my external project.

1st lesson offered free !

Everyone with brains filled with imagination and passion are invited for drawing lessons

Having friend like relations with students, don't try to be like parent but more like a older brother to them

1st lesson offered free !

Art Tutor, offering private art tuition in Digital and Traditional mediums, Highlands.

For all ages, from beginner to mid-level. For those looking to improve their own skills or to help a budding artist child. Previously taught both adults and children through community programs/projects. I am now offering tuition from my home.

1st lesson offered free !

Work in an art studio for people with special needs would like to help anyone else that wants to learn art

It's all about what kind of art the student wants to do, whatever it is they'd like to do I'll give practical demonstrations on techniques but will always try to make the lesson as much fun as possible.

1st lesson offered free !

Art (Anime & manga drawing techniques) & Design (Illustrator & photoshop) in London with a Artist & Industrial Designer

The Graphic Design knowledge is important for Artists and for Designers then Know the tools such as Illustrator and Photoshop are very important. We are going to have some sessions more talking about specific art techniques or just graphic design techniques.

1st lesson offered free !

Art tutor, based in Colchester, I have a first class Illustration Degree and a Masters in Design.

Wether you are planning on going to university or collage or just looking to improve I can help. My goal is to work in the art sector of a university so I have already acquired all the knowledge necessary to help you build a portfolio and improve your skills.

1st lesson offered free !

Is it possible to be a concept artist without school ? Learning by yourself and being good enough to get hired ? To be honest absolutely but...

First in first I will not teach you art !Because art is somthing you can experiment and understand, not something you can learn. I'll teach as a digital artist my experience, techniques and how to find your own style to do that, discipline and good methodoligy is the best to make great progress in a short time .

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1st lesson offered free !

Fine arts student in Goldsmiths University, leading art university in London, offering lessons in making art and help preparing the perfect art portfolio for future studies

I would love to teach in a friendly, yet professional manner, similar to the education style I was exposed to in university. I would like to give as much freedom in making art, hence will mainly focus on giving criticism in order to inspire students. I believe that there is no such thing as bad art, and every child who is interested in making art will have the potential of being an artist.

1st lesson offered free !

Need help gaining that extra artistic ability? Then you have come to the right tutor!

I am a calm, patient tutor that is happy to work at the pace of the individual, I am aware that everyone learns differently so different techniques work for different people. I am flexible and happy to listen to any questions you may have.

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1st lesson offered free !

Art student offering painting and drawing lessons in Southampton. Catering to adult and children's education , I am willing to travel. I am always enthusiastic and friendly, and have teaching experien

Lessons are geared towards hands on teaching with all materials included in the lesson price. During the course of the lessons I introduce pupils to exiting mew way to approach painting and different styles including portraiture, landscape and abstract art.

Greater London
1st lesson offered free !

BA illustration student part time Art tutoring/ teaching from Monday and Wednesdays

I'm a illustration working in visual commutation design. I'm good using Adobe software, but strongly illustratior and photoshop. I'm a strong passionate in drawing Typography. I'm also has good graphic design style and use some with my pratice at time to time.

1st lesson offered free !

Film student offering Art and English lessons up to A2 level, Film/Media lessons up to University level

I am a firm believer that learning should be fun as this is how one is most able to retain information. I like to use a very hands-on approach allowing the student to work things out on their own first and talk about any issues or misunderstandings once they have tried. Discussion is key! I believe this is the best way to create a sense of initiative and pro-activity.

1st lesson offered free !

Young CSM artist based in zone 1 offers customized lessons in traditional and contemporary Drawing

My approach is based on the understanding of the space within painting - or drawing - take place and stimulating the creativity in order to fill it. Depending on the tastes of the customer, the style may be more traditional or more abstract. Some key elements are: life drawing, learning to think visually (and not rationally) and finding your own personal expression technique.

1st lesson offered free !

Art Tutor, Drawing/ illustration lessons "Creativity is freedom, lets be free together"

BTCE- Art and Design, Photography, Sculpture BA- Contemporary art and Illustration MA- Graphic Design With the experience that I have I would love to work with Hight School students or Collage students that are as passionate about art as I am.

1st lesson offered free !

Artist and psychologist gives lessons in art, painting and creative writing as well as help with other requested topics(guardian approval is requested)

I give lessons through every person who has the desire to learn. From basic art to writing, from English to Math and from History to Geography. I give lessons in Art for all levels, private therapy for the people who requests and other subjects from beginners to intermediate.

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Perfect! Sabrina is teaching my 13 year old boy. We were impressed by her energy, her love of teaching and her very quick understanding of my son's areas of interests.

Virginie, student
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