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Passionate Environmental Science student offering Math's tutoring up to college level in Basingstoke

My teaching method is to be visual, to make sure that students can see other ways to learn. I like to work with students to see where and what they struggle with, I also like to make sure that students can show me what they know and I can help them progress. I really enjoy helping.

Bransgore and Burley
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Chris - 'My Master Of Science Tutor' in GCSE Maths & Science, 'A' level Chemistry & Biology - Travel 15 miles from BH23 (Bransgore).

Chris aims to make learning about the subjects he tutors enjoyable and fun. He builds confidence, knowledge & exam techniques in his students so that they are more likely to achieve their target grades. - Which subject(s) do you teach? At GCSE/IB, Chris tutors Chemistry, Biology, Physics, & Combined Science & Maths. At 'A' level he tutors Chemistry & Biology. - Tell me about your qualifications.

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Steve has over 35 years experience with a BEng(Hons) as a Building Services, Energy Engineer and Refrigeration Engineer now wishes to help students in Math, Physics and Thermodynamics.

My teaching method is to understand the students requirements and bespoke the lesson around the outcome that they require to make sure that the student gets the best out of the lesson and understands the subject by the time the lessons finishes.

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Full time Maths tutor near Southampton, specialising in the UNMOTIVATED and UNDERCONFIDENT

I believe the best way to learn any subject at any level is to go back to basics and break the subject down into more manageable, bite-size steps. This is the method I have used throughout my own academic life allowing me to obtain strong academic results from GCSE through to degree level (see CV).

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Chemistry / maths teacher gives online tuition for GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A level.

I am a chemistry and maths teacher working at an international college in Brighton UK. I also provide online tuition for GCSE and A level chemistry and maths students. I have taught in the state, private and international sectors. I am very experienced and I provide tuition specific to any chemistry or maths syllabus. I teach in an international college in the UK.

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Chartered engineer with strong maths and tutoring experience. Informal and interactive style, up to GCSE level.

My tuition method starts with an informal session to identify any specific areas needing special attention, and how subsequent tuitions will best be structured. Its all about providing what the student feels will be most beneficial. If appropriate, I am happy to liaise with the relevant teacher at school. From that we develop a learning / brush up plan.

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Maths student at Uni of Bath offering maths tutoring in Reading and Basingstoke areas.

I aim for my teaching to be passionate, engaging and personalised, since we all learn best in different ways. I find that patience and comfort are very important when solving maths problems and I like this to come across in my teaching.

Chandler's Ford
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Friendly and Patient Engineering professional offering Maths, Physics and Chemistry lesson in Southampton

I believe everyone has their own individual rate and pattern of learning. Therefore, it is important to logically establish the subject's outline and determine any weaknesses and/or concerns. In doing so, I aim to tailor my lessons to each individual's needs and goals.

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A'Level Maths and English Lit student offering tutoring in Maths, Further Maths and English Lit GCSE in Havant.

I provide lessons to children preparing for Sats or GCSE's in Mathematics(SATs and GCSE), English Literature (GCSE) and RPE (GCSE). I like to relate subjects to real-life to make understanding easier as well as focus on exam techniques. I also like to encourage students to explain topics to others as a way of checking their own understanding.

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Get back on track with maths to higher GCSE or functional maths to level 2

Students can become frustrated if they can't make sense of the mathematics they are expected to master. Using strategies that encourage and develop the creative talents and thinking skills all learners already possess, I aim to help all students get back on track, so they can develop confidence in their own powers.

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Fully qualified maths teacher and engineering graduate giving maths lessons at all levels up to A level covering the London and South East England area. Teaches according to level of student and pre d

Motivated and enthusiastic maths tutor providing lessons from KS3 to A level (including Further maths). Relates most of instruction to real life situations in an attempt to make subject more relevant and interesting to the student.

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Experienced, Successful Primary School Teacher offering Maths, English and Primary Curriculum lessons in Ringwood

My teaching methods are personalised towards the child. I ensure lessons are interesting, fun and have progression. I also work closely with the school to ensure the correct coverage of lessons is given. I am a primary school teacher with QTS, a BA Hons in Psychology and have taught privately for over 11 years.

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A-Level Maths, Further Maths, KS3 and GCSE tuition in Ringwood with experienced maths teacher.

Small group and private tuition means that I can easily identify the gaps in your learning that we need to cover. Progress during tuition sessions can therefore be quite rapid. I use real-life examples and problems wherever possible, to make the maths come alive and give easy ways to remember topics.

Central Eastleigh
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Sean - Central Eastleigh - Maths

- Classes We tutor English and maths to children in 80 minute lessons and in that time students do several activities. Some are computer based activities, but most use our unique Kip McGrath written curriculum resources. Each student follows their own personal lesson plan, developed by a qualified teacher, to address the concerns identified in the assessment.


