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Group or individual meditation class with teaching from ancient texts and OM chanting for stress release

I base my meditation classes on teaching from the Bhagavad Gita as well as other inspirational ancient Hindu texts and stories to draw on the messages within such texts to deepen our understanding of ourselves. I use the teachings I have learnt as a trained Sivananda yoga teacher.

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Community Healer in Shoreditch now offering intuitive and holistic approach focused on People of Colour and LGBTQIA+ folx

Using an empathetic and emotional approach to coaching and educational therapy, I engage with West African and Diaspora traditional holistic techniques, while recording oral lore and knowledge. I seek to bring an innovative point of view in self-healing and self-help that focuses on people of color and queer people of color. Also proficient in Astrology and Tarot studies.

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Advanced practitioner offering life affirming meditation classes for all levels in London.

The sessions are generally an hour long with at least two short meditations sessions and discussion in between. The minimum duration of the course is 7 days, where the students will practice and learn a progressive range of mediation sessions.

Belsize Park

Sonia - Belsize Park - Meditation

I love teaching and I offer an individual and holistic approach. I enjoy seeing people growing, reaching their dreams, gaining new skills. I'd love to assist you in this amazing process. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Voice Emission (for teachers, speakers, radio presenters, directors, sales assistants). Singing (pop/jazz). Breathing techniques (for singing, speaking and relaxation).

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Msc. AI student in uxbridge london with a 5 year experience of helping all those who need to feel relaxed, confident and physically fit

I have always been fascinated with how the brain works and the relationship between mind and body. I have been helping individuals for 5 years from different backgrounds lose weight as well as gain confidence with their new self.

(2 reviews)

Johannes - Sloane Square - Meditation

Dedicated and efficient language teaching and coaching for German that works and is fun. Essential grammar, relevant language and passion for the NEW is leading you to success.

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Do you feel your mind wanders when you try to meditate? Look no further. Experienced meditation tutor in London

I teach differently types of meditations and these are sometimes mixed to benefit the individual e.g. chanting with visualisation meditation, chakra meditation with sounds, laughter therapy and meditation etc.

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Meditation and relaxation coach. Learn essential techniques to ease anxiety and stress

I believe that all our struggles in life stem from insufficient awareness and scattered attention and so my teachings are based on expanding awareness and centring attention. I teach mantra and breath meditation, relaxation and mindfulness techniques. Depending on your level of awareness I offer classes for beginners and for those willing to take their practice to a new level.

(2 reviews)

Jernej - Forest Hill - Meditation

Music has always been my passion and being able to express it through clarinet has always been a privilege and joy. I am happily sharing my experience and approach to students of all ages and levels (beginner to post Grade 8). - Which subject(s) do you teach? I mainly teach Bb clarinet and also offer lessons in both most common auxiliary versions (Eb and Bass clarinet).

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Personal trainer offering students the opportunity to learn an holistic approach to wellbeing.

I always start with a questionnaire to understand my clients goals and expectations of each session. I will then come up with the correct learning strategy for that individual. This could include 1-2-1 fitness classes through Skype/FaceTime or weekly schedule of exercises for the client to perform on his/her own.

(6 reviews)

Robert - Clapton - Meditation

Hello there potential future students! My name is Robert Marenghi. I have been teaching guitar, ukulele, keyboard, percussion, song writing and meditation to people of all ages for around 15 years.

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Former access and DBT student offering help with meditation to calm your mind and hopefully pass along to others.

I am happy to do practical meditstion exercises, provide handouts or documents with information. I'm happy to deliver a method of delivery that works for each individual.

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Meditation, learning about meditating through daily practice and bringing bliss to life.

Hey I am Daksh Sharma, I give meditation lessons. People confuse it with a lot of practices as Kundilini yoga , Asthanga Yoga , Guided mediation and chakra meditation and what not. I tend to keep it simple and real. No complex ways just a simple blissful way to lead life and experience the true inner self.

Greater London
Princess leah
1st lesson offered free !

Positive mind equals to a positive thinking inhale positivity and exhale negativity.

My teaching method is taking one step at a time focusing on needs and wants of the ones you teach.

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MBA student who has been practising meditation since completion of the happiness program

Interface physical activities with relaxing the mind and improving concentration

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Mindfulness teacher in South London offering private lessons and group MBLC courses

I love the Mindfulness Based Living Course as it is about bringing mindfulness to daily life in an accessible way. I like to introduce stories and poetry and bring my courses alive. I continue studying and learning myself so my training stays fresh and up to date.

