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Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Creativity Coaching, Suffolk Norfolk Cambridgeshire Essex and Online Learning

HOW COULD YOU BE CREATIVE IN A WAY THAT COMES FROM THE DEEPEST PART OF YOU, THAT FEELS THE MOST MEANINGFUL? When we feel blocked, resistant, depressed, anxious, confused, or are straining to be someone else's idea of what we should be, this is reflected in our creative expression and quality of life. We can feel frozen, depressed, anxious, limited, frustrated - in other words, stuck.

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Group or individual meditation class with teaching from ancient texts and OM chanting for stress release

I base my meditation classes on teaching from the Bhagavad Gita as well as other inspirational ancient Hindu texts and stories to draw on the messages within such texts to deepen our understanding of ourselves. I use the teachings I have learnt as a trained Sivananda yoga teacher.

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Registered Sports Nutritionist offering Nutrition Coaching, Supplement Advice and Body Fat Measurements via Skinfolds in Leeds and Online.

Are you an Athlete, Dancer or just someone who wants to look & feel better? Do you struggle to reach your body composition or performance goals? Are you looking for an evidence-based Qualified Nutritionist you can trust? I am here to help! I will analyse your current dietary habits, suggest changes and guide you towards your goals.

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Movement Therapist (Master's) and Yoga teacher (course in India) offers guided meditations. With and without movement.

My guided meditations can be both, dynamic or still, minding your preferences. In my meditations you'll have the opportunity to experience stillness of thought, peacefulness, connection with the self, healing, emotional release, among other positive feelings.

Aston Clinton
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Learn to live a healthy life! Meditation, Eating well and Relaxation.. all mastered!

I will work to understand what you want to get out of the course and adapt my teaching style to best suit you. If you have physical well being sorted then we can focus on mental and vice versa. You will come out of the lessons armed with knowledge and motivation to make positive small changes in your life that give you a world of benefits and happiness.

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Highly experienced and fully qualified meditation / mindfulness tutor available for individual or group sessions. No group too large or small. A true specialist in the subject offers a fast track way

The wealth of experience allows individual spontaneity to provide each class or student with exactly what they need for themselves at that time.

Leamington Spa
V lee
1st lesson offered free !
1st lesson offered free !

Accreditated teacher gives group mindfulness sessions to 14-19 yr olds in Leeds

Supportive small group teaching of Mindfulness based on the Mindfulness in Schools Project .b programme. Mindfulness can help you manage stress, anxiety, low mood, improve self esteem and help you sleep better. It can simply help you be your best. Course starts 16th Jan 2018.

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Mindfulness will help you everyday to relax and let you have a great day

Mindfulness is what it says. To relax your mind By learning how to use your body to firstly understand that if you are stressed your hole body will feel stressed. So get in touch with me and lets have a chat about either a classroom of your friends or just you.

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Nutritional therapist and yoga teacher offering Nutrition, life coach, mindfulness and yoga lesson

Over the years I’ve transformed my own life and I’ve seen incredible changes in the lives and health of my clients. However, experience has taught me that full transformation and success can only be achieved when we learn to integrate body, mind and soul – when we give equal attention to the role played by food, rest and integrative movement.

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Meditation for health and wellbeing taught by experienced Buddhist and qualified psychologist/neuroscientist

Improved Health and Happiness - The two goals of meditation and mindfulness A desire to increase levels of wellbeing and good health are the most common reason that people give for starting to meditate. In general terms regular meditators report high levels of happiness and low rates of certain health problems, particularly those linked to stress and anxiety.

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Mindfulness, positive thinking and self care, Nottingham NG5, counseling BSC Honours degree Counselling & Psychotherapy

My method is to be honest, approachable and congruent. Building on an honest and genuine way of working, allows us to be real to ourselves.

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Learn the skilful healing art of Reiki in Kent from a Master Teacher.

My teaching method focuses on the needs of the individual student. I believe that in order to bring out the full potential of the learner one must have empathy and self belief. I balance the need for theory and practical skills of the subjects I teach.

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Learn the 'art' of mindfulness to unwind and play using accessible materials and techniques.

I'm an experienced trainer, facilitator and coach (ICF) with a mental and emotional well-being specialism. I will share a variety techniques using mixed media and journaling to help you become more mindful and relaxed - the benefits of which you take with you into everyday life and living.

1st lesson offered free !

Help Overcome OCD and addiction, quickly and efficiently with a proven process.

My teaching methodology is by using scales and assessment to help you overcome everything that you need to. I will used confrontational thinking and support to help over you inner and personal demons. I understand that sometimes it feels as though you won't overcome you obsession. But you WILL.