Sue - Yateley - Maths

Full-time tutor with over 35 years experience as a qualified teacher of Maths and Dyslexia - also trained by Tony Buzan as an instructor in mind-mapping and memory skills. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Maths to undergraduate level, study skills, creative learning.

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Mathematics is incredibly important, but also stressful for students. My goal is to make the subject more accessible for all students.

Supporting students with their specific areas of need, whether that involves stretching the student to more challenging content, or ensuring the foundation skills are reinforced. Knowing the syllabus well I am also able to offer significant training on examination skills.

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A level Math student offering lessons in math, online lessons are preferred!

Hi! I am Nisaanti. I am 17 years old and am in Year 13. For A levels, I decided to do Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Economics. I have already sat my A level Mathematics exams and have achieved an A* in them. For tutoring sessions, I would first like to get to know my student and what they would like to get out of the lessons and what areas they would like to focus on.

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A-Grade GCSE student gives maths tutoring to primary school pupils (and other subjects if necessary)

I would love to help primary school students to reach their potential by offering tutoring/extra lessons on key topics. I am currently undertaking my GCSEs and am predicted highly for Maths and Further maths so I want to help younger students to consolidate their learning too.

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College student studying mechanical engineering gives maths and physics tutoring in Bristol

Can help go through topics in a very methodical way and help the understanding of what is being taught. Having not left school that long ago I can relate well to younger pupils, and have good up to date knowledge on areas.

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Cambridge graduate offering tutoring in History, Maths and oxbridge prep in Winchester

For GCSE/a-level - concentrate on exam preparation, slowly building up the knowledge base to go through past papers. For essay subjects concentrate on improving essay writing skills, particularly those looking to study essay subjects at a higher level. For oxbridge prep. - can aid with application, supplementary application and interview.

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Mathematics (BSc) graduate offering maths tutoring to all ages up to and including GCSE level

My teaching method is simple. I like to target the topics that the student is having trouble with. Either the student knows what they do not understand about the specific topic, or they do not. Either way I will identify the problem quickly, and provide a suitable explanation.


Gordon - Emsworth - Maths

I am principally an educator, experienced and fully qualified, I tailor my lessons to the individual student. I normally expect the student to prepare and inform beforehand on what topics or aspects of their work they want help. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I specialise in physics and mathematics from KS3 and GCSE to AS, A2 advanced level and beyond.

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MBA student offering easiest ways of learning algebra, geometry, and trigonometry in Leeds. Online support available too.

I am currently pursuing MBA and willing to teach algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to the middle to high school students. Learn most lucid techniques to understand the logic behind solving problems. All you need is to ask me as many times as you want, as making you understand the logic is my test.

West Wellow
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Affordable Maths Tutoring for the Southampton area from Primary to GCSE level. Qualifications: Maths A level & Business with Finance Degree

My name is Joe, I am 24 years old and have been working within the financial sector in London up until recently. I enjoy helping young students to learn and overcome any difficulties they may have whether it be during Key Stage 1 or as far as their GCSE exams.

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International school IB teacher offering science, maths and basic programming tuition for individuals and groups

My teaching method uses simulations and demonstrations with lots of practice scenarios to help students achieve a full understanding of the subject matter. There will also be plenty of test prep. We'll use practice questions suitable to your understanding and work out way up to more challenging problems making the learning curve as smooth and comfortable.

(2 reviews)
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Enthusiastic and experienced tutor offering one to one lessons in Hampshire and Surrey.

My teaching method is informal and friendly. I always incorporate the student's likes into lessons to make them engage and break down any barriers to learning.

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University maths graduate offering maths lessons to students in or around Southampton

I recently graduated from the University of Bath with a degree in mathematics. I am offering lessons for any students up to A-Level. I mainly like to teach by going over problem sheets or homework questions to help the students understand how to answer specific questions, I also use past papers as a resource to show how questions are usually applied.

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College student doing A level maths and Chemistry teaching GCSE and lower

A practical, logical tutor with a lot of patience and ways of solving problems. Happy to answer even basic questions to teach understanding of subject, in order for the student to progress. Enthusiastic and happy to research further in order to overcome any difficulty.

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Architecture Graduate offering mathematics lessons to GCSE level / ALevel Prep in Winchester

I will teach anyone looking to improve their GCSE grade and/or prepare to take their A-Levels in Mathematics based fields. I find the best way to learn is a mixture of working through example questions and then breaking it down. We would then practice these questions.

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Mathematics and Computer Science student at the University of Bristol, offering weekend online tutoring.

I have tutored mathematics before, and I would say my method is explaining different concepts that you need to know, the method you need to be using, and then to make sure you understand I'll ask you to do some questions of different levels of difficulty

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