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Nutritionist who provides nutrition advice to meet your personal situation in London

Nutritional Therapy is not as simple as being told what to eat and when; what foods are good for you and what to do if you want to lose weight. The objective is to work to identify what imbalance or dysfunction is at the heart of a specific health condition and manage it in a sustainable way.

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Doing Meditation of Zen to calm you down and improve your self awareness with Miao in London

I have learned and done meditation at a Zen monastery in China for half month.I have been meditating for more than 1 year. I actually never teach people doing meditation.However,I would like to give a try,which is actually not complicate,hard part is insistence. Once you get used to practice everyday,you will find it make your life different.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Meditation is an art, and like every artist, we all need a Master or a teacher to guide us through our path to the Nirvana.

It's all about finding the right posture and paying attention to our bodies as well as our minds, and of course pay attention to each other to improve ourselves and our well-being.

(5 reviews)

Online Personalised Guided Meditation Class For You To Relieve Anxiety, Stress With CMA Accredited Teacher

I select which type of meditation I feel would be right for you based on an initial conversation assessment surrounding your needs and where you are not along with where you want to be in your life. Then I will guide you through a session of around 45 minutes, teaching you the skills you need to begin meditating on your own.

1st lesson offered free !

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Diana - Marylebone - Meditation

DIDEKO lessons are safe, cheerful, healthy and educative for adults and children. Skilled hands, anatomy knowledge, a passion for a pure mind, lead you through your art lessons. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Arts and crafts Drawing Painting Sculpture with clay Mindfulness with art activity - Tell me about your qualifications.


Carla - Shoreditch - Meditation

Support with general studies, confidence development, exam preparation, positive mind-set approach to challenge facing, foreign languages and study skills coaching; as well as well-being, yoga, relaxation, breathing & meditation techniques! - Which subject(s) do you teach? Hatha Yoga for Children & Adults, meditation & breathing techniques tailored for specific goals / needs...

Golders Green

Brid - Golders Green - Meditation

To me, yoga and meditation are essential to good health and a peaceful life. Yoga strengthens and tones the body and also releases stress. Yoga and meditation give you the energy and vitality to be the best you can be. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Dru Yoga and Meditation. - Tell me about your qualifications.

1st lesson offered free !

Reiki Master, Massage Therapy, Beauty Therapy and Meditation Teacher based in London

I have over 15years experience as a holistic and beauty therapist/teacher. I teach Levels 1&2 Reiki, and meditation, as well as Massage, Beauty treatments which are accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists. I teach one to one for expert learning. Therapy Classes can be adapted to suit vegan or organic lifestyles.

West Greenwich

Andy - West Greenwich - Meditation

Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm an experienced violin teacher, I have taught for 8 years and as a performing artist of many genres myself, I offer Classical tradition, Jazz, Improvisation and pop music. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Violin, EFL (English as Foreign language), Mandarin Chinese, and Buddhist Meditation - Tell me about your qualifications.

Liverpool Street

Eve - Liverpool Street - Meditation

I teach professional and developing singers alike how to achieve dexterity, flexibility, and increased vocal range whilst preserving their vocal health and boosting their creativity. I also help songwriters with structure and content. - Which subject(s) do you teach? Singing and songwriting - Tell me about your qualifications.


Raphael - Kidbrooke - Meditation

A warm welcome and thank you for visiting my profile. Here you will find information on the subjects I teach and how I can help you improve your life. - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Meditation, Reiki, Shamanism, Spiritual Well being, Healing, Sound Therapy and also offer Tarot and Spiritual Readings.


Fabio - Chiswick - Meditation

Ciao, would you like to learn, improve or refresh your Italian? Here I am! - Which subject(s) do you teach? I teach Italian and Spanish. As a completely unrelated topic, I can also teach meditation. - Tell me about your qualifications. I am a native Italian speaker, with many years of experience as a translator.


Ivan - Balham - Meditation

Teacher of yoga, deep relaxation and meditation, as well as Slovak and English as a foreign language. - Which subject(s) do you teach? My areas of work in the field of yoga include asana, pranayama, meditation, deep relaxation, and nada yoga (related to music and sound therapy). I offer individual tuition as well as workshops and general classes. I am based in Tottenham but can travel around too.

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