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Meditation with Yoga Alliance International Teacher and Life Coach in SW London

I am teaching different kinds of meditation: Chakras, Gong, Sound healing, Gratitude, Love kindness, Nidra for deep relaxation and more. I believe each case is very individual and firstly i would love to get to know you better and your life journey to be able to tailor meditation for you.

East Haddon
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Arthur Findlay College tutor: Learn meditation for spiritual growth and well-being, intuition, 'sitting in the power'

I have been asked on many occasions to teach the specific practices used to develop one's psychic abilities, inner healing and methods used to become aware of your connection to divine guidance. In these specific practices you will learn to enter the stream of energy consciousness where you are able to access your own still point where with practice mental chatter can cease.


Paul - Rochester - Meditation

I am a composer, singer, producer, songwriter and sound designer with 10 years of experience in the ad and film world. I'm very sensitive to people's needs and I'm very diverse and patient in my approach to working with people and getting great results.

1st lesson offered free !

Reiki Master offering remote healing and meditation in the south west of England

Hi, I give lessons in understanding Reiki and its history, how Reiki can help all living beings through their energy field. How to receive the healing, what you will experience and what to expect afterward and your self-care. For example, drinking plenty of water.

1st lesson offered free !

Msc. AI student in uxbridge london with a 5 year experience of helping all those who need to feel relaxed, confident and physically fit

I have always been fascinated with how the brain works and the relationship between mind and body. I have been helping individuals for 5 years from different backgrounds lose weight as well as gain confidence with their new self.

1st lesson offered free !

Plant-based Nutrition is what I live for. I would like to help share the skill is have learned healing my own body so that others may do the same.

I would provide in depth nutritional information and help you develop a healthy plant-based lifestyle which works for you, as well as put together information packs about various supplements/super-foods which can help you. This can be extended, and i will do everything in my power to help you reclaim your health and vitality.

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Most effective meditations to de-stress and enhance your life - Masters in Buddhism

I draw on ancient teachings of meditations adapted for the modern mind-set. With a Master's degree in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy I understand how the human mind works, how it can be transformed to work for us, not against us and how to bring out positive qualities of each individual. I offer 1 hour sessions which include guided techniques, insights and answer questions.

1st lesson offered free !

Birmingham meditation and relaxation techniques and practice for a calmer, more enlightened mind

Meditation will be a big practice, but we will also learn more about integration, this universe and how it really works, the mind and spirituality. I can also be a support for you through difficult times, and together we can find a way to heal the emotional body.

1st lesson offered free !

Public service student, offering budget friendly tutoring for health and wellbeing (email, video chat or in person). I have experience in mental health, including anxiety, ptsd and depression.

My average session is 30 minutes to 1 hour long. I charge £15 for half an hour or £20 for 1 hour. I offer both video sessions and in person sessions. My sessions involve talking therapy, relaxation techniques and practices and professional advice. In addition to this, I offer an email service. Costs for this vary, depending on the amount of communication my clients prefer.

1st lesson offered free !

Qualified Reiki Master & Teacher, offering single or group class tutoring in Usui Ryoho Reiki

My teaching method is a blend of practical work & paper based learning to solidify your knowledge. At the end of each module is a question & answer sheet, giving you a level 1 Reiki degree on passing all modules.

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Reduce tension and stress through easy to learn Mindfulness meditation exercises. I have found a solution and so can you.

I teach through practical guided meditations and also helping people to reflect inwardly to gain a deeper understanding of them selves. We do this through simple questions that create an opening in the student for a deeper understanding of themselves. When delivering a class or 1-1 session, we start and end with a guided meditation.

1st lesson offered free !

NLP Practitioner and health professional offering lessons in relaxation, meditation, hypnosis and alternative medicine.

My teaching method is based on neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis as I want my students to slightly relax during the training session so that they can absorb more information effortlessly and comfortably. The learning process has to be a positive and interesting experience. There is no need to stress during the lesson.

Julie reiki river
1st lesson offered free !

Reiki Master Teacher offering Reiki +Reiki Drum workshops in north east England + York

All workshops offered are either one to one or small groups. Comprehensive notes accompany all workshops. Reiki is a relaxation therapy you can use on yourself and/or family, friends, pets too. Contact us for more information and further details.

1st lesson offered free !

Experienced full time yoga and meditation teacher offering private and group lessons

I am very interested in functional anatomy and anatomical variation so the physical side of the practice is fully catered to your individual needs. From a meditation stand point, I base my teachings around mindfulness and being able to take the lessons that we learn on our mats into our everyday lives.

1st lesson offered free !

Nutrition & Life Success Coach Helping Overwhelmed Mumpreneurs Lose Weight From A Space of Self-Love

My coaching is unique to the clients and based on their personal needs, during our initial call we will map out a strategy that works for you personally. We will discuss your needs in detail, including your goals, lifestyle and which areas of your life need improving, beyond nutrition & business. I take a truly holistic approach.